Monday, September 22, 2014

Serious Bites at Tipple & Slaw Sandwich Shop & Bar

Finally, a place where you can get some of the best sandwiches in the metro with some cool cocktails or a cold beer. At Tipple & Slaw, you get all that and more, including some ketchup and mustard on your cocktail...  

Tipple & Slaw is one of the newest dining establishments at The Forum, specializing in artisan sandwiches, classic comfort food, and cocktails. Prepare yourself for some serious bites at Tipple & Slaw...

Pair your meal with some of Tipple & Slaw's soothing iced teas, like the Black Iced Tea (P 85), or other flavored beverages like the Strawberry Iced Tea (P 95), Mango Iced Tea (P 95) or the Fresh Lemonade (P 125). Or go for some thick creamy milkshakes and fresh fruit shakes.

If you prefer something with a kick, just let the bartender whip up a cocktail for you. Like the Spicy Mojito (P 270), a fiery and refreshing number with gin, fresh chili, mint, and lime juice, just one of many cocktails available at Tipple & Slaw.

The Gentleman's Drink (P 270), a cool and inventive blend of rum, pepper sauce, mustard, ketchup, and pickles. Your favorite condiments in a cocktail. Mildly sweet and tart, with that refreshing kick from the rum and the bite from the pepper sauce, this one's the perfect cocktail to pair with any of Tipple & Slaw's signature sandwiches. Garnished with a sour dill pickle with a perfect snap, this has got to be one of the  most unusual, and refreshing, cocktails I've had yet. This drink just proves my theory that everything's better with ketchup and a little mustard.

Chef Francis Lim offers a full range of comforting dishes, and we start with Tipple & Slaw's unique Corn Fries (P 200), an alternative to the usual potato fries, with mashed corn for that distinct flavor, served with Spiced Brown Honey Mustard and BBQ Mayo. Perfectly crisp on the outside, with a soft and grainy texture inside for contrasting textures, perfect with any of the dips.

Spam Bombs (P 200), chopped Spam blended with mashed potatoes and deep-fried, topped with nori strips, and served with Japanese Mayo and Tabasco Ketchup. The iconic tinned meat product is given a fresh new spin by Chef Francis Lim, with the sharp notes of Spam balanced by the creamy flavors of mashed potatoes. The dips add even more layers of flavor with each bite, and the nori strips add that finishing touch with its mild nutty hint. Pop one in, followed by a long sip of the Gentleman's Drink, then pop another Spam Bomb. You just can't stop.

And when there's comfort food, there's got to be fries. Tipple & Slaw's Pastrami Fries (P 280), topped with pastrami ends, beef gravy, grated parmesan, and spring onions...

...and Breakfast Fries (P 250), crisp fries topped with chopped bacon, Hollandaise sauce, sharp cheddar and a sunny side-up, both bursting with rich flavors. And I can have these all day.

Chicken Nuggets (P 250), crispy chicken served with Honey Mustard, Tabasco Ketchup and BBQ Sauce, tender and juicy chicken with a perfectly crisp outer layer for a play on textures that's immediately comforting. Great as is, even better with the dips.

After some chicken nuggets, why not go for more with Tipple & Slaw's Truffle Fried Chicken (P 350), breaded boneless chicken fillet draped with white truffle gravy on home-style biscuit, served with chips. The creamy gravy and the crisp chicken combine for comforting flavors and textures. And Chef Francis Lim show us how a proper fried chicken is done.

No menu for comfort food would be complete without pasta. At Tipple & Slaw, you have several options, and we sampled two dishes from the list. Spaghetti & Meat Bombs (P 350), cheese-filled meatballs with fresh tomato sauce and topped with grated cheese and herbs Your classic spaghetti and meatballs taken a notch higher by the guys at Tipple & Slaw, with the innovative meatballs stuffed with cheese for that flavorful punch.

The Spicy Seafood Pasta (P 380), with grilled shrimps, fresh salmon, fresh crab, crab fat, and caviar, fresh flavors with a lingering and spicy kick. The rich crab fat is perfectly balanced by the soothing heat from the spices, and the fresh chunks of seafood complete the flavors. And the caviar adds a nice touch to the dish.

BBQ Beef Brisket (P 450), tender smoked beef brisket covered in BBQ sauce, served with crispy potatoes and slaw. The sweet barbecue sauce and the tender, lightly chewy beef brisket is just perfect with a cold dark beer.

Next, the first of three sandwiches were served, starting with Tipple & Slaw's Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P 300), Chef Francis Lim's take on the all-time classic grilled cheese with four cheeses, truffle, and honey, served with a rich and comforting bowl of tomato soup. Pouring or dipping the sandwich in honey totally transforms the familiar grilled cheese sandwich, making it new and different. The creamy yet sharp flavors of the cheese combine well with the honey, and the tomato soup caps the dish.

The Pastrami Sandwich (P 350), with Tipple & Slaw's 10-hour smoked beef belly with spicy mustard, creamy horseradish, pickles and slaw, a personal favorite. The tender, mildly sweet and briny pastrami with the sharp bite from the mustard and horseradish perfectly illustrates what Tipple & Slaw is all about, premium ingredients for fresh and bold flavors. A meal in itself, definitely one of the must-try artisan sandwiches at Tipple & Slaw.

You can also go for Tipple & Slaw's selection of premium beers, including this duo from Pivo Praha. I recommend the dark beer for most of Tipple & Slaw's sandwiches, with its robust and mildly sweet profile perfectly complementing the rich flavors of of the signature sandwiches.

Tipple & Slaw's Porchetta Sandwich (P 350), with stuffed and roasted pork belly, pickled red onion, arugula, and balsamic syrup on ciabatta. The delicate flavors of the pork belly are punctuated by the pickled red onions and sharp balsamic, with the fresh greens adding texture. Another winner.

Aside from sandwiches, Tipple & Slaw also offers hefty wraps, like the Roast Lamb Wrap (P 350), with tender roast lamb, pickled red onions, herbs, goat cheese, harissa, and cucumber relish. The distinct Mediterranean notes add to the diversity of flavors at Tipple & Slaw.

For dessert, Chef Francis Lim served two of their signature dishes, the decadent and indulgent S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich (P 180), with Graham crackers, biscuit spread, and vanilla ice cream in a smooth chocolate shell....

...and the Apple Pie French Toast (P 180), with grilled sweet apples, caramel sauce, streusel, and cinammon dust on crisp French toast. Yup, save room for dessert.

Artisan sandwiches and a cold beer, or cocktail, at Tipple & Slaw, comforting classics reinvented with a twist. Just leave it to the guys behind Tipple & Slaw, Marlo Naval, Chef Francis Lim, and Janus Naval, to come up with just the right pair for your sandwich fix. Serious bites? Definitely.

Tipple & Slaw is located at the Second Floor of The Forum, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 500-0882 for inquiries.

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