Friday, March 8, 2019

Indulgent Collaborations: Mister Donut + Auro Chocolate = Pure Chocolate Donut Indulgence

What happens when you take the Choco Cake Supreme Donuts of Mister Donut and drape it in one of the country's finest premium chocolate from Auro Chocolate? Pure chocolate donut indulgence...

Mister Donut and Auro Chocolate come together in an indulgent collaboration with the new Premium Cacao Bits Donuts, a decadent creation guaranteed to please even the most hardcore chocoholic. Imagine, pure cacao richness on your favorite's just too good to be true.

Packed in pairs inside elegant boxes resembling gold bars, the indulgent Premium Cacao Bits Donuts by Mister Donut and Auro Chocolate push chocolate donut indulgence to the extreme high end with its deep chocolatey richness.

A gentle push on the side and the sinful creations are revealed...

...classic Cake Supreme Donuts by Mister Donut lusciously draped in rich, velvety smooth premium white and dark chocolate topped with cacao bits from Auro Chocolate. Talk about leveling up you chocolate donut experience, this one literally takes the cake.

From the tempting white chocolate covered donut lined with chocolate and premium cacao bits... the deep, dark chocolate covered donut sprinkled with premium cacao bits, these creations elevates the game with pure decadence.

But what makes these creations really special is its ease of accessibility. Hungry? You don't have to go far, these tempting creations are available in 7-Eleven stores nationwide. 

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