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Triple Treat: Three-In-One at Glorietta 3 with Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe and Yogorino

A Cuban sandwich or sumptuous meal in a bowl, indulgent layered dessert creations and a tempting gelato, all in one area. Sounds like a plan?  It sure does. And all it takes are just a few steps along the same aisle at Glorietta 3... 

All your favorites neatly lined up in one place, that guarantees a hearty meal in the mall. When you have Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe of Tokyo and Yogorino, you can have it all and then some at Glorietta 3 for a mini food crawl in just a few steps...

An icon in the local entertainment industry, the successful Viva Group of Companies expands its operations into the competitive food scene with Viva International Food & Restaurants, Inc. led by popular dining concepts like Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe of Tokyo, Botejyu (for more on Botejyu, see my earlier post, All You Want In One Place, At Botejyu...), Wing Zone from the US and Yogorino from Italy. The diverse portfolio of brands mark the company's initial foray into the local restaurant landscape. And you can have a taste of three of their dining concepts in one spot.

At Glorietta 3, you'll find Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe of Tokyo and Yogorino all lined up in a row. A sumptuous meal followed by decadent desserts capped by an indulgent scoop of gelato, and you can indulge all you want with just a few steps. Make your first stop at Pepi Cubano, known for their signature and authentic pressed Cuban sandwiches. The crisp and crunchy flat sandwiches filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings are quite a meal, but they now offer rice bowls too, the Arroz Cubano.

A few steps takes you to Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe of Tokyo (L) known for their decadent French specialty cakes and pastries including the signature layered mille crepe desserts. Further down, you'll find Yogorino of Italy with its tempting selection of gelato, frozen yogurt, French toast and pancakes.

Where to start? Head for Pepi Cubano for their new Arroz Cubano for a full meal in a bowl. The new Arroz Cubano offerings at Pepi Cubano are just what you need after a day at the mall. The Pollo Asado Cubano (P 195) with tender and juicy garlic roasted chicken, sweet fried plantains and vegetables on rice is a complete meal in itself. Perfectly roasted with a lightly crisp outer layer, the savory richness of the juicy chicken pairs well with the tart vegetables and sweet bananas. Other Arroz Cubano variants include the Arroz Ala Cubana (P 160), Ropa Vieja (P 195), Chorizo Sausage and Egg (P 190) and Cuban Mojo Pork BBQ (P 185).

If you prefer something lighter, the Cuban sandwiches at Pepi Cubano should do the trick. The original Pepi Cubano (P 190) with slow-roasted pork ham, pickles, mustard and cheese is just everything you love about Cuban sandwiches with the subtle sweetness and savory richness of the pork ham tempered by the pickles and mustard and perfectly finished by the creamy cheese. Other savory Cuban sandwiches include Pan de Bistec (P 200), Tito Choripan (P 200), Pan de Lechon (P 190), Pan de Verdura (P 210) and Pan de Pollo (P 190).

And why not have a dessert sandwich too? The Pan de Leche (P 120) with cheese and milk dusted with sugar pairs well with a robust freshly brewed cup of coffee. Dessert in a sandwich? Absolutely. You can also try the Pan de Guyaba (P 110) with sweet and tart guava jam and cream cheese.

And if you're still hungry for dessert, just walk down the aisle to Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe. Known for their mille crepe cakes created by Japan's grand dame of desserts, Emy Wada, Paper Moon also offers light savory dishes and beverages. From tarts to Checkered Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Red Velvet Mousse Cake... the new Rainbow Celebration Mille Crepe (P 2,000 whole), a multi-colored layered dessert of pure indulgence. Colorful crepes layered with cream and bits of Oreo cookies combine for an indulgent treat you can only find at Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe. Then, there are the other signature flavors like Original, Chocolate, Mango, Matcha, Ube, Tiramisu and Blueberry Cheesecake.

As you slide your fork down the different layers for a bite, you can't help but be amazed at the delicate dessert.  Intricately layered with thin multi-colored crepes, no one does it quite like Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe of Tokyo. Have a slice of the Rainbow Celebration Mille Crepe with a cup of freshly brewed cup for a cool all-inclusive price (P 250), before heading down to chill at Yogorino...

Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the Italian brand Yogorino offers not only premium Gelato and Frozen Yogurt but an extensive line of beverages including Milk, Tea and Yogurt-based creations with tapioca and iced Granitas in a variety of flavors. 

But it's the Gelato and Frozen Yogurt that draws you to Yogorino. It is, after all, summer. Made fresh in-store everyday, the all-natural and creamy flavors of Yogorino's signature gelato and frozen yogurt are the perfect ending to a lavish meal at Ayala Center's Glorietta 3.

Yogorino has that cool Italian flair, from their indulgent selection of frozen treats to the stylish blue cups. Scooped and served in that distinct style, Yogorino's velvety smooth, slow churned and creamy gelato are available in a wide assortment of flavors from their spinning carousel freezer like Italian Milk, Pistachio, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Matcha, Mixed Berries, Mango, Strawberry Milk, Salted Caramel, Black Sesame and Tiramisu (P 110 one flavor/P 140 two flavors/P 180 three flavors). And you can customize your gelato or frozen yogurt with an equally extensive selection of toppings, from fresh fruits and berries to nuts and syrups. 

That day, a new flavor caught my eye, the Rocher drizzled with thick chocolate fudge. Made with Ferrero Rocher, the comfortingly familiar blend of deep, rounded chocolate flavors and nutty hazelnuts drapes your palate with this decadent creation. Sinful and indulgent, very Italian.

Why not make your own flavorful combo? You can also opt for a cup or cone of gelato and frozen yogurt (P 140).

Yogorino's Frozen Yogurt are a light and healthy option and you can jazz it up with toppings in a cup or on a cone (P 99 Small Cup/P 149 Regular Cup/P 189 Large Cup/P 149 Cone), simply choose from 17 topping combinations. The combinations are numbered for your convenience, so all you have to do is mention the number and leave the rest to Yogorino's staff. You can also go for the Soft Serve Low Calorie variant (P 70 Small Cup/P 100 Regular Cup/P 130 Large Cup/P 100 Cone) and add your choice of topping or syrup (additional P 30).

But it's not just the gelato and frozen yogurt at Yogorino that makes it a tasty stop in your very own mini food crawl at Glorietta 3. Yogorino also offers light and fluffy Pancakes topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits like the Mango & Coconut (P 230)...

...the colorful Special Fruits (P 300)...

...and the Four Berries (P 290). The pancakes are light, fluffy and almost eggy in texture like a souffle. The fruit toppings complete the flavors. Yogorino also an indulgent selection of French Toast with a variety of toppings. Ready for a triple treat at Glorietta 3? Head on down to the ground floor for a mini food crawl starting at Pepi Cubano, followed by Paper Moon Cake Boutique & Cafe capped by a decadent stop at Yogorino...all it takes are just a few steps.

Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon Cake Boutique and Cafe and Yogorino are located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 3, Glorietta Complex, Ayala Center, Parkway Drive, Makati.

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