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Steamed or Fried? Mantho, Betso-Betso, Cheng Pao and More by Ya Chou Foods

Enjoying authentic Taiwanese delicacies at home was never this easy...

Conveniently packed and ready for the fryer, steamer, toaster or microwave oven, Ya Chou Foods takes the fuss and lengthy preparation out of the equation so you can enjoy your favorite delicacies in minutes. Convenience, quality and value for money, Ya Chou Foods makes preparing an authentic Asian-style feast at home fast and easy.

Ya Chou Foods specializes in authentic Taiwanese delicacies for both wholesale and retail, combining both tradition and modern technology for all its products. Ya Chou Foods offers a wide variety of products from dumplings and dim sum to mantho, rice balls, meatballs, rice cakes, sauces, fresh noodles, sausages and even mooncakes. All you need to do is open up a bag for a sumptuous feast in minutes.

The best way to get acquainted with Ya Chou Foods is their line of Mantho available in a variety of flavors. Who doesn't love these buns? Simply place in a steamer, toaster or frying pan with just a drizzle of oil...

Mantho or mantou is a traditional Chinese steamed bun and is a popular staple in Asian cuisine. Soft yet filling, each pack contains nine buns ready for steaming or frying. Ya Chou Foods offers six variants of Mantho including the classic white Cream Mantho, Wheat, Brown Sugar, Onion, Ube, and Cuapao.

The soft texture when steamed is almost similar to the local rice cake or puto but a whole lot denser, while a crisp outer layer gives it even more texture when fried. Perfect when dipped in condensed milk or with a generous dab of butter, the mantho buns pair well with savory dishes as well like braised pork, beef and seafood.  

Ya Chou Foods also offers a savory flat pancake, the Egg Pizza and Onion Pizza. Just like the Manthou, the prep time is just a few minutes. To prepare, simply add a tablespoon of cooking oil to a pan and fry until golden brown. Turn over once for an even pan-seared finish and it's ready to serve.

The Cheng Pao by Ya Chou Foods is a savory dumpling filled with vegetables and noodles. A type of toasted siopao, these buns are quite filling with rich flavors. Ya Chou Foods also offers several varieties of the familiar siopao, from the Bola-Bola Siopao and Asado Siopao to Mini Mongo Siopao, Vegetarian Asado Pao, Vegetarian Chay Pao and special Birthday Mongo Siopao. Dumplings? Ya Chou Foods has that covered with their Pork Dumpling, Vegetarian Dumpling and Soup Dumpling. And Dim Sum too like the Wanton, Siomai, Squash Cake and Radish Cake. Need some sauces? The spicy Chili Sauce and Pork Maso Sauce should do the trick.

Then, it's time for the steamer starting with Ya Chou Foods' Fresh Siolong Pao or Soup Dumplings. Packed in protective plastic trays, each dumpling is securely in place, ready for the steamer. The rich notes of the broth with minced pork drapes the palate with savory flavors, followed by the chewy dough. Perfect.

The Betso-Betso is a long and crisp doughnut like stick that's easy to prepare. Just deep-fry for a few seconds until crisp and golden brown or heat in an oven toaster for two minutes. Like all of the products of Ya Chou Foods, the unique flavor and texture of the dough used makes their products stand out for both authentic and real flavors.

Once you've defrosted all the packs, all it takes are just a few minutes in the fryer, steamer, toaster or microwave oven so bring out the plates and a fresh pot of hot tea...

Like the local bicho-bicho, you can dust the Betso-Betso with some sugar, or dip in a cup of thick hot chocolate like churros. Fresh from the fryer, the fragant aroma of the crisp, soft and chewy dough enhances the subtle sweet and nutty notes of the Betso-Betso.

The lightly crisp texture is retained long after being pulled out from the pan, and you'll probably want a second cup of hot chocolate. Or coffee. There's something nostalgic about the Betso-Betso from Ya Chou Foods, recreating the flavors of street vendors with their deep-fryers on mobile carts, and you'll love it too.

And it's easy to go through an entire bag. And why not. With its soft and chewy texture capped by a lightly crisp outer layer, once you start, it's hard to stop.

And the best part? It's easy to prepare for a quick snack, guaranteed to satisfy any mid-afternoon craving. Just pop it out of the bag straight to the pan. Easy.

The soft buns of Ya Chou Foods, the Mantho, are another popular item with its delicate sweetness and soft, chewy bite. The different colors identify the varieties of Mantho, from the classic white Cream Mantho to the Brown Sugar, Wheat, Ube, Onion and Cuapao variants.

Lightly seared on a hot pan with just a little oil, the soft buns are finished with a golden brown and lightly crisp crust for contrasting texture. These buns are good as is, but you can pair it with a variety of savory dishes like braised pork belly.

Each bun has its own subtle and distinct notes...

...and it's hard to pick just one. The original white Cream Manthou pairs with almost anything, from sweet to savory dishes while the Brown Sugar and Ube variants are just what you need for a sweet snack.

But these buns are quite heavy, better save room for the next item from Ya Chou Foods...

...the savory Cheng Pao. With its savory filling of vegetables, the Cheng Pao is a heavy snack, a meal in itself. The thick yet soft and chewy dough holds up well all the way to the last bite...

...and the golden brown outer layer completes it. You can also opt to have your Cheng Pao steamed instead, but the pan-seared version offers richer flavors and textures.

The Onion Pizza and Egg Pizza are totally new to me, resembling soft pancakes with crisp pan-seared edges. The rich savory notes make it another flavorful option from Ya Chou Foods, even better when you top it with ham and roll it up. A variety of products easily prepared straight out of the bag, Ya Chou Foods makes it simpler and easier. All you need is a frying pan, steamer or oven toaster...

For more on Ya Chou Foods, simply call 09178MANTHO, email or check out their FB Page at for more information and inquiries. You can also visit their website at

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  1. where can i buy those betso betso or mantou here in manila?

  2. Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting the blog! The contact details are listed at the bottom of the post but you can also visit their Facebook Page (see details above) for more information. Thanks!


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