Thursday, October 31, 2019

Seafood Soiree: A Tribute to Auguste Escoffier by CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck at Lemuria

The delicate flavors of the day's freshest catch is transformed into masterfully executed dishes in a special tribute to one of the most respected culinary icons at Lemuria...

CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck takes the helm at Lemuria in one memorable evening for a special dinner tribute to Auguste Escoffier, showcasing the freshest flavors from the sea dubbed Seafood Soiree. The lavish four-course dinner at Lemuria highlighted intricate culinary techniques to bring out the fresh and clean notes of the seafood for an inspired take in honor of the man who started it all. And the elegant Lemuria at BGC is the perfect stage for the tribute (for more on Lemuria in BGC, see my posts, The Secret's Out: Take Five at Arya Plaza for the Best Al Fresco Dining in BGC and And Your 2019 Young Talents Escoffier Winner Is...).

CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck shares his own culinary style in the special dinner with his approach to fresh, subtle and nuanced flavors in an elegantly plated ensemble of dishes to honor Auguste Escoffier. That evening, CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck served fresh salmon, premium Hokkaido scallops and steamed flounder in a parade of fresh flavors...

...starting with the Salmon Tartare with the buttery richness of premium salmon laid on a flavorful Leek Vichyssoise topped with crisp Ikura and Soft-Boiled Quail Egg. The dish delivered layers of rich flavors coming together in a seamless blend without overpowering the other. The subtle sweetness of the salmon are complemented by the rich quail egg and thick vichyssoise capped by the vibrant briny notes of fish roe for contrasting yet balanced flavors.

The Seared Hokkaido Scallops with Cauliflower and White Truffle, Parmesan Biscuit and Hazelnut Butter Dressing continued CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck's play on subtle flavors. The succulent Hokkaido Scallops brings a fresh snap with every bite, delivering a briny richness mellowed by the nutty hints of cauliflower and white truffle and the rich hazelnut butter dressing balanced by the sharp notes of the pickled onions. Like the first course, the multiple layers of flavors come together perfectly.

The Steamed Flounder with Prawn Mousse, garden-fresh Asian Greens on Madras Curry Emulsion lays delicate yet indulgent flavors on the palate. The delicate notes of the sweet flounder is complemented by the curry emulsion without overwhelming the palate. You can experience freshness with every bite, as CCA ICDE Master Chef keeps the clean notes of the seafood in all of his dishes. There is that elegant yet understated flair with Chef Jeff Brouck's dishes, each one highlighting the freshest seafood.

For dessert, CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck served his Infused Tea Pineapple with Lemon Cream and Meringue to end our dinner on a high note. The sweet yet tart notes of the tea-infused pineapple cleanses the palate to cap an elegant dinner at Lemuria.

After dinner, CCA ICDE Master Chef Jeff Brouck joined Chef Philip Golding and Donatella Chua of Disciples of Escoffier and Novotel Manila Araneta Center's Executive Chef Massimiliano Pauletto to raise another toast to August Escoffier whose culinary legacy is preserved with masterfully executed dishes by the world's Lemuria and CCA Manila.  

Lemuria is located at The Plaza at Arya Residences, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call (02) 8255-0474 for inquiries and reservations.

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