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#EatsForEveryone: World Class Cuisine Under One Roof at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood

The fast casual dining and food hall scene continues to grow in popularity among urban dwellers, and there's no slowing down for this emerging trend. And one food hall elevates the dining experience with a wide food selection, a modern yet homey ambience and excellent customer service backed by some of the iconic names in the local food business...

Chef Josh Boutwood and The Bistro Group collaborate for their own version of the ultimate food hall, My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood, at S' Maison. The new dining concept features a diverse and varied array of kitchen counters offering some of today's popular and most craved cuisines. Think of it as world-class cuisine under one My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood.

The Bistro Group's Chef Josh Boutwood and Lisa Ronquillo welcomed guests at the exclusive preview of My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood. The new concept takes into account the collective taste of the Filipino palate, so you'll find Japanese, Chinese, Italian, American and even Milk Tea all in one place.

The different offerings at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood reflect the core strengths of The Bistro Group, and you'll find dim sum to ramen, pasta and burgers all prepared a la minute by the different live kitchens. Each dish is prepared fresh to order so you get it hot at its flavorful peak. But before you dive in for a sumptuous feast, why not have a refreshing beverage from the freshest seasonal harvest of fruits?

At My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood, you'll find Korea's number one fresh fruit juice brand, Juicy Fresh Bar, with their selection freshly-squeezed juices like Watermelon Pineapple (P 115 Medium/P 180 Large) and Kiwi (P 145 Medium/P 195 Large) to open up your palate before the feast.

Juicy Fresh Bar offers refreshing and healthy juices blended from fresh fruits for real flavors. With over 800 outlets in South Korea alone, local diners can now enjoy refreshing sips at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood made from hand-picked fruits delivered fresh to their outlet. Indulge in soothing fruit beverages like Chocolate-Banana, Blueberry, Honeydew, Strawberry-Mango, Orange-Pineapple, Peach, Watermelon-Strawberry and Peanut-Banana. A few more soothing sips and you're just about ready to feast at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood...

Craving Japanese? My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood's got that covered. First stop, Tabemashou with their wide selection of popular Japanese dishes. From ramen to yakitori, aburi sushi and tempura to chicken karaage and stone pots, Tabemashou should satisfy any hefty appetite.Turning Japanese? Go ahead and indulge...

Literally translated to "let's eat," Tabemashou's wide selection of Japanese favorites include grilled skewers like Roasted Beef & Spring Onion Roll (P 110), Saikoro (P 195) or juicy Wagyu beef cubes, Chicken Thigh (P 55), Chicken & Leeks (P 65), Pork Enoki (P 105) and Chicken Wings (P 125).  

Not to be missed is Tabemashou's crisp Chicken Skin (P 35) seasoned with salt...

...and Chicken Liver (P 50) draped in a sweet tare glaze.

No Japanese feast is complete without tempura, and Tabemashou's Ebi Tempura (P 185-3 pcs/P 295-5 pcs) and Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura (P 225) are spot on with that rich and briny notes from the succulent prawns and the lightly crisp batter.  

Tabemashou also offers an array of fresh, hand rolled sushi including Tuna Nigiri (P 125-2 pcs), Salmon Nigiri (P 145-2 pcs), California Maki (P 195) and Salmon Spicy Maki (P 275). But it's the aburi that will have you coming back for seconds... the Salmon Tako Maki Aburi (P 175), Shrimp Aburi (P 225) and Salmon Aburi (P 245). Other popular Japanese offerings include the Chicken Karaage (P 195) served with rice, the Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot (P 255) and Salmon Stone Pot (P 255).

Tabemashou's comforting ramen also hits the spot. Choose from Chasu Tonkotsu Ramen (P 255) or the Spicy Miso Ramen (P 275) for that kick of soothing heat.

 It's a comprehensive menu featuring all your Japanese favorites, but there's more at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood...

At Golden Treasures, diners can indulge in traditional Chinese dishes like dim sum and noodles. The open kitchen allows diners a sneak peek on their orders, prepared a la minute to ensure freshness. Straight from the steamers, your first batch of dim sum is ready...

From the classic Steamed Siumai (P 188)... the delicate Steamed Hakaw (P 188), Golden Treasures' dim sum offerings deliver fresh and clean flavors. 

Each bite of the steamed hakaw begins with a fresh snap laying a briny richness to the palate. Other dim sum items include Chicken Feet (P 168), Eggyolk Bun (P 148), Steamed Pork Buns (P 148) and Steamed Pork Dumplings (P 128). 

One tasty surprise at Golden Treasures is the Birthday Noodles (P 198), a hearty dish with seafood, pork, chicken and vegetables. Richly seasoned, you don't have to add anything else. This one's ready to go once it's served. Other savory dishes at Golden Treasures include the Shanghai Mien Noodles (P 228), Sauteed Beef & Scallions (P 248), Chopsuey (P 168), Yang Chow Fried Rice (P 168) and Beef Broccoli (P 248). 

True to its concept of world-class cuisine under one roof, My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood offers even more comforting flavors at Roast'D. Chinese style roasts served with rice becomes a satisfying and complete meal at Roast'D, simply choose from roast duck, pork or chicken.

Diners can see the barbecued meats displayed at the counter to complete that Chinatown vibe. The Roast Chicken with Rice (P 248) at Roast'D not only delivers on flavor, it's excellent value too. Tender and juicy with a subtle sweet and smoky glaze, the Roast Chicken with Rice is the perfect one-dish meal anytime of day. Other offerings at Roast'D include the Crispy Pork with Rice (P 298), Roast Asado Pork with Rice (P 288) and Roast Duck with Rice (P 298). 

From Asia, go on a culinary journey to Italy with Roma at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood. The pasta dishes, each one prepared with fresh pasta and sauces made in-house, are the key attractions at Roma. And the Truffle Pasta (P 355) with fresh conchiglie is on my list of personal favorites.   

The distinct texture of handmade pasta, firm yet soft to the bite, makes every pasta dish at Roma special. The Truffle Pasta is an indulgent dish with the bold, earthy and nutty notes of truffles rounding out each bite. Other pasta dishes at Roma include the Pesto Pasta (P 195), Spicy Diavola (P 255), Puttanesca (P 225), Carbonara (P 195) and Shrimp Alfredo (P 255). Then, there's Roma's hearty soups, salads and Herb Chicken to complete your Italian feast at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood.

I know I'll be back for the Truffle Pasta with fresh conchiglie at Roma.

Burgers and wings? Chix is your next stop at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood. Chef Josh simplifies the burger going back to basics using handcrafted premium all-beef patties, garden-fresh veggies and soft and fluffy buns for the Classic Burger (P 195) and Cheese Burger (P 215) paired with a side of crisp Fries (P 85).

The patty is perfectly grilled, remaining juicy delivering a savory richness after each bite while its delicately charred edges add that subtle crispness. The fresh onions, tomatoes and lettuce add to the overall crisp texture of the burger with their distinct flavors coming together capped by the cheese and the soft bun just as a proper burger should. No frills, all deliciousness. This Cheeseburger is way up there on my list of favorites at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood.

Serving all-American comfort food, Chix is your go-to spot for juicy and mouth-watering burgers. Then, there's the signature wings at Chix. With ten flavors to choose from, you'll have your crisp and juicy wing fix at Chix from that first bite all the way to the last piece. Choose from Asian BBQ Glaze, Barbecue, Italian Parmesan, Chili Barbecue, Sour Cream, Sriracha, Japanese Sesame, Sweet Chipotle, Buffalo Wing and Honey Garlic. Plus, you can have a meaty boneless option too. 

Go for the 6 Pcs (P 195-1 Flavor), 12 Pcs (P 390-2 Flavors) and 18 Pcs (P 575-3 Flavors). I go for the 12 Pcs option with Honey Garlic...

...and Sour Cream Wings. The sharp and mildly tart notes of the sour cream and the sweet nutty flavors of the honey garlic glaze complement the juicy and crisp chicken without overpowering it. Just perfect.

The popularity of Taiwanese milk teas are also included in the mix at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood. WICKD is the latest entry in the milk tea market, straight from Taiwan. Using the finest black and green tea leaves for that soothing brew, you'll also find equally refreshing coffee variants at WICKD. 

WICKD's absolutely wicked selection of milk teas include Pearl Milk Tea, Taro, Wintermelon, Black Sugar, Oreo Cheese Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake and the Ulteamate, a creamy concoction flavored with fresh tea leaves and topped with chewy tapioca pearls, grass jelly and indulgent pudding.  

And here's my top pick at WICKD, the Choco Hazelnut Coffee (P 130/P 155). The robust yet soothing and deep notes of coffee with the indulgent hints of chocolate and hazelnuts combine for a refreshing beverage to complete your My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood dining experience. Other coffee variants include the Caramel Coffee (P 120/P 140), Classic (P 120/P 140) and rich and creamy Cheese Cream (P 130/P 155) for a different and unique caffeine fix.

If you're craving for a comforting hot pot, Seoul Hotpot is your spot, serving Chuck Eye and Angus Beef Sirloin Hotpots with a variety of vegetables. But after hitting seven of eight specialty counters at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood, my belly just gave up before I could try the signature hotpots at Seoul Hotpot. But that's more than enough reason for a second visit. Soon.

At My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood, it really is #eatsforeveryone. Each kitchen at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood offers comfortingly familiar flavors perfectly executed in the style and quality we can expect from Chef Josh Boutwood and The Bistro Group. And the price points are reasonable so you won't be busting your wallet for a hearty meal here at My South Hall by Chef Josh Boutwood. A wide range of choices and options, value for money, a space with a modern yet homey vibe and excellent service, Chef Josh Boutwood and The Bistro Grid clearly has another winning concept. It's the food hall experience, refined and elevated. At My South Hall by Josh open at S"Maison.   

My South Hall by Cef Josh Boutwood is located at Level 1, S'Maison, Pasay City. Follow on Instagram and Facebook at @MySouthHall. 

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