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The Art of Sushi and Modern Japanese Cuisine at Sen-ryo, Now Open at The Podium

Authentic Japanese dishes made from the freshest ingredients, traditional techniques and modern technology are showcased at the newest Japanese concept to open in Manila for local diners to indulge in their enduring love affair with Japanese cuisine...

From Japan to Manila, Sen-Ryo brings its signature flavors and aesthetics with the opening of its very first restaurant at The Podium. Known all over the world for its sushi-making artistry, Sen-ryo offers a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes with a contemporary spin to delight the local palate. With its extensive network of branches in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Sen-ryo adds Manila to their list of locations led by their inspired sushi creations and dishes. Enjoy a tasty peek at the metro's newest Japanese dining Sen-ryo.

Since it opened back in 1968, Mr. Fumio Saito envisioned the fusion of contemporary Japanese cuisine using the latest modern technology with the nobility of traditional sushi. Combining handmade sushi or edo-mae with modern kaiten sushi or revolving sushi, his vision evolved into one of Japan's premium sushi dining concepts.

Sen-ryo's modern cuisine is matched by its contemporary design inspired by nature with its wooden planks shaped like waves representing the flow of water. Sen-ryo can accommodate up to 120 diners with two private horigatsu rooms and one private room on the mezzanine level. Sen-ryo's Japanese chefs oversee the kitchen...

...for the exclusive lunch preview of their signature dishes. Sen-ryo's arrival in Manila is another culinary coup from the same group behind established names in the metro's restaurant scene such as Mango Tree (more on the popular Thai restaurant on my posts at Brand Refresh: Global Thai Restaurant Mango Tree Re-Opens with a Bold New Look and New Dishes from early this year, Thai Cuisine at its Best: A Tasty Preview of Mango Tree's New Dishes from last year and An Explosion of Flavors: The Thai Street Food Festival at Mango Tree),  Genki Sushi (see my posts at Traditional Sushi Served with Modern Technology at Genki Sushi on their innovative revolving sushi and Fast Track to Fresh Flavors at Genki Sushi from 2015), Cocina Peruvia (more here at Savor Multi-Cultural Layers of Flavors at Cocina Peruvia) and Kureji (check out my posts at Crazy Sizzling Ramen at Kureji and Kureji: The Sizzling Ramen Is Still Crazy Good Plus New Dishes On The Menu), a diverse portfolio of dining concepts made even more impressive with the addition of Sen-ryo.

Impressed by Sen-ryo's culinary heritage and style, it's no wonder the group decided to share one of Tokyo's established names to the local market. At the soft launch, it became immediately apparent why Sen-ryo is known throughout Asia for the art of sushi...

The Seared Salmon with Cheese Nigiri, Norwegian salmon topped with a mildly sharp cheddar, captures Sen-ryo's distinctive style with its use of the freshest ingredients, inventive flavor combinations and elegant presentation. The creamy and buttery texture of the premium Norwegian salmon becomes even more indulgent layered with the equally creamy notes of the cheese yet delicately balanced draping the palate with its richness. The blend of the salmon's briny sweetness and the subtle sharpness of the cheddar lingers on the palate driving home Sen-ryo's elegant culinary style.

Freshness is indeed flavor, and the bright and clean notes of the Seared Salmon with Cheese Nigiri delivers pure and real flavors with each bite.

Then, Sen-ryo's Sujiko or Salmon Roe Nigiri catches your eye. Sticky vinegar rice covered in bright orange salmon roe promises a vibrant burst of flavors, and it does.

One bite and the orange salmon roe pops in your mouth releasing its briny freshness for a taste of bold flavors in its purest form. This one's an absolute must-try at Sen-ryo. Sen-ryo offers even more delicate nigiri creations like the Nodoguro with deep sea fatty white fish, Kinme Dai or golden eye snapper nigiri and Seared Yellow Tail with Steak Sauce for a savory option.

The day's freshest catch are showcased once more at Sen-ryo with its maki selection like the Garlic Salmon Roll, a California Roll topped with Norwegian salmon and drizzled with creamy garlic mayo...

...and the Snow Shrimp Roll, a California Roll topped with onions and succulent shrimps topped with fish roe. Clearly, Sen-ryo's sushi artistry shines with this elegant number. The contrasting combination of fresh and plump shrimps with sweet white onions, fresh fruits and velvety smooth Japanese mayo offers a unique and playfully inventive flavor experience.

The sweetness of the onions pair well with the fresh briny notes of the succulent shrimps and perfectly finished by the creamy Japanese mayo, all coming together with each bite rounded out by the fresh fruits for multiple layers of flavors and textures.

The aptly named Snow Shrimp Roll is indulgently rich yet all the contrasting flavors and textures complement the other for that delicate zen-like balance.

The Golden Dragon Roll with sweet unagi eel and crisp tempura flakes is yet another creation masterfully executed at Sen-ryo offering textural contrasts with deep and rich flavors. The Nigiri and Maki selections alone are enough reasons to visit Sen-ryo, but there's more...

Sen-ryo's Salmon Sashimi is another must-try...

...with thick slabs of premium Norwegian salmon on ice. The salmon just melts in your mouth, leaving a layer of buttery richness.

Sen-ryo also served a duo of refreshing salads like the Salmon Skin Salad with crisp bacon and egg...

...and the savory Wagyu Beef Salad served with sliced apples and cucumbers.

Fresh from Sen-ryo's grills, the Grilled Hokkaido Scallops with Leeks is another deceptively simple dish that's packed with so much flavor. Seasoned with salt and delicately grilled, the clean flavors of the plump scallops come through with each bite followed by a hint of smokiness. 

Hokkaido's scallops are among the world's best, and you can have it straight from the grill at Sen-ryo.

Sen-ryo adds a contemporary spin to a traditional favorite with the Chawanmushi with Cheese, a steamed egg custard with shredded cheese, cherry tomato and bell pepper.

A comforting bowl of udon is always a safe bet and that day at the exclusive preview, Sen-ryo served two of their signature bowls... the Tempura Udon with with shrimp tempura, enoki and eringi mushrooms, boiled tamago and soft yet chewy udon noodles in a light broth... 

...and the Wagyu Beef Kimchi Udon with Wagyu beef striploin, mushrooms and spicy kimchi to temper the savory richness. 

Get your rice fix with the hearty Seafood Chahan, great as is or paired with Sen-ryo's savory mains. Sen-ryo also offers Wagyu Beef Chahan.

Then, there's Sen-ryo's Wagyu Beef with its richly marbled texture on a hot grill served with mushrooms, bell peppers and Hokkaido butter.

The staff assists in grilling the Wagyu beef on your table...

...and in just minutes, it's ready. Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, the tender Wagyu beef and Hokkaido butter combine for a double dose of richness to cap a sumptuous lunch preview at Sen-Ryo. The group behind Mango Tree, Genki Sushi, Cocina Peruvia and Kureji clearly have another winner with Sen-ryo.

End your feast at Sen-ryo with a selection of desserts including fresh fruits with ice cream. Contemporary Japanese cuisine rooted in a rich culinary tradition with the freshest ingredients is celebrated once more with the arrival of Sen-ryo, now open at The Podium.

Sen-ryo Philippines is located at the Ground Level. The Podium Mall, Mandaluyong City. 

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