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A Wholesome Gathering with a Local Feast at The Wholesome Table

Eat consciously. Live consciously. It's the guiding philosophy behind one of the metro's culinary pioneers in organic, natural and healthy cuisine championed by restaurateur Bianca Araneta-Elizalde. And now, diners can enjoy a new repertoire of locally-inspired dishes prepared in The Wholesome Table's distinct culinary style... 

The Wholesome Table, in collaboration with Chef Nicco Santos, recently unveiled their new selection of Filipino dishes in an exclusive dinner preview dubbed Wholesome Gathering: A Local Feast at their Greenbelt branch last December 10, 2019. Now with five branches in the metro including Makati's Salcedo Village, Alabang, BGC, Rockwell and Greenbelt, The Wholesome Table continues its advocacy on all natural and organic produce with its new menu additions. Each one meticulously made from scratch, the new dishes recreate familiar and comforting local flavors. Rediscover local flavors made with the freshest organic The Wholesome Table.

At the exclusive dinner preview, tables were set up adorned with lush greens reflecting The Wholesome Table's culinary philosophy. Real, organic food that nourishes and restores you remains at the very core of The Wholesome Table's kitchen. It's about going back to basics and building a healthy food culture. The Wholesome Table's new menu additions offer flavorful, even nostalgic options for a sumptuous all-natural feast. And Chef Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome and Your Local fame weaves his own interpretation of classic local dishes prepared from scratch using the freshest organic produce.

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde welcomed guests at the dinner preview as she described The Wholesome Table's continuing journey for organic and healthy cuisine (for more on The Wholesome Table, see my post, Eat Consciously. Live Consciously. At The Wholesome Table...). The menu additions reflect The Wholesome Table's newest chapter in its advocacy for all-organic produce and ingredients offering even more tasty options. And it fits right in with their signature favorites. 

At The Wholesome Table, you won't find processed ingredients in the kitchen. Beef from grass-fed cows raised without hormones and antibiotics, free-range poultry and eggs, wild-caught seafood and farm-fresh local produce like vegetables and fruits, it's all about food providence at The Wholesome Table.  

Joining Bianca Araneta-Elizalde that evening was fellow culinary advocate Chef Jam Melchor (L) of the Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement and Slow Food PH who shared his mission of preserving local cuisine. Then, Chef Nicco Santos (R) detailed the guidelines set by The Wholesome Table for the new dishes...

With nothing processed or canned with artificial preservatives in the kitchen, Chef Nicco Santos draws inspiration from the hearty dishes prepared by his grandmother in the development of The Wholesome Table's new menu additions. Assisted by Chef Quenee Villar (R), The Wholesome Table's kitchen was fired up...

Guests that evening enjoyed refreshing drinks...

...including freshly-squeezed Guyabano Juice harvested from their farms.

The subtle tart sweetness of the Guyabano Juice opens up the palate with its clean flavors, just in time for the starters...

The Wholesome Table's Lumpia with Salmon Tuyo combines the buttery richness of premium salmon in a crispy spring roll served with a soy-vinegar dip.

One bite and the creamy richness and subtle sweet briny notes of the salmon drapes the palate followed by a delectable crunch for that perfect finish. The local crispy spring rolls are given a flavorful twist with the homemade Salmon Tuyo with its velvety smooth texture and indulgent notes.

If you can't have enough of the Homemade Salmon Tuyo by Wholesome Food, you'll find it in all five branches of The Wholesome Table. 

For the mains, Chef Nicco Santos served the first of four savory dishes starting with the Ginataang Kalabasa infused with truffle oil and topped with crispy dilis and fresh malunggay leaves. This is pure organic freshness in a bowl, with the sweetness of the squash and vegetables complemented by the salty notes of the crispy dilis and perfectly finished by the truffle oil infused coconut cream. The farm-fresh ingredients deliver vibrant flavors and multiple layers of sweetness.

But it's the deep, nutty notes of the truffle oil that truly elevates this traditional dish. And yes, you'll want some extra rice with this. 

Fresh from the grill, the juicy Chicken Inasal on annatto rice served with a spicy dip is a full meal in itself. The delicate notes of the perfectly grilled chicken brings its subtle richness to the palate capped by the comforting heat of the chili sauce.   

And there's more. The Sinigang na Salmon with fresh vegetables in a flavorful tamarind soured broth brings a medley of rich yet delicately balanced flavors with the use of the freshest ingredients. The salmon adds that indulgent layer of flavor to the dish, rounded out by the variety of vegetables.

The bright sour hints of the tamarind and tomatoes add a tasty sharpness to the sinigang, perfectly complementing the buttery texture and flavor of the salmon. One sip and bite is all you need to appreciate just how big a difference fresh and organic ingredients can make in any dish.  

The fork-tender Beef Kaldereta with olives, potatoes and carrots ends our feast of local flavors at The Wholesome Table. The Wholesome Table and Chef Nicco Santos bring their own refreshing interpretation of local comfort food with new dishes that's both nostalgic and full of fresh, real flavors to your plate proving once again that healthy and natural food doesn't have to bland or boring.

What's a Filipino feast without dessert?

Just in time for the holiday season, our local feast at The Wholesome Table ends with local desserts like the Bibingka stuffed with kesong puti...

...and the Puto Bumbong topped with shredded coconut. Following the mantra of "eat consciously, live consciously" long advocated by Bianca Araneta-Elizalde and The Wholesome Table, diners can now rediscover comforting local flavors with their new Filipino dishes created by Chef Nicco Santos.

The new Filipino dishes are a welcome addition to The Wholesome Table's comforting menu. Going organic and healthy doesn't mean missing out on flavor. Guests applauded the culinary team for another memorable dinner at The Wholesome Table... Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, chefs Nicco Santos and Jam Melchor invite you to join the movement of healthy, fresh and real flavors with the finest local organic produce and ingredients at The Wholesome Table.

The Wholesome Table is located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 2, Esperanza Street corner Greenbelt Drive, Ayala Center, Makati or call 7717-1000 and 0917-170-8227 for inquiries. You can also check out their website at

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