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The Chef's Choice: Bord Bia Brings World-Class Quality Irish Pork and Beef to the Philippines and to Your Plate

Regarded as the Food Island of Europe, Ireland is home to some of the finest beef, dairy and seafood. Now, you can add high quality, safe and sustainably produced pork to Ireland's list of world-class products.

The Irish Food Board, Bord Bia, launches an EU Pork and Beef campaign dubbed "European Pork and Beef: Love the Taste, Trust the Quality" to kick-off the first phase in a three-year program to bring Ireland's food, drink and horticultural produce to the world thus enabling the growth and sustainability of producers. The multi-pronged campaign includes South Korea and Vietnam in addition to the Philippines (for more on Bord Bia and Irish Beef, see my earlier post, Let's Talk Irish the Bord Bia Dinner in Discovery Primea's Flame).

The aim of the three year campaign is to build awareness and a thorough understanding of food safety, quality assurance and sustainability of Irish beef and pork for the global market. And the Philippines has been identified as a strategic market for Irish beef, currently ranked as the number 1 market in Asia. Here's a peek at the very best of Ireland at New World Makati Hotel's Glasshouse...

Bord Bia's Director of EU Programs, Declan Fennel, and Market Specialist-EU Promotions Jack Hogan (L) welcome guests to the EU Pork & Beef Seminar held at New World Makati Hotel's Glasshouse. Joining Bord Bia at the seminar were Allan Morris, Managing Director of John Stone and Chef Philip Golding (R).  

Also spotted at the event were Chef Billy King of Le Chef Catering and New World Makati Hotel Executive Sous Chef Stefan Langerhan (L). David Nolan of Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine joined Bord Bia's team along with leading Irish exporters at the seminar (R).

The exclusive event gathered the country's top importers, distributors, wholesalers and chefs as well as media for an in-depth look, and taste, of Irish pork and beef. After the short briefing by Bord Bia on their unique pork and beef production standards, guests were invited to a special cooking demo featuring Ireland's finest pork and beef. At the open kitchen of New World Makati Hotel's Glasshouse, Chef Philip Golding and his team of young chefs from CCA began the preparations for the savory pork and beef dishes (for more on the New World Makati Hotel's Glasshouse, see my earlier posts, Firing Up The Glasshouse at The Fireplace Pop-Up and The Master Oyster Shucker Reigns at The Glasshouse).

Irish pork production is guided by strict EU and Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine controls and protocols for the highest quality that's safe and sustainable. Ireland has no local wild boar population and its island status has kept its stocks free from African Swine Flu. It is the largest exporter of beef in the northern hemisphere with a capacity of over 550K tons, all produced with Bord Bia's signature farm-to-fork traceability complete with animal passports in a massive national database. Irish cattle graze outdoors for an average of 300 days with an exclusive 95% grass-fed diet (for more on Ireland's EU compliant safety and standards for beef, see my post, Let's Talk Irish the Bord Bia Dinner in Discovery Primea's Flame).

Irish pork is cared for with the same high standards and modern integrated production with high animal welfare resulting in young pigs producing consistent tender pork and rich flavors. Bord Bia's Origin Green, the world's first national food sustainability program, ensures only the very best Irish produce including pork and beef are made available to the world market. The unique and holistic Origin Green program is a significant point of differentiation in a competitive and highly developed market particularly among discerning consumers who value food provenance placing traceability and knowing where their food comes from high on their list.

For most Irish farmers, nature's bounty belongs to future generations and utmost care must be ensured to keep that promise. 

"The Philippines is a priority market for Ireland and we are looking to grow our pork and beef business from €7.8M and €14.3M respectively in 2018. We have experienced unprecedented growth with our beef volumes for the first nine months of the year with +230% growth versus the previous year with volumes expanding from 4,146T to 13,719T. With a young and growing population and a rising middle class driving the demand for meat products, Irish pork and beef is well-positioned to supply this increasing demand as we produce pork and beef to the strictest EU food safety standards", explained Declan Fennel, Bord Bia's Director of EU Programs.

Bord Bia is set to intensify its promotional activities in the Philippines with a wide range of trade initiatives such as participation in trade events and market visits to Ireland to connect Irish exporters with key Filipino importers, retailers and food service providers. 

That evening, we sampled the finest Irish pork and beef prepared by one of the metro's noted chefs at the Glasshouse...

At the helm of the open kitchen at Glasshouse that evening was noted culinary personality, Chef Philip Golding, who prepared two savory dishes using Irish pork and beef assisted by his young team from CCA. The versatility of Irish pork and beef is highlighted by Chef Philip Golding's dishes, infusing it with local flavors.

Chef Philip Golding's Crispy Irish Pork Belly Adobo with Bokchoy served with hard-boiled egg, garlic confit and garlic chips combines quality pork with comforting local notes, masterfully executed. The juicy pork with a crisp layer of crackling brings contrasting textures followed by a savory richness tempered by the nutty garlic confit and crisp garlic chips for depth to round out the dish. 

But it's the pork that's definitely the star of the plate. Firm yet fork tender with a thin layer of fat, the pork releases a subtle sweetness with every bite, draping the palate with its rich and clean flavors. The quality of the pork is immediately evident from the very first bite with its texture and fresh notes. Chef Philip Golding's rendition of the local adobo using Irish pork offers infinite possibilities, a versatile protein to fit any culinary style or cuisine. And you can enjoy your Irish pork without any doubts or fears. Safe, traceable and produced with the highest quality standards and ASF-free, you wouldn't want anything less.  

Then, there's Ireland's famous beef. The deep and vibrant colors and its fragrant aroma are just some of the characteristics that's noticed straight from the butcher's block.

Carved and trimmed to thick steaks, Chef Philip Golding prepares another savory dish for the evening...

Chef Philip Golding's Medium Rare Irish Beef Steak on a bed of Sauteed Kangkong with a side of Sweet Potato Mash drizzled with Anchovy Grain Mustard Irish Butter topped with micro greens is an elegant execution of the world-class Irish beef, sliced into slabs revealing a juicy pink center. 

One bite, and the Irish beef just melts in your mouth bursting with a pure and bold beefy richness. But what really stands out is the fresh and clean flavors of the beef. Just like the pork, nothing gets in the way of all-natural beef flavors. It's definitely the green grass and the clean air of the Emerald Isles that truly sets their beef apart. Add to that the Irish character and commitment to safety, sustainability and traceability, and you've got some seriously good beef on your plate.   

Guests sampled more Irish beef that evening, but there was a whole lot more...

Guests were also invited to sample another world-class Irish product harvested from the pristine streams of Donegal, plump and succulent Gallagher Speciale Oysters. The clean cold waters of Donegal give these meaty oysters a distinct briny sweetness, perfect as is or with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Like many of Ireland's produce, the quality is dictated and perfected by its fresh and clean environment. These oysters are unlike any other I've tried. That's why Irish oysters, dairy, beef and pork are among the world's best.

And what goes best with these Gallagher Speciale Oysters? Why, a pint of Guinness Stout, of course (L). This dark Irish Stout is one of the world's iconic brands, and it's no surprise that it's another fine product from Ireland. Have a sip along with a bite of Kerrygold Dubliner and Reserve Cheddar to complete that Irish vibe.

Why not have a shot, or better yet a flight of Irish Whiskey? That evening, guests enjoyed bottomless rounds of Irish Teeling Whiskey, guaranteed to give you the Irish gift of gab in just a few rounds.

Guests were then treated to a buffet featuring Irish beef as the main course at the Carving Station... well as Irish pork. Guests experienced the quality of Irish beef and pork in savory dishes to complete Bord Bia's narrative on food providence. Safety, sustainability and traceability, these matter when it comes to quality produce.

One more plate loaded with Ireland's finest makes it crystal clear. Ireland's pork and beef are definitely some of the world's best. And you can now experience the best of Ireland in numerous establishments and in future trade events.

Bord Bia's management team led by Declan Fennel (third from left), Jack Hogan (left) and Malcolm Leoi (R) along with David Nolan from Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (second from left), are all set and eager to introduce the local market to one of the world's finest pork and beef. And yes, I'll have more Irish pork and beef, please...  

The Glasshouse is located at the Second Level of New World Makati Hotel, Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City.

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