Monday, January 27, 2020

Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend: Meet the 2020 Valentine's Collection of Sebastian's Ice Cream

Many say there's nothing a scoop of ice cream can't solve or cure. Even affairs of the heart. This Valentine's, Sebastian's Ice Cream elevates the case with its impressive new flavors for the special day of hearts...

Sebastian's Ice Cream, the innovative brand behind exciting flavors like Sapin-Sapin, Green Mango & Bagoong and Champorado at Dilis, is at it again with a special collection of exciting new ice cream flavors for Valentine's. Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend, the names of the new creations reflect the playfully inventive, even irreverent and non-traditional style of the brand. And just in time too. Valentine's is the perfect opportunity to showcase some unconventional and fun elements to ice cream, and Sebastian's Ice Cream unveils some unexpected surprises to brighten up your Valentine's (for more on Sebastian's Ice Cream, see my earlier post, Fast-Forward to Summer with Sebastian's Ice Cream... from two years ago). Curious? Read on...

Located at the Fifth Level of The Podium right across the Director's Club Cinemas, Sebastian's Ice Cream serves flavors unique to the brand as well as tempting new offerings like their new line of milkshakes. It's the perfect spot for an indulgent scoop of ice cream before or after the movies or a round of shopping at The Podium.

Below the glass enclosed freezers, diners can choose from a wide selection of tempting flavors. But there's a few flavors that will definitely catch your eye with their witty names. You might say, some of the flavors even describe your current status this Valentine's. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Start your Valentine's indulgence with Sebastian's Ice Cream's Closure (P 135), a Genmaicha ice cream made with Japanese green tea and roasted brown rice combined in soothing yet indulgently smooth ice cream. The distinct and mildly sharp notes of the Japanese green tea are tempered by the deep, rounded and nutty hints of roasted brown rice for perfectly balanced flavors. There's definitely closure with this one.

Bitter melon in a sorbet? Who even thinks of flavors like that? Leave it to Sebastian's to surprise you. The aptly named bittersweet Unresolved Issues (P 90), a bitter melon sorbet with candied ampalaya bits, is one of those flavor experiences you just can't quite, well, resolve. It isn't off, not at all. In fact, this one is a delicately well balanced sorbet that just cleanses the palate with its fresh, clean and bright notes. And you'll be surprised to see yourself going for another spoonful to figure everything out. It just works, plain and simple. The flavors are honest and real, yet coming together in a seamless blend of bitter and sweet. And when you reach the end of your cone or cup, maybe you'll find some clarity over some unresolved issues of your own.

The Matinong Girlfriend (P 145) is an indulgent dark beer ice cream with honey roasted nuts dipped in bittersweet chocolate that could be the one you've been looking for all this time. Sebastian's doesn't hold back on the flavors with this beauty, it's all laid out in a lavish show of unconditional affections with the malty notes of dark beer followed by bittersweet chocolate for that perfect finish on the palate. There's a subtle elegance in the way the rich notes weave in and out, and you just know a scoop or two of this will set you straight with a whole lot of good vibes. Just like a matinong girlfriend, this one won't let you down.

The Matinong Boyfriend (P 145) is a thick and creamy dark chocolate orange ice cream with rum and candied hazelnuts for robust and wholehearted flavors. The dark chocolate notes just punches through with each spoonful, followed by the bright zesty notes of orange for that contrasting yet balanced finish. The rum adds depth while the candied hazelnuts brings in textural contrasts and flavors. The complex layers of flavors rules out all your doubts, this one's true to its name.

But Sebastian's Ice Cream has even more surprises up its sleeves. Bite-sized ice cream enrobed and draped in a sweet candy-like covering, these tasty morsels will have you going for another bite. Sebastian's Ice Cream's Poppits are perfect for the movies, conveniently packed in a cup for indulgence on the go.

Imagine M&Ms but much larger and with ice cream instead of chocolate. And yes, it doesn't melt in your hand. It's innovations like this that keep Sebastian's Ice Cream top-of-mind when you're looking for a new ice cream experience. These unique bites will have you popping Poppits all the way to the bottom of the cup.  

Valentine's just isn't complete without flowers. And you can have it with chocolate at Sebastian's. The Flowers and Chocolate combines chocolate with rose petal jam for that Valentine's vibe. The familiar chocolate notes becomes new and different infused with ripples of rose petal jam for that decadent sweetness. It's not an overbearing sweetness, but a light hint as delicate as a rose petal. You'll be looking for this long after Valentine's. 

Other must-try flavors at Sebastian's include the Peaches & Cream, a light and refreshing peach sorbet with sweet cream ice cream and the Unbaked Bliss, a cookie dough ice cream with brownie batter ice cream for an indulgent blend of comforting and even nostalgic flavors.

Then, there's the rest of Sebastian's Ice Cream's popular flavors... your old flame, Once in a Blue Moon with blue cheese, walnuts and honey. This one just never fails to remind you why you love Sebastian's Ice Cream.  

This Valentine's, Sebastian's Ice Cream has that flavor made just for you. Drop in at their new location at The Podium and find Closure, your Matinong Girlfriend or Matinong Boyfriend or finally lay your Unresolved Issues to rest with a few scoops of decadent ice cream...

Sebastian's Ice Cream is located at the Fifth Floor, The Podium, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City.

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