Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Value and Variety Fresh From The Grill at Meatsumo Premium Panay

The popularity of samgyupsal or Korean BBQ continues to grow with little signs of slowing down. It's no surprise that it's now part of the local culinary mainstream proving once again that value and variety are always a winning combination. The proliferation of samgyupsal joints in the metro makes this category intensely competitive. Here's one that stands out from the clutter...

Meatsumo Premium Panay brings both Korean and Japanese flavors to your table with its Unlimited BBQ and sides for one of the best value-for-money options in Quezon City. 11 premium quality meats ready for grilling right on your table plus 20 tasty side dishes for a lavish all-you-can-eat feast, all for only P 549 with Unli Iced Tea. Now that's one seriously good deal.   

Located at Panay Avenue beside Artsy Cafe (see more on my earlier post on Artsy Cafe here) and Mandarin Sky Wok (more on Mandarin Sky Wok on my previous post here), Meatsumo Premium Panay with its Unlimited bbq offerings adds yet another layer of rich flavors and tasty options at the popular compound. 

Drawing from the success of its three branches in Sampaloc, Quiapo and Malabon, Meatsumo brings its tried and tested formula from its winning play book to the leveled up fourth branch with Meatsumo Premium in Panay, Quezon City. The addition of "Premium" to the Meatsumo brand is a statement in itself, and diners can now enjoy an enhanced experience at their newest branch. 

With its wide selection of side dishes and premium beef and pork as part of its unlimited offerings, Meatsumo Premium Panay elevates the samgyupsal game with variety and value for an all-you-can-eat bbq feast for only P 549 per person (for a minimum of two or P 749 for solo diners). It's the combination of Korean and Japanese flavors that make Meatsumo Premium Panay one of Quezon City's new and tasty finds. Let's start our unli bbq feast with Meatsumo Premium Panay's side dishes...  

Customizing Your Korean BBQ Experience with a Supporting Cast of Side Dishes

Meatsumo Premium Panay offers 20 side dishes (as of last count) to pair with your beef and pork barbecue courses including Pickled Radish, Kimchi, Onions with Sweet Soy, Pamuchim, Spicy Dilis, Cheese, Yakisoba, Rice, Kimchi Rice, Kani Salad, Sweet Potato Chips and garden-fresh and crisp Lettuce...

...plus a tempting selection of maki and rolls like California Maki... 

...Beef Yakiniku Maki (L) and Kimbap (R), each one delivering fresh and clean notes. The traditional Korean banchan or small side dishes are supplemented with popular Japanese dishes. The tasty sides are a meal in itself, but there's more.

Indulge in your favorite Japanese dishes with Meatsumo Premium Panay's Tempura, battered shrimps deep-fried to a light crispness...

...juicy Chicken Karaage with its crisp outer layer...

...and Calamari with Tartar Sauce. The squid is tender and succulent, perfectly battered and deep-fried for that lightly crisp finish.

The Steamed Egg is another comforting option at Meatsumo Premium Panay, with its soft and silky smooth consistency.

Craving for even more Japanese flavors? The California Temaki should do the trick.

It's All About the Beef. And the Pork. 

Quality and consistency often determines whether diners come back for a second visit. At Meatsumo Premium Panay, only the finest ingredients make the cut. The selection of premium meats is impressive, and you can choose from Beef Yakiniku, Peppered Beef, Beef Bulgogi, Beef Gochujang, Plain Beef, Spicy Beef Yakiniku, Pork Galbi, Pork Yakiniku, Plain Pork, Spicy Pork Yakiniku and Pork Gochujang. And you can have as much as you want. Where to begin?

Start with the Plain Beef, tender thin strips of beef for your table-top grill. It just takes seconds to grill the beef, and each bite delivers bold flavors with that savory richness. The Beef Yakiniku and Beef Bulgogi are also excellent choices.

The marinated meats at Meatsumo Premium Panay offer layers of flavor, leaving a caramelized crust on the beef after grilling. The Peppered Beef is fragrant with distinct nutty notes complementing the beef. 

The Beef Gochujang, draped in the thick spicy sauce, has a mildly sweet hint with a subtle soothing heat to complement the beef. The Spicy Beef Yakiniku has a whisper of fruity notes followed by a spicy kick. The spices don't overwhelm the flavors of the beef, perfectly tempering the richness for that balanced finish. At Meatsumo Premium Panay, the meats are marinated as you order so the beefy flavors still punch through.

Then, go for another round Plain Beef, Beef Bulgogi, Beef Yakiniku, Peppered Beef, Beef Gochujang, and Spicy Beef Yakiniku...

...and lay it on the table-top grill.

Just like the meats and sides, you can have unlimited rounds of fresh lettuce. Add some beef on the lettuce and a dab of Meatsumo's specialty sauces, kimchi, pickled radish and onions for a fresh wrap... 

...and go for a big bite. And do it again.

The piped exhaust takes care of the smoke, so grill away.

And don't forget the pork. From Plain Pork to Pork Yakiniku, Pork Sochujang and Spicy Pork Yakiniku, experience the delicate and mildly sweet flavors of pork fresh from the grill. My pick is the thick cut yet tender and juicy Pork Galbi. Grill it all the way through for that charred smoky doneness. Dessert? Indulge in Meatsumo Premium Panay's silky smooth Soft Serve Ice Cream.

Value and variety. Korean and Japanese. All-you-can-eat for P 549 for a minimum of two or P 749 for solo diners with Unli Iced Tea. You just can't beat that. The table-top grills are all fired up and waiting for you...at Meatsumo Premium Panay.

Meatsumo Premium Panay is located at 23 Panay Avenue, Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City or call 0933-134-6534 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/meatsumopanay/ for more updates.

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