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Savory and Sweet: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe Opens Second Branch at Estancia Mall

Luscious, silky smooth soft-serve ice cream made from premium Hokkaido Jersey Milk, pillow-soft pancakes and Japanese style cheesecake made with indulgent Hokkaido cream and savory meals masterfully prepared. You don't have to choose savory or sweet. You can enjoy both and more at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe...

From hearty and savory dishes to decadent desserts prepared with that elegant Japanese spin, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe shares their much-loved cheesecakes, milky pies, Japanese pancakes and savory specialties at their second branch in Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. It's a unique Japanese dining experience coupled with the finest premium ingredients flown in regularly for an elevated take on Japanese comfort food and sweet confections in a casual setting. Read on and find out what the buzz is all about...

After the successful opening of their first branch in Ayala Malls Manila Bay in Paranaque City last January 5, the first in the world for the Tokyo-based brand, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory continues their rapid expansion in the local market with a second location in Capitol Commons. But there's more than just cheesecakes and pancakes...

At the exclusive lunch preview of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe in Estancia Mall, guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind dining experience with the brand's popular dishes. Starters were served for a taste of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe's unique culinary style showcasing their reinterpretation of comfort food favorites like the House Potato Chips with Nori Aioli (P 180), large and crisp potatoes sliced paper-thin and richly seasoned for that delicate crunch and bold notes. The rich flavors and textures will have you going for another bite all the way to the last chip.

The Crispy Kani Salad (P 360) with garden fresh and crisp shaved cabbage, kani fries, edamame and caramelized walnuts drizzled with a tart citrus dressing combines freshness, premium ingredients, flavors and textures to open up your palate with its rich yet balanced notes.  

The Sweet Corn Tempura with Truffle Mayonnaise (P 260) is one of those flavorful surprises that just sets the tone for your dining experience at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe. The subtle sweetness of the tempura-battered sweet corn and the indulgent nutty hints of the truffle mayonnaise made with extra creamy and silky smooth Japanese mayo is one flavorful combination you can only find at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.   

It's the kind of dish that gives you a good idea of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's creative and playful inventiveness with its offerings of unique and tasty dishes. Each bite is announced by the fresh snap of the sweet corn kernels followed by the soft batter and finished by the truffle mayo. Go ahead and have another piece...

A comforting bowl of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe's Forest Mushroom Soup (P 230) with garlic croutons and Nama cream offers deep and earthy hints that warm both the palate and body. You can also opt for the Sweet Corn Potage (P 230) with its equally rich and comforting flavors. One more sip and you're ready for the savory mains...

The Molten Mozzarella Hamburg (P 440) is TMCF's elegant take on sliders with a juicy beef blend patty topped with creamy Mozzarella draped in Hamburg sauce on crisp Romaine lettuce and tomato on a pillow-soft brioche bun. Each order comes with a side of House Chips to complete your meal.

One bite gives you all the flavors you love in a leveled-up slider, from the savory richness of the all-beef patty to the creamy and velvety smooth finish of the Mozzarella tempered by the vibrant tartness of the fresh tomato and clean, fresh notes of the crisp Romaine lettuce. And that buttery brioche completes the flavors. The wide array of cheeses used in both their savory dishes and desserts are all made from the famed Hokkaido milk and imported from Japan. 

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe also offers a variety of pasta dishes like the Ebiko Carbonara (P 345) with bacon and rich Nama cream topped with soft-boiled egg and briny fish roe. Break the yolk and let it ooze down the sides for even richer flavors. Each evenly coated noodle delivers smooth and rich yet delicately balanced notes.  

There's that unmistakable finesse to TMCF's comfort food offerings, bringing the Japanese aesthetic as well as rich and bold flavors into play with each dish. Other pasta dishes include the Baked Three-Cheese & Tomatoes (P 399) with tomato cream, fresh basil, Mozzarella cheese and crunchy basil panko; the Ebi Aglio Olio (P 360) with garlic, parsley, chili flakes, olive oil, succulent shrimps and katsuboshi flakes and the Gyu Bolognese (P 380) with beef and pork ragu, fresh tomato sauce and sharp Pecorino Romano.

The Hayashi Beef Omurice (P 395) is a hearty and satisfying meal in itself with tomato rice pilaf, fork-tender and savory beef draped in a rich gravy with onions and tomatoes and side of fluffy egg. I've always been amazed with how the Japanese do their eggs, soft and moist with a smoothness like no other. Everything just comes together seamlessly with each spoonful. Other satisfying Omurice options include the Chicken Cheese (P 350) and Chicken Tomato (P 315).

Looking for a lighter seafood option? The Salmon Teriyaki Gratin (P 485) with premium cured salmon covered with Mozzarella and teriyaki sauce on truffle mashed potatoes should do the trick. The creamy and buttery notes of the cured salmon are perfectly complemented by the creamy Mozzarella and finished by the sweet and sharp flavors of the teriyaki sauce. The truffle mashed potatoes completes the dish.  

The Pork Mille-Fuille Furai (P 390) is another delicate savory option at TMCF with juicy layered pork with ham and cheese battered and deep-fried for that light crispness slathered with thick and tart tomato sauce and fresh basil on truffled mash. The dish offers both contrasting textures and rich flavors. The juicy and crisp pork's nuanced notes pair well with the tomato sauce for balanced flavors, while the generous mound of truffled mash makes this a complete meal. This one's high on my list of personal favorites at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe. 

In addition to the Molten Mozzarella Hamburg, TMCF also offers savory sandwiches for a light yet comforting meal like the 12-Hour Short-Rib Sandwich (P 485) with fork-tender pulled beef ribs in a thick sauce, parsley aioli, pickled red cabbage and mixed greens on toasted Sourdough bread.

The vibrant colors of the fresh ingredients are a visual clue to the bold flavors of the 12-Hour Short Rib Sandwich, served with their House Potato Chips. This is one sandwich I can have all day. 

The savory richness of the 12-hour pulled beef ribs are balanced by the sharpness of the crisp pickled red cabbage followed by the parsley aioli for a creamy finish. The sourdough is perfectly grilled with a thin crisp crust over buttery soft bread. It's everything we love about Japanese bread, and you'll find it here at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.   

Just like their savory dishes and indulgent desserts, the sandwiches at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe are done exceptionally well with that characteristic Japanese flair and style. Other sandwich options at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory include the TMC Tamago Sliders (P 335) with Asiago cheese, Shrimp Katsu Sando (P 390) and Grilled Cheese and Tomato Jam (P 325). 

Now that you're done with the savory, time for the sweet stuff...

Cheesecakes, pancakes and these Milk Pies (P 100 per piece/P 500 for a box of five), crisp and freshly baked layered puff pastry filled to the brim with their famous Hokkaido Milk cream, are just some of the must-try treats at TMCF. The near legendary status of Hokkaido milk is magnificently showcased with these decadent Milk Pies, light to the bite with a luscious and decadent creamy finish.  

With just the right level of sweetness, the light flaky crispness of the puff pastry is immediately followed by the thick and smooth Hokkaido milk cream draping the palate with its silky smooth indulgence. That generous cream filling will have going for another bite. Grab some napkins and go for another big bite.

Just like their soft buttery bread and fluffy eggs, the Japanese have also transformed and elevated pancakes with their own luxurious spin. And Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory shows you how it's done with their specialty pancakes. Tall yet pillow-soft, TMCF's pancakes are an impressive sight, but it gets better with a slice and a bite. 

The Summer Berry Pancake (P 315) covered with mixed berry compote and served with a side of Nama cream isn't your usual pancake. The tall and fluffy pancake is soft and almost melts in your mouth with a cloud-like lightness. The vibrant tartness of the berry compote is balanced by the Nama cream for a decadent finish. 

The Creme Brulee Pancake (P 265) is yet another novel twist with a torched caramel sugar crust covered in sweet and salty vanilla anglaise. The fluffy pancake and the lightly crisp sugar crust combine for contrasting textures, perfectly finished by the sweet and salty vanilla cream sauce. 

There's nothing plain with the classic Plain Pancake (P 210). It's almost like biting into a wispy cloud of cotton. That's how Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe does it.  

Pour some maple syrup and it's game on. You can also opt for the Chocolate Pancake (P 265) draped in ganache and cocoa powder. The casual, fun and youthful character of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe is evident not only with its house specialties, the staff also exudes this fun and playful vibe.

If you prefer waffles, you can have a thick yet light and fluffy waffle with its crisp ridges at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe. Choose from the Classic Waffle (P 210), Cheese Waffle (P 265), Summer Berry Waffle (P 265) or Caramel Banana Waffle (P 240).  

The mere mention of indulgent Hokkaido milk conjures countless images of creamy desserts. Like soft serve ice cream...

No dining experience at Tokyo Milk Cheese Cafe is complete without the smooth satin swirl of soft-served Cow Cow Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream in flavors like Hokkaido Milk (P 150) with creamy Jersey cow's milk blended with Mascarpone cheese, the Hokkaido Cheese (P 170) with Hokkaido Gouda and cream cheese and Hokkaido Mix (P 170) for a tempting combination of Hokkaido Milk and Hokkaido Cheese. Add-ons? Customize your swirl with some Milk Cheesecake (P 120/slice) or top it with a Cookie (P 60) in flavors like Salt & Camembert, Honey & Gorgonzola and Porcini & Gouda. It's the perfect sweet ending at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe. 

They were right. It's a unique Japanese dining experience like no other. Go the whole nine yards from starters and savory mains to decadent desserts made even richer with premium Hokkaido Milk at Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe, now open at Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. 

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cafe is located at the Ground Floor, East Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City. You can also visit their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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