Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: An All Bangus Feast Delivered by LA Boneless Bangus

Bonuan Boneless Shanghai, Bonuan Boneless Belly, Bonuan Boneless Relleno, Bonuan Boneless Daing and Bonuan Boneless Tinapa, pick your fresh catch...

LA³ Boneless Bangus brings its fresh catch of the day to your dining table with regular deliveries around the metro. Whether your cravings call for Bonuan Boneless Shanghai or crispy fried spring rolls, indulgent Bonuan Boneless Belly, sumptuous Bonuan Boneless Relleno, the classic Bonuan Boneless Daing and the smoky Bonuan Boneless Tinapa, LA³ Boneless Bangus will have it packed frozen and chilled, sealed and delivered to your doorstep...

Dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture continues to grow as changing consumer habits adapt to the new normal, with specialty regional and local products adding to the variety of offerings conveniently delivered straight to you. Sourced daily from Bonuan, regarded as the bangus region of the country, LA³ Boneless Bangus takes the day's freshest milkfish catch for comforting meals at home. The variety of products, all based and processed from the local milkfish, are delivered chilled or frozen and ready-to-heat or cook straight from the pack.  

The milkfish harvest is then processed into several tasty products to satisfy your cravings, including the Bonuan Boneless Shanghai (P 80), crispy deep-fried spring rolls filled with the delicate notes of milkfish. 

Heat some oil on a pan and you can start frying the Bonuan Boneless Shanghai straight from the pack. The flavors are subtle yet clean and fresh followed by a mild sweetness contrasting with the crispness of the deep-fried lumpia wrapper. Enjoy it as an appetizer or even a meal paired with steamed white rice or garlic fried rice with your favorite condiment. 

Light yet full of flavor, the Bonuan Boneless Shanghai by LA³ Boneless Bangus is the perfect side dish to complete your home dining menu. 

A few more tasty bites of the Bonuan Boneless Shanghai and you're just about ready for the main course with the flagship product of LA³ Boneless Bangus...

The Bonuan Boneless Daing (P 180-3 pcs), the gutted, deboned and halved milkfish that's air and sun-dried is a comforting and familiar dish in many households. The fork-tender milkfish delivers mildly sweet and salty notes, clean and uncomplicated flavors best paired with rice, fresh vegetables and condiments for a satisfying meal at home. 

And there's more. The Bonuan Boneless Tinapa (P 190-3 pcs) brings an additional layer of flavor with hints of smoky notes to complement the milkfish. 

The local mikfish is bony filled with fine needle-like bones, but LA³ Boneless Bangus takes care of that for all their bangus offerings by tediously deboning each product so you can enjoy it without a pause. The hints of smoke enhances the delicate notes of the milkfish, so have some extra rice by your side.

The Bonuan Boneless Relleno (P 135) is another tempting milkfish variation from LA³ Boneless Bangus, a whole fish deboned and filled with finely minced milkfish. This variant brings textural contrasts with its lightly crisp outer layer and rich flavors with every bite for a different kind of boneless bangus experience. 

Then, there's the much-sought after part of the milkfish that everyone aims for at the dinner table. The Bonuan Boneless Belly (P 175-3 pcs) has that layer of fat that adds an unctuous buttery richness to the fresh and clean notes of the milkfish. 

You can say this is the prime cut of the local mikfish, and LA³ Boneless Bangus indulges you with three slabs of milkfish belly fillets with each pack. No need for an epic duel over some boneless bangus belly on the dinner table. 

Just like all of LA³ Boneless Bangus' offerings, the freshness and quality of the local milkfish delivers pure and real flavors. But there really is nothing like the bangus belly with its indulgent notes. Extra rice? Absolutely. 

Bonuan Boneless Shanghai, Bonuan Boneless Belly, Bonuan Boneless Relleno, Bonuan Boneless Daing and Bonuan Boneless Tinapa, LA³ Bonuan Boneless Bangus brings it all to your plate fresh from the source. 

And LA³ Boneless Bangus makes it easy for you. Convenient payment options include contactless transactions in keeping with the social distancing and health protocols for the new normal, with delivery options via LalaMove, Grab and Mr. Speedy

The quarantine experience made dining at home the new normal, and the rise of the food delivery culture opened up a world of infinite possibilities in terms of tasty options. Local regional specialty products are now easier to access for comforting meals at home. And when it comes to Bonuan Boneless Bangus, all you need to do is call LA³ Boneless Bangus... 

For more on LA³ Boneless Bangus, simply call 8837 1376 or 0977 610 1928 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at and send in your orders via PM or through DM via their IG Feed at @la3.boneless.bangus. 

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