Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: Raise a Toast for The Drunk Baker's Indulgent Liquor-Infused Baked Creations

Indulgent desserts take on a whole new level of decadence with a flavorful shot of liquor by The Drunk Baker...

The Drunk Baker offers a different kind of indulgence infusing the rich and deep notes of liquor to decadent fresh baked delights like Whiskey Brownies and Chocolate Olive Oil Rum Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache. It's homemade artisan treats lovingly made by a tipsy baker. And I like the sound of that already. After all, everyone needs a much-needed lift in spirits in this new normal, right? A tipple for dessert? Why not.

Another home baker joins the growing ranks of home-based food businesses offering a unique spin to sinful desserts as The Drunk Baker weaves her own liquor-infused touch to brownies and cakes. The quarantine experience and the new normal witnessed the rise of home-based food businesses as home kitchens were fired up all across the country serving up comforting favorites and inventive new creations. This surge in creativity is one of the few silver linings in these challenging times, as more and more rediscover their passion for cooking and baking at home.  

Everyone has certain preferences when it comes to brownies, I personally like mine moist and fudgy with a light and delicate crisp and chewy layer on top. The Drunk Baker covers that, made even better with a shot of whiskey adding depth to the sweet chocolate notes of her brownies. And these brownies aren't the usual thin bars or small squares, these are large blocks of pure chocolate goodness. And that hint of whiskey truly sets these Whiskey Brownies apart from the others. The deep caramel-like notes of the whiskey gives these brownies richer and rounder flavors for a uniquely distinct indulgence. Clearly, these are not your everyday brownies.   

The Drunk Baker plays with contrasting notes and textures with these Whiskey Brownies, with a soft and moist bite followed by a mildly chewy finish which I enjoy in brownies. Each bite delivers a burst of chocolate richness without being overly sweet while the mildly smoky and caramel hints from the whiskey completes the flavors. It's a brownie with complex flavors yet, just like a good whiskey, comes down with a silky smooth finish. Now that's my kind of brownie.

The Whiskey Brownies by The Drunk Baker is available for ordering via Facebook and Instagram (see links below) or you can call 0917 843 8138, priced at P 340 for a Half-Dozen and P 580 for an even dozen.

The Drunk Baker also offers another equally unique baked creation with the Lemon Olive Oil Cake available in three indulgent variants. And soon, you'll be able to enjoy yet another luscious baked treat from The Drunk Baker...

The Chocolate Olive Oil Rum Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache is The Drunk Baker's newest baked creation combining chocolate, olive oil and rum for yet another decadent dessert experience. Like her Whiskey Brownies, the Chocolate Olive Oil Rum Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache offers multiple layers of flavor from the chocolate, olive oil and rum. Each distinct note comes through with each bite coming together in a seamless blend. Incredibly moist, the dense texture of the Chocolate Olive Oil Rum Cake lays on a lavish richness to the palate releasing the decadent notes of sweet chocolate, nutty olive oil and subtle yet deep hints of rum for a flavorful burst.   

And The Drunk Baker doesn't hold back on premium ingredients. You can taste all the richness with each bite. In these difficult times, we all need a little indulgence to raise our spirits. And a shot to strengthen our resolve. The Drunk Baker does that elegantly with the Whiskey Brownies, Lemon Olive Oil Cake and Chocolate Olive Oil Rum Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache.  

We've seen talented home bakers and creative innovations during the quarantine, it's a trend that will be part of the new normal as more food enthusiasts rediscover their passion for baking and cooking at home. Join me in raising a toast for The Drunk Baker and her artisan creations as home-based food businesses continue to shine bright in the new normal...

For more on The Drunk Baker, visit their Facebook Page at and follow their Instagram Feed at for more information, orders and updates. You can also call 0917 843 8138 for orders.

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