Friday, September 18, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: AT HOME Spanish Signatures Delivered to Your Doorstep from Gallery by Chele

Dining at home and the food delivery culture continues to define the new normal as more and more establishments adapt to changing consumer habits due to the pandemic. And if you've missed the authentic Spanish cuisine of Chele Gonzalez, you'll be glad to know that you can enjoy his sumptuous dishes once more without leaving the comfort and safety of your home...  

Authenticity, signature dishes and cooking traditions have long been at the core of Gallery by Chele using local and sustainable produce for a memorable dining experience. It's a philosophy that's reflected in their takeaway and delivery menu. As the threat of the viral pandemic continues to linger, dining at home has become the new normal and Gallery by Chele responds with the introduction of AT HOME Spanish Signatures featuring a selection of specialty dishes by Chele Gonzalez conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Now you can enjoy the private fine dining experience of Gallery by Chele at home with the AT HOME Spanish Signatures by Chele Gonzalez...

These are new and uncertain times, but it's also an opportunity for new ways to create. The quarantine experiencel has transformed the way we go about our daily routine as the food delivery culture, dining at home and home-based food businesses continue to define the new normal. In step with the times and changing consumer habits, Gallery by Chele evolves and adapts to the new normal with innovative culinary concepts that remain true to its philosophy with AT HOME Spanish Signatures for take-out and delivery (for more on Gallery by Chele, see my previous post, Modern Cuisine. Local Ingredients. Masterfully Executed at Gallery by Chele...).

Each dish from the AT HOME Spanish Signatures selection recreates the family recipes and childhood favorites of Chele Gonzalez like a page out of his culinary journey and heritage. The rich and comforting notes of Jamon Croquetas (P 295) is a popular staple in Spain, bringing both texture and flavor with each hearty bite. Gallery by Chele's version brings another iconic and traditional Spanish flavor, the savory jamon, wrapped in a delicately soft ball of bechamel and potatoes deep-fried to a light-crispness on the outside with breadcrumbs. Each bite just melts in your mouth followed by the sharp richness of jamon finished by the creamy notes of bechamel and potatoes.

The Mini Chori Burger (P 350) with homemade chorizo, jamon, caramelized onions, cheese and lettuce on a pillow soft brioche bun is another tempting appetizer from AT HOME Spanish Signatures with bold and savory flavors in every bite. The combination of homemade chorizo and jamon brings indulgent notes draping the palate with a savory richness. 

Served with coleslaw and chips, the Mini Chori Burger by AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele packs a flavorful punch. The quality of ingredients become apparent with that first bite delivering fresh and clean notes followed by a savory burst of richness. Chef Chele Gonzalez elevates the slider with his Mini Chori Burger while keeping authenticity and tradition using the finest local and sustainable ingredients. 

There's really nothing mini about this Mini Chori Burger, with the richness of the thick and juicy homemade chorizo patty tempered perfectly by the subtle salty hints of jamon for balanced flavors. 

Tradition and authenticity are showcased in the next dish by AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele with the Pulpo A La Gallega "Chele Style" (P 690) with fork-tender octopus gently laid on paprika mashed potatoes dabbed with black ink aioli. It's a dish that can be tricky to prepare, but Gallery by Chele masterfully executes the dish to perfection with the soft yet firm "al dente" texture of the octopus. It's a dish steeped in tradition, recreated with that distinctive flair at Gallery by Chele.

But it's the play with the other components that complete the dish. The velvety smooth mashed potatoes gives a buttery finish to the dish followed by the delicate sweet and smoky notes of paprika. The black ink-infused aioli adds a flavorful layer to the dish, complementing the octopus and paprika mashed potatoes.

AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele allows you to recreate the dining experience right on your dining table, from tasty starters to savory mains for a sumptuous Spanish feast. The countless restrictions of the new normal put a hold on dining out, but you can always experience the same authentic flavors in your home with AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele.

For the main course, the Clam Fiduea (P 690) with succulent Nylon Clams from Sorsogon sets the stage for a memorable dining experience at home. A variation of the classic Spanish paella, a fiduea uses noodles instead of rice topped with fresh seafood. Simmered with a seafood stock and other traditional spices, the noodles are infused with the flavors of various ingredients that pops in your mouth with every bite.  

It's a dish that adds a celebratory vibe to any table, rich with real and wholesome flavors masterfully prepared by Chef Chele Gonzalez and his team. In these trying times, the Clam Fiduea from Gallery by Chele brings a comforting sense of abundance and positivity binding each member of the household closer together.  

The Clam Fiduea also reflects Gallery by Chele's advocacy for local and sustainable ingredients, and each dish reflects this commitment so you can enjoy fresh flavors. It's a philosophy that has guided Chele Gonzalez in his own culinary journey as he continues to explore and discover some of the country's finest local ingredients.  

Cap your Spanish feast at home with the Burnt Basque Cheesecake by Chele Gonzalez (P 290 Slice/P 2,200 Whole) for a decadent finish. Pure and silky smooth indulgence, it's the perfect ending to a sumptuous Spanish feast. Note though that you need to immediately chill the Burnt Basque Cheesecake in the ref as soon as it's delivered to maintains its form. But it still tasted great just the same...

In addition to AT HOME Spanish Signatures, Gallery by Chele also offers Curated Boxes where you can recreate the Gallery by Chele experience in your own home for any festive occasion (for more on the menu details of AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele, visit their website and on-line store at 

Our transformation in the new normal is a work in progress, as we adapt each day with the current realities. But there are certain things that endure and never change, like authenticity and cooking traditions using the finest local and sustainable ingredients. And you can have it delivered straight to your doorstep with AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele...

For more on AT HOME Spanish Signatures from Gallery by Chele, call +639175461673 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates and website at for menu details.

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