Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar Elevates Your Favorite Local Noodles with the Lavish Signature Pancit

Inventive innovations continue to flourish in the new normal as The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar upgrades your favorite local noodle dish with an indulgent and elegant spin...

The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar of Joy-Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila transforms a popular and familiar noodle dish with the Signature Pancit, a luxurious reinterpretation with succulent prawns, scallops, mahi-mahi, salmon, squid and barbecued pork for a new flavor experience in celebration of its 11th Anniversary. Read on for a closer look at the new Signature Pancit...

The realities of the new normal sparked the rise of dining at home and the food delivery culture. For many hotels and dining establishments, adapting to changing consumer habits due to the viral pandemic is crucial in remaining relevant while maintaining connections with loyal diners. Creative innovation also plays a role in generating and refreshing continued interest. A taste of something familiar can be comforting in the new normal, and Executive Chef Edgar Alejandria builds on a popular staple adding a few decadent touches for a truly memorable creation. 

"I wanted to bring together the distinct tastes of both seafood and bbq pork in a way that would make it reminiscent of Nostalgia," shared Executive Chef Egay. "We may not be able to share our delicious dishes and create new memories with you now, but we are happy to be part of the memories you will create with your friends and family while enjoying our signature dish together." The new Signature Pancit (P 1,499 net per order, good for 4-5) is an opulent representation of Filipino hospitality, comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly new and different. You can say it's one-of-a-kind. 

The Signature Pancit by Nostalgia Lounge & Bar is in a class of its own. Executive Chef Edgar Alejandria upgrades the traditional pancit with the addition of large, plump and fresh prawns, succulent scallops, tender mahi-mahi, salmon, squid and savory barbecued pork for a local noodle dish like no other. The fresh and clean notes of seafood and savory richness of barbecued pork combine for indulgently rich notes, setting it above your usual local noodle dish. 

The noodles are soft yet firm, delivering a flavorful burst with every bite. It's the perfect dish for memorable dining experiences at home adding a positive festive vibe in the quarantine. Noodles have always been a favorite and a part of countless celebrations. Nostagia Lounge & Bar makes celebrations at home even more special with the Signature Pancit

But it's the fresh seafood and savory barbecued pork that really brings this dish together. A squeeze of lemon binds it all in a seamless weave of vibrant notes. Lavish, indulgent and one-of-a-kind, Nostalgia Lounge & Bar clearly pulls all the stops with the Signature Pancit. Fork-tender mahi-mahi, melt-in-your-mouth buttery salmon, the fresh snap of plump prawns, the subtle briny sweetness of squid, the sheer indulgence of scallops and the savory sweet and smoky flavors of thick slabs of barbecued pork, no other pancit comes close to the Signature Pancit of Nostalgia Lounge & Bar

How to order? That's easy. You can order the Signature Pancit and other sumptuous dishes via Whatsapp/Viber or Text Message at 0961 567 9658, or through FB and IG Direct Message at @joynostalgmanila or @nostalgialoungebar. You can also simply call Nostalgia Lounge & Bar at 7719 1160 for your orders. We've all missed Nostalgia Lounge & Bar during the quarantine, but now Nostagia Lounge & Bar comes to you with their signature dishes (see more of Nostalgia Lounge & Bar's specialty dishes for take-out and delivery on their website, Nostalgia to Go). 

And there's more. Can't get enough of your Nostalgia favorites? Grab their value-packed Book & Dine vouchers available at the HSMA September Online Sale. Purchase a voucher worth PHP 1,000 for only PHP 800.00 & use it at The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar. Get your vouchers online & book your next staycation with The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar is also a proud Zomato Pro partner. Customers can enjoy up to 25% off on their total bill when they order their Nostalgia favorites for take-out or pick-up orders.

"Nostalgia is synonymous with quality time, quality food and quality service. Our goal is to spark joy whether you are dining with us, or dining at home. We hope that with this dish, we bring the taste and essence of Nostalgia to you," explained General Manager Antoine Weinstein. And they've done it in a spectacular manner with the Signature Pancit. The new normal continues to change and transform our daily routine, but we've also seen novel and creative innovations in the local culinary scene. Nostalgia Lounge & Bar's indulgent Signature Pancit is one of them. 

For more on Nostalgia Lounge & Bar at Joy-Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila, call +63 7719 1160 for orders and inquiries or visit their website at Nostalgia to Go. Be sure to check out Joy-Nostalg Hotel & Suites Manila latest offers here at

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