Saturday, October 17, 2020

Dining in the Next Normal: The Pork Project Presents The Pupor and Kambing Na May K, Now Available for Delivery

Chef Redd Agustin's been busy at The Pork Project, picking up the pace in the new normal with new dishes...

A hearty crunch with a solid and flavorful punch and a comforting local classic, two more tasty options to add to your list of favorite food deliveries in the new normal. Chef Redd Agustin and The Pork Project introduces sumptuous new offerings available for delivery, packed and sealed and ready-to-heat and eat at home. With regular delivery dates posted on The Pork Project's Facebook Page, mark your calendars for the next round of schedules as Chef Redd Agustin brings his comforting offerings to the metro (for more on Chef Redd Agustin and The Pork Project, see my previous post, Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project Rolls Out Savory New Offerings). 

Packed frozen and ready-to-heat or tightly sealed for that stolen bite of indulgence, The Pork Project responds to the new normal with safe and functional packaging for freshness and safe food deliveries. Based in Tagaytay, The Pork Project implements regular schedules for Metro Manila orders posted on their FB Page at Grabbing a bag of The Pork Project's newest crunchy specialty is easy, simply place your orders with a quick call or online and you can enjoy Chef Redd Agustin's lavish take on chicharon, the Pupor

The Pork Project's Pupor (P 225/200 g resealable pack) is unlike any chicharon. Thick slabs of pork are deep-fried to a perfect crispness delivering full on flavors. It's basically "fat cooked in fat" and it just doesn't get better than that.

A closer look reveals the thick slabs of pork with a crisp layer of crackling over fat and right off the bat you just know these crunchy chunks of porky goodness levels up the usual chicharon. Heavier and thicker, you can say Chef Redd had the perfect chicharon in mind and he just pulled all the stops. Seasoned just right with a mild saltiness, the Pupor not only delivers the familiar crunch you love but the savory richness of pork with each crisp bite. More than just a snack, a bag becomes a meal in itself.

Pair The Pork Project's crunchy Pupor with their Best Bagoong Ever (P 225) or their Second Best Laing (P 225/330 g bottle), and you've got a serious meal with unrestrained flavors in true Chef Redd Agustin style. 

There's the usual chicharon, and then there's The Pork Project's Pupor. Each crunchy slab reflects Chef Redd's own personal culinary style of not holding back on real flavors. It's in a class all its own. These slabs of pork redefines your ideas on chicharon, and possibly ending your search for the best crackling in the metro.

And there's more...

The Kambing Na May K (P 600 good for 3-4) is Chef Redd's own version of the local kalderetang kambing. Packed frozen and vacuum-sealed, simply reheat in a pan or pot and you can have a sumptuous meal at home in minutes. Recently, I sampled The Pork Project's Chori Burgers and Ilocos Style Dinakdakan (more on my post here at Dining in the Next Normal: Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project Rolls Out Savory New Offerings), and Chef Redd adds another sumptuous dish to his repertoire with the wittingly named Kambing Na May K.  

The fork-tender meat delivers lean and clean flavors followed by the richness of the thick and mildly spicy sauce. Marble potatoes and black olives add even more layers of flavor to the dish pairing well with steamed white rice. 

Like any local stewed dish, the Kambing Na May K can be heated and reheated, tasting even better after each serving. Just add rice for a seriously comforting meal at home.

Straight from the ref and fresh from the pack to your pan and plate, preparing a sumptuous meal at home has never been this easy. The Pork Project brings both convenience and flavor to your home dining table with their wide variety of specialty offerings like their flagship product, The Pork Project Bagnet (P 775/800-900g). Other savory offerings include the Crispy Kare-Kare (P 500 good for 3-4), Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs (P 1,200), Ilocos Style Dinakdakan (P 450 good for 3-4), Crispy Dinuguan (P 450 good for 3-4), Second Best Callos (P 850/1 kg), Brisket and Tendon Pares (P 750 good for 3-4), Sous-Vide Pork Chops (P 650 for 2 pieces/350-400g per chop), Chori Burger (P 400 for 6 patties/80 g per patty), Angus Beef Belly Tapa (P 450/500 g) and Gotong Batangas (P 500). Plus, The Pork Project also offers their specialty bottled products like their Best Bagoong Ever, Second Best Laing and Tinapa-Eh

The food delivery culture is now well entrenched as the new normal continues to change consumer habits in its wake. The forced isolation during the quarantine opened up a whole new world of possibilities and tasty options, transforming the dine-in model to dining at home. The Pork Project adds its wide range of tasty offerings to the mix, all conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

With unprecedented access to a variety of options, food businesses continue to evolve and adapt to stay relevant in the new normal. Though the quarantine experience may have been marked by lingering uncertainty, the blossoming food delivery culture along with countless innovations remain a bright spot in the new normal. A bag of Pupor and a frozen pack of Kambing Na May K by The Pork Project in the ref, dining at home in the prolonged quarantine becomes much easier to bear. 

Pupor and Kambing Na May K, two more must-try tasty options from The Pork Project can be on its way to your table. Just give The Pork Project a quick call or send a message with a few taps on your mobile device. And prepare for real, unrestrained flavors served on your home dining table...

For more on Chef Redd Agustin's The Pork Project, call 0917 438 2133 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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