Thursday, March 25, 2021

#BarDoughPH: Vegetarian Fresh Basil Lasagna and Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies Delivered To Your Doorstep by Bar Dough

A year in the fight against the pandemic, the entire country is once again experiencing tighter restrictions to curb the spread of the virus along with its new variants. Amidst the much dreaded surge, one home-based kitchen opens up and shares cherished family recipes to warm the palate and hearts of the city's weary residents...

One more tasty entry to your essential list of food delivery options, Bar Dough offers homestyle dishes bannered by sumptuous vegetarian and pescatarian Lasagna creations to indulgent New York style cookies from family recipes available for pick-up and delivery. For over a year, the team behind Bar Dough waited for just the right moment before joining the metro's growing number of food businesses. And just in time too. Here's a tasty peek at the lavish Vegetarian Fresh Basil Lasagna and Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies by Bar Dough to brighten up your day at home in the NCR Plus Bubble...

The quarantine experience continues its sweeping transformation of our daily routine as new consumer habits emerge including dining at home, the food delivery culture and increased online transactions. Bar Dough adapts to this new normal with its homemade specialties prepared with a whole lot of love packed and sealed for pick and delivery. It's dishes they grew up with and inspired from restaurants they love, recreated with a rustic homestyle vibe. In this new normal, staying at home is a safe move. Just order in and leave the rest to Bar Dough.

Lasagna, stacked layers of thin, wide and flat pasta is considered by most as one of the oldest noodle dishes dating as far back as the middle ages. Steeped in tradition, the classic pasta is also one of the world's popular dishes with its own special day, July 29, marked as National Lasagna Day. Probably one of the comforting dishes on everyone's list of favorites, Bar Dough takes you back with their own spin on the classic dish with their Vegetarian Fresh Basil Lasagna with Pesto, Cashews and Mushrooms (P 1,600 Party Tray/P 550 Tasting Tray). Once you take the sealed lid off, the fresh and fragrant aroma of of herbs, cheese, olive oil and mushrooms triggers your appetite...

Densely packed with layers of lasagna pasta draped in fresh basil pesto, secret cheese sauce, fresh shiitake mushrooms and cashew nuts slathered in olive oil won't make you miss your favorite protein from the usual lasagna. It's a hearty and healthy dish made for dining at home with family.

A slice reveals the intricate and delicately stacked layers of pure creamy goodness with each ingredient adding its own distinct notes to the colorful weave of flavors. Forking down a tall slice is like going through butter, yet the lasagna pasta has that firm texture and mouthfeel we all love. Each bite delivers that vibrant burst of creamy notes from the fresh basil pesto, cashews and earthy, nutty shiitake mushrooms rounded out by the secret cheese sauce and olive oil for that perfect finish. With its homespun goodness, this comforting pasta dish will have you going for another slice.

A healthy diet is your first line of defense in the new normal, and the Vegetarian Fresh Basil Lasagna packs all the flavors without the guilt. One more slice? Go for it.

As a meal or snack in the Work From Home reality that's now part of the new normal, the new Vegetarian Fresh Basil Lasagna by Bar Dough remains one of the healthier and tasty alternatives in your list of food delivery options. Other signature-baked lacto-ovo-pescatarian lasagna variants by Bar Dough include the Tuna Tomato Lasagna (P 1,460 Party Tray/P 500 Tasting Tray) and the Tuna Truffle Lasagna (P 1,720 Party Tray/P 600 Tasting Tray).

But Bar Dough offers more than just hearty selections of lasagna, they also offer NYC-inspired "mom's cookies" like their Espresso Cashew (P 350/10 pcs), Deep Dark Chocolate (P 295/10 pcs) and Cheesy Oat Dream Sandwich (P 350 for 5 large pieces) packed in a sealed cardboard tub. And now they have a new cookie creation...

The newest variant in Bar Dough's growing menu, the Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies combines the decadent richness of dark chocolate with just a touch of mint for a lavish chocolate cookie experience. 

These cookies deliver more than just bite-sized nibbles, these cookies offer a big bite of pure chocolate bliss. Fatter than most cookies, the deep notes of the dark chocolate lines the palate with a lingering indulgence followed by a contrasting yet gentle hint of mint. The subtle mint notes tempers without overpowering the richness of the dark chocolate for that perfectly balanced finish.

Dark chocolate in itself is already a treat, and Bar Dough pours in 60% of the good stuff with their Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies. The weight of each single cookie is enough to tell you that this is one serious cookie.

And one bite just seals the deal. I normally enjoy dark chocolate as is or with nuts, and usually pass on variants with mint or dried fruit. But the subtle notes of mint in the Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies still allows you to enjoy the nutty richness of dark chocolate with each bite.

And once you start, well you know the rest. From the sealed paper-lined cover of the cardboard tub packaging all the way to the first bite, Bar Dough recreates their family recipes and brings it to your table to brighten up those days in the NCR Plus Bubble.

Moist and dense with a silky smooth finish, the Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies are a lavish expression of Bar Dough's homespun style. As we hunker down to another round of restrictive movements to curb the spread of the pandemic, having your own stash in your pantry for those sudden cravings also brings some much needed peace of mind. 

And when the lockdown blues gets you, pick yourself up with a bite of the Mint Deep Dark Chocolate Cookie. Sometimes, that's all we need to get through another day in what's turning out to be another challenging year. 

Dining at home, food delivery, and online transactions are now the norm rather than exception, and it's comforting to know that a variety of options are now available with just one quick DM. Stay home. Stay safe. And leave it to Bar Dough to prepare and deliver a sumptuous family meal with their unique lacto-ovo-pescatarian and vegetarian specialty Lasagna creations and decadent New York City style cookies to your doorstep... 

For more on Bar Dough, visit their FB Page at and their IG Feed at for more information. For Viber Orders, simply call or message 0919 000 1065.

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