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The Secret's Out. Discovering Crocodile Meat and Other Savory Treats at The Urban Cafe in Wilcon Depot

A culinary gem tucked away inside the various branches of one of the country's leading home improvement and construction supplies retailer, it's a secret long known by loyal customers of Wilcon Depot. 

Home improvement and weekend D-I-Y enthusiasts are in for a treat when they visit their nearest Wilcon Depot branches scattered throughout the metro. Who knew you could enjoy a wide range of delectable surprises after purchasing your supplies for your next home improvement project at Wilcon Depot, all in one place? You can, at The Urban Cafe.  Have a bite before or after your construction supply run and enjoy a wide array of sumptuous dishes and unique savory offerings like crocodile meat only at The Urban Cafe. Read on for a tasty virtual tour of The Urban Cafe's extensive menu...  

Located in Wilcon Depot branches, The Urban Cafe is a culinary oasis that's now increasingly an integral part of the retail experience of the famed home improvement and construction supply chain. The Urban Cafe offers quite an extensive menu, from hearty snacks like empanadas and sandwiches paired with their own line of coffee to satisfying meals like pasta and silog dishes. But it's the savory crocodile dishes from their own Dundee Crocodile Meat label as well as premium gourmet sausages from Hero Deli products that clearly sets The Urban Cafe apart from the usual casual dining experience.

Now you can embark on an adventurous croc hunt in the city and experience the distinctive flavors of fresh farm-raised crocodile meat in dishes like The Urban Croc Burger, the Croc Hungarian, Croc Empanada or The Dauntless Croc Sisig without even venturing too far out. All you need to do is head to The Urban Cafe at the nearest Wilcon Depot branch. The Urban Cafe offers these special dishes for dine-in, take-out and delivery via FoodPanda. You can also opt to bring home their frozen selections from Dundee Crocodile Meat for that unique croc experience at home or some sausages from Hero Deli. And like all food establishments in this new normal, all the latest mandatory health and safety protocols are strictly implemented for your peace of mind.

The Urban Cafe's menu is impressive, with a full line of fresh-baked snacks and even desserts, indulgent cakes and pastries to complement their savory offerings. And they do have excellent local coffee too that's perfect before or after your supply run at Wilcon Depot. 

The warm Homemade Empanadas are the perfect way to get acquainted with The Urban Cafe's savory offerings, available in three tasty variants: Tuna Empanada (P 60 per piece/P 240 box of four), the Chicken Empanada (P 60 per piece/P 240 box of four) and the Croc Empanada (P 70 per piece/P 280 box of four). And they do empanadas well at The Urban Cafe, with its warm and soft, lightly crisp and buttery dough.

Crocodile meat is often regarded as an exotic meat with its own set of cult-like lore. But when you get down to it, this source of protein is much leaner and healthier with delicate and even nuanced notes. The meat is lightly flaky and easily breaks apart almost like fish delivering a fresh subtle sweetness to the palate just like chicken. With less fat, crocodile meat is known to have countless health benefits. There's more to just designer handbags and belts, crocodile meat is a tasty protein alternative too. And the Croc Empanada highlights the fresh and clean notes of farm-raised crocodile meat pairing well with the rich blend of seasonings and the buttery dough. The flavors are light with just a whisper of sweetness enjoyed with each bite of the warm empanada.

The Tuna Empanada and Chicken Empanada offer comfortingly familiar flavors, with delicately light notes wrapped in a rustic pastry shell. You can also purchase frozen packs of Homemade Empanadas packaged with 6 pcs at The Urban Cafe for the Tuna Empanada (P 360), Chicken Empanada (P 360) and Croc Empanada (P 420).

The coffee culture is alive and well at The Urban Cafe, and you can enjoy a soothing cup of Classic Hot Espresso beverages like Cafe Mocha (P 125), Cappuccino (P 125), Cafe Latte (P 125), Cafe Americano (P 100) or a bold Espresso Shot (P 45). 

Using premium local coffee beans, you can sit back and enjoy a refreshing brew The Urban Cafe after stocking up on home improvement provisions at Wilcon Depot. Other beverage options include Hot Chocolate (P 110), Hot Tea (P 65) as well as Iced Coffee Drinks like Iced Caramel Brittle (P 130), Iced Latte (P 120) and Iced Americano (P 110) or their specialty Urban Shakes like Salted Caramel (P 150), Java Chip (P 150) and Green Tea Matcha (P 160).  

But if you're after a much bigger bite of croc and feeling a bit more adventurous, The Urban Croc Burger (P 220) may just be what you're looking for. Served with a side of chips, The Urban Croc Burger with tomatoes and cucumber topped with cheese is one serious burger. The juicy patty made with 100% farm-raised crocodile meat delivers the subtle sweet and savory notes in a more pronounced and bolder manner. 

The clean flavors and mild sweet hints are close to the light notes and texture of chicken and it isn't gamey or even funky at all. The overall light notes are enhanced by the juicy finish of the patties, releasing even more flavors with each bite. The cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers complete the range of flavorful notes. 

It was my first time to try croc meat, and after experiencing the Croc Empanada and The Urban Croc Burger, it definitely won't be my last. And why not, the distinctive light notes of croc meat calls for a second visit soon. If you prefer a more conventional burger, The Urban Cafe has that covered too with The Urban Cheeseburger (P 200).

The variety of croc dishes allow you to explore flavorful possibilities at The Urban Cafe from their empanadas to burgers... the bold smoky notes of the The Urban Croc Hungarian Sausage Bun (P 225 Extra Super Jumbo/P 175 Jumbo). The rich blend of spices in the traditional Hungarian sausage are recreated using farm-raised croc meat with a deep smoky finish. The light notes of the croc meat are perfectly complemented by the spices and seasonings completed by smoky hints. Loaded on a warm bun with tomatoes and cucumber, each bite is announced by an audible snap draping the palate with a savory richness. Think of it as sausage with a serious bite, and it won't bite back. Other sausage options from The Urban Cafe and Hero Deli include the Pork Hungarian, Pork Schublig, Pork Cheesy Frankfurter, Chicken Bratwurst, Chicken Hungarian and Australian Cheese Croc.

The Urban Cafe also offers a wide selection of sumptuous rice meals like the Salisbury Beef Steak (P 195) with a juicy patty on rice topped with egg and slathered in a thick and creamy gravy. The juicy beef patty, egg, gravy and rice makes this a complete meal. 

And if you still can't have enough of the croc meat, The Urban Cafe changes the sisig game with their Dauntless Croc Sisig (P 230). It's sisig with the familiar contrasting soft and crunchy textures with a mildly sweet and lingering soothing heat from the fresh chili. 

Croc meat, with its natural oils, make it a flavorful and healthier alternative to the usual sisig. And it works well with the inventive spin of the classic sisig dish by The Urban Cafe. Served with garlic rice and egg, it's another satisfying meal by The Urban Cafe.

Craving for wild game? The Pork Tocino (P 190) with tender wild boar marinated in a sweet glaze is another tasty option at The Urban Cafe. Farm-raised, the pork tocino delivers fresh and clean notes without any gamey hints. Thin layers of fat add even more flavor with each bite.  

Make it a satisfying brunch at The Urban Cafe with the Good Morning Beef Tapa (P 185) with fork-tender beef served with garlic rice, egg and vinegar dip...

...or go for local flavors with the Garlic Bangus (P 210), with marinated milkfish topped with crisp garlic bits served with garlic rice and egg with a side of salted red egg and tomatoes.

And the kitchen isn't done just yet. The Urban Clubhouse (P 210) with bacon, egg, chicken, tomato and cheese slathered with a special sauce on toasted white bread is their all-time best-seller.

And one bite is all you need to know why this is a popular item on their menu. Each bite delivers rich layers of flavors from the different ingredients, and the side of chips complete the dish. 

The classic pulled pork is given a local twist by The Urban Cafe with the Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich (P 195), crisp shredded pork with tomatoes and cucumbers on a soft bun.

The familiar adobo seasonings gives this sandwich a solid local punch while the crunchy pulled pork adds texture with each bite. The wide range of flavors are the vision of a young chef aiming to put The Urban Cafe on everyone's list. At the helm of The Urban Cafe is Chef Jomar Cuizon who brings classic flavors to the menu, including croc dishes. It's a gem of a find, and Chef Jomar served up his other mains...

...including pasta dishes from their extensive menu to complete your Wilcon Depot shopping experience with a tasty stopover at The Urban Cafe. The compact size of the kitchen doesn't hold back Chef Jomar and his team from churning out an assortment of dishes to suit your mood or craving. 

The Pasta Puttanesca (P 200) is Chef Jomar's inspired take on the classic noodle dish with fresh basil, olives, diced tomatoes and anchovies with olive oil for that vibrant mildly sour tartness that just pops in your mouth... 

...while the Pasta Alfredo (P 200) with soft yet firm spaghetti noodles draped in a smooth bechamel sauce topped with crunchy bacon bits brings a comforting hug to the palate with its homey richness. Seafood? Try the Tuna Aglio Olio (P 200) of The Urban Cafe.

After a meal, settle down with a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee from The Urban Cafe. A quick run-through of the extensive menu at The Urban Cafe has something for everyone and every appetite... 

...for a light snack or a hearty meal. Plus desserts too.  

And there's more. Upload your experience on FB and IG with the hashtag #TheUrbanCafe and you might just win a single meal for two. 

On your way home, why not pick up a few frozen packs of Dundee Crocodile Meat Sisig...

...Homemade Empanadas with simple easy-to-follow heating instructions...

...or some Dundee Crocodile Meat Croc Hungarian? The Urban Cafe at Wilcon Home Depot may soon become a dining destination in itself with its wide range of tasty offerings. It's one more reason to stop by Wilcon Depot for those much-needed home improvement supplies or a comforting meal with a cup of coffee at The Urban Cafe.

Whether it's a quick run to replenish your home improvement supplies or replacing a few light bulbs that brings you to Wilcon Depot, stop by The Urban Cafe for a well-deserved break. Chef Jomar Cuizon (center) flanked by Chef Owen (L) and Michael (R) are ready to tease your palate with their savory croc dishes and more at The Urban Cafe...

The Urban Cafe is located in all Wilcon Depot branches, you can also visit their Facebook Page at and IG Feed at @theurbancafeph for more information and updates. For location details of Wilcon Depot, visit their website at

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