Thursday, March 18, 2021

#EverydayJapanTasty with Every Slice of the New Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa

 What's your tasty sandwich today? Maybe it's time level up your sandwich game...

Make everyday a tasty treat with Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa and elevate your sandwich game at home. Now with a new look and formula, you can enjoy the soft, creamy and buttery notes of Everyday Japan Tasty at a special introductory price of P 47.00 for the 366g (8 Slices) and P 60 for the 550g (12 Slices) pack until March 31, 2021 in leading supermarkets and convenience stores. Now that's a deal that's just too good to pass up, don't you think? 

The Japanese are known to make indulgent pastries and even white bread so much better, elevating it to an experience like no other. The skilled collaboration of Japanese and Filipino bakers resulted in a lavish white bread that's softer, fluffier and richer in flavor than the usual variety. Moist and dense with buttery notes, comfortingly fragrant aroma and silky smooth mouthfeel, the Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa is a decadent upgrade you can enjoy everyday with its special introductory price. 

Guided by Japan's stringent standards for manufacturing using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and the finest ingredients, Fuwa Fuwa is also GMP certified with Good Manufacturing Process following the International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene for safe, high quality and value you can enjoy. It definitely is a cut above, and Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty allows you to upgrade your sandwich experience with its quality and value (for more on Fuwa Fuwa, see my earlier post, #TasteJapan: Snack-on-the-Go with the New Deli Bread Series by Fuwa Fuwa).

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, Literally and Figuratively...

White bread is white bread, right? But Fuwa Fuwa takes it to a whole new level with its quality, flavor and mouthfeel that will win you over right from the very first bite. Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty is available in 550g packs with 12 Slices (P 60)...

...and 366g packs with 8 Slices (P 47). Whatever you choose, prepare for a sandwich experience like no other. And with the special introductory prices, it's a deal you just can't afford to skip. Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty is now available in Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark, SM Supermarket and SM Hypermart, Shopwise, Puregold, Cash and Carry, Marketplace, Pioneer Centre, Hi-Top, Waltermart, South Supermarket and Unimart. And starting March 10, you can also buy Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty at 7-Eleven stores in South Luzon, Central Luzon and La Union for your convenience. 

Once you open a bag of Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa, a fragrant buttery aroma becomes the first of many sensory experiences with this premium white bread. And it's a tasty preview of even better things yet to come.

Then, the soft and fluffy texture sets it apart from the usual dry and mildly hard commercial bread. A bite caps the experience with its subtle sweetness finished by buttery and creamy hints. Pillow-soft with a creamy, moist and dense texture, it's white bread upgraded. And your ready for some sandwich treats at home...

Taste Japan e-bread-ay with Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japanese Tasty

The texture and flavor of Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japanese Tasty makes it the perfect choice for hearty and comforting sandwiches. I usually lightly toast my white bread for that added crispness with the regular commercially available option, but you don't have to do that with Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty. The creamy soft texture is enough straight out of the bag for a sandwich experience that immediately satisfies at the very first bite.  

The bread itself already delivers a flavorful punch with its rich buttery hints making it the perfect base for any sandwich creation. Try it with Chicken Salad draped in creamy mayo...

...or with a generous slathering of Cheese Pimiento with its subtle smoky hints complemented by the buttery finish of Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty.

Scour the ref for even more ingredients, and make a Ham Sandwich topped with fresh tomatoes and onions with a dab of mayo.

Or go Japanese with rich Japanese-style Egg Salad on sliced ham for a refreshing new take on the Ham and Egg Sandwich. Think of Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty as your blank canvas for your sandwich creations. 

Brunch? How about some French Toast made with Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty?

The soft texture and bold buttery notes make it ideal for French Toast. The subtle sweetness of Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty gives your homemade French Toast a perfect finish. A few dabs of butter and a drizzle of maple syrup or honey completes the flavors.

What's your tasty sandwich today? The infinite possibilities with Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty are only limited by your imagination.

As we continue to transform and adapt with the sweeping changes of the new normal, it's always a good idea to stock up on essentials at home. And Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japan Tasty should be on your list.

Affordably priced at P 60 (12 Slices) and P 47 (8 Slices) for excellent value combined with Japanese quality and rich flavors, Fuwa Fuwa Everyday Japanese Tasty makes it easy to change your sandwich game at home. Everyday. 

For more on the new Everyday Japan Tasty by Fuwa Fuwa, visit their website at and their FB Page at for more information and updates.

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