Tuesday, March 30, 2021

All Boxed Up and Delivered to Your Doorstep: Burrata, British Sausage Rolls and Strawberry Croissants from Crumbs and Grubs

From their indulgent Strawberry Croissants to savory British Sausage Rolls and artisan Burrata, Crumbs and Grubs brings freshness to your table...

Crumbs and Grubs shares its own take on freshness and honest flavors as we endure another round of ECQ in the NCR Plus Bubble to curb the spread of the dreaded bug. Now you can have fresh baked Strawberry Croissants and British Sausage Rolls along with creamy and silky smooth Burrata conveniently delivered to your home adding to your list of food delivery options (for more on Crumbs and Grubs and their specialty offerings, see my earlier post, Spreading A Whole Lot of Love with Healthy Choices Made Easy by Crumbs and Grubs).

Packed in sturdy and sealed boxes, Crumbs and Grubs takes on the new normal with its fresh and extensive variety of healthy and indulgent offerings. Staying home remains a drastic measure to curb the growing cases of new infections, and for over a year, we've seen new consumer habits emerge from the quarantine experience. 

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the sweeping changes from the lingering pandemic. To stay relevant, businesses had to adapt and evolve in the transition to the new normal. The wave of home-based food businesses is one positive result from these challenging times. Long known for their specialty sugar-free, vegan and pre-natal products like Lactation Cookies and other offerings for special dietary needs and advocacies for the environment and support for local businesses and produce, Crumbs and Grubs showcases all these in their extensive list of offerings.  

These advocacies are reflected from their special packaging to the finished product, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep with just one call or message. The fresh-baked, buttery and flaky Croissants are just one of many popular bestsellers from Crumbs and Grubs, and they've taken it to the next level with a playfully creative and inventive spin... 

...with the indulgent Strawberry Croissants (P 550 for box of three). Imagine a fresh-baked croissant stuffed and filled to the brim with sweet, tart, fresh and juicy plump strawberries and you get the picture. And they use real strawberries for their Strawberry Croissants, not just the usual strawberry jam for bold and honest flavors.

It's one of the most decadent combos yet from the ovens of Crumbs and Grubs. The croissant itself is masterfully executed, with its comfortingly familiar light and flaky texture and rich buttery notes. The addition of fresh strawberries adds yet another layer of richness with its vibrant and sweet tartness. 

One bite delivers textural contrasts and fresh flavors from the flaky finish of the croissant to the fresh burst of flavorful notes of the strawberries. Sourcing its ingredients from local farmers, Crumbs and Grubs brings fresh flavors to brighten up your table when just about everyone needs a little positivity in these trying times. 

And when you need to snap out of the ECQ blues at home, just take a bite and feel the difference. The flaky buttery notes of the croissants just comes together with the natural sweetness of the strawberries in a seamless blend to transform your day at home on a much-needed brighter note. 

Each box contains three indulgent Strawberry Croissants delicately wrapped in paper to ensure freshness during delivery. Since Crumbs and Grubs only uses fresh produce, the Strawberry Croissants are best enjoyed immediately as soon as it's delivered. You'll soon find out that this should be no problem at all after just one bite.

Crumbs and Grubs brings the savory notes of classic English bangers with its British Sausage Rolls (P 450 for a box of six), traditional sausages infused with a rich blend of spices and seasonings wrapped in a light and layered flaky crust sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Best enjoyed warm and fresh from the toaster, each bite is announced by an audible crunch from the layers of crisp pastry followed by the deep, rich and savory notes of the sausages. The plump sausage is the star of this fresh-baked creation with its bold flavors punching through with a juicy burst followed by the buttery and crisp layers of the paper-thin crust.

The savory rolls are perfect just about any time of the day, best with a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee for breakfast or an afternoon snack with an ice-cold beer. The sausage runs the full length of the roll guaranteeing savory notes with each bite. The British Sausage Roll delivers a rich weave of contrasting flavors and textures, from the nutty notes of the sesame seeds to the buttery flavors of the pastry and deep finish from the sausage.

To store your British Sausage Rolls, simply refrigerate. Crumbs and Grubs recommends enjoying these savory rolls in three days after delivery. But it only takes a day to go through a box of six, so better order two to three or more boxes for the duration of the ECQ in the NCR Plus Bubble.

Pop it in the toaster and a fragrant aroma teases your appetite...

...and a bite just seals the deal. There may be a variety of savory fresh-baked rolls in the metro, but these British Sausage Rolls from Crumbs and Grubs are truly one-of-a-kind.

Take a closer look at the sausages, it's one sight that won't last very long. Baked fresh with the finest ingredients, that's what you get from Crumbs and Grubs and nothing less.

Each specialty product I've tried from Crumbs and Grubs never fails to impress, and the British Sausage Rolls are just one of many on my long list of favorites. Stack 'em high and enjoy...

Crumbs and Grubs also offers a range of artisan cheeses sourced from their local partner cheesemakers. Using the freshest milk from grass-fed cows, Crumbs and Grubs now offers fresh cheeses like Mozzarella (P 170/250g), Semi-Aged Provola (P 280/2 pcs), Straciatella (P 280/250g) and Burrata (P 350/250g).

The creamy and silky smooth Burrata is an exceptional cheese following age-old tradition using only the finest and freshest milk. The smooth texture reveals the quality and freshness of the milk used in each small batch, and the flavors drapes the palate with an indulgent richness.

The fresh and clean notes are followed by a subtle hint of sweetness and buttery finish making it ideal for salads, desserts or just about any way that strikes your mood or craving. The Regular Burrata brings all the flavors you love from the classic Italian cheese, while the variant infused with Moringa provide extra nutrients and a whisper of nutty notes that's perfect for breastfeeding moms. 

There are infinitely countless ways to enjoy fresh burrata, and with a product this fresh, each one becomes an experience in itself. After all, anything is better with burrata. Prepared in small batches, one can enjoy and experience real freshness delivered straight to your home by Crumbs and Grubs. 

Enjoy it with slices of tart tomatoes, on toast or drizzled with honey and topped with berries or nuts, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination or what's in your ref or pantry. Or simply enjoy a spoonful and just let its creamy richness drape your palate for a taste of real indulgence.

Even in this new normal, real freshness isn't hard to find. It's also a product that's consistent with the advocacy of Crumbs and Grubs, supporting local produce and businesses. Your purchase goes a long way in sustaining these farming communities, and everyone ends up a winner in this new normal.

The Burrata by Crumbs and Grubs is available for pre-order with regular weekend delivery schedules (simply visit the links below for additional details). 

Burrata, British Sausage Rolls and Strawberry Croissants. In these difficult times, sometimes all you need is a bite of real freshness to get you through another day at home in this new normal. Crumbs and Grubs has exactly what you need to brighten up your day, and it's all boxed up and ready for delivery...

For more on the healthy and indulgent offerings of Crumbs and Grubs, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/CrumbsandGrubs/ and IG at @crumbsandgrubs. You can also visit their website at https://bit.ly/ShopCrumbsandGrubs to view their extensive range of fresh baked products or call +639176116927 for orders.

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