Saturday, January 29, 2022

#CraveHanako: Party on a Platter with the Party Platters of Hanako

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, why not add some sumptuous Party Platters to the feast from Hanako? Value and variety combine for tempting offers that's just hard to beat, and Hanako has the right Party Platter for you and your family...

When you're craving for authentic Japanese dishes delivered to your doorstep, Hanako comes top-of-mind with their wide selection of fresh and quality offerings in a variety of Party Trays. Sushi, sashimi, gyoza and tempura cravings? Hanako has you covered with their Party Trays, and then some. 

After enjoying the Hot Trays of Hanako including the crisp and juicy Chicken Karaage Platter and fork-tender and savory Beef Yakiniku Platter, the new Party Platters with its wide selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura and gyoza present even more flavorful options for a festive feast at home (for more on the Hot Trays by Hanako, see my previous post, ECQ Eats: Hot Eats with the New Hot Trays Party Platters by Hanako PH). 

Packed, sealed and conveniently delivered to your doorstep, the Party Trays by Hanako offer a variety of flavorful options for your family feast at home for any celebration. Hanako, which means "flower girl" in Japanese is also a popular given name for females. But for many down south where the first restaurant is located, the name means authentic Japanese food like sushi, donburi, gyoza, tempura and many other well-loved dishes at affordable prices. 

Guided by its vision of providing "mouth-watering and easy-on-the-pocket authentic Japanese food in every office hub in every neighborhood in Metro Manila," Hanako is well on its way to delivering that single-minded promise with its wide array of quality Japanese dishes and value for money. Now, let's start with some gyoza shall we?  

You can order their specialty Gyoza a la carte in four, six, ten and eighteen pieces ranging from P 159 to P 614 or go for the Gyoza Tray with twenty pieces available in Classic (P 769), Beef (P 694) and Chicken (P 644).

Soft and chewy on one side and lightly crisp on the other with its seared finish, the Gyoza by Hanako brings tasty and savory bites to the palate. Paired with its own dipping sauce to complete the flavors, tasty bites weave both rich notes and contrasting textures into play. The juicy filling of the Classic pork variant hits all the right notes, and everything you love about gyoza.

The thin, soft and light dough lets you enjoy all the savory richness of the filling with each bite. The a la carte option of six pieces is gone in no time, and you just know you should've gone for the Gyoza Tray of Hanako.

And there's more. Love Salmon? the Party Platter D Salmon Favorites (P 1,019 Regular/P 3,039 Large) from Hanako should do the trick. The sumptuous platter features all the specialty salmon creations of Hanako, from the Torched Cheese & Salmon, Philadelphia Roll, Salmon & Cream Cheese and the Five Star Roll

Using the freshest and finest ingredients, the Salmon Favorites Platter by Hanako is a welcome addition to any memorable Chinese New Year feast at home with family. The Regular sized Party Platter is good for four to five while the Large Platter can be shared with ten up to twelve. Each platter comes with the soy dip and wasabi as well as chop sticks and can be enjoyed straight from the box.

The duo of Salmon Favorites along with the Gyoza Platter from Hanako makes any dining experience at home special. All you need to do are a few quick taps and clicks on your mobile device and Hanako will do the rest. 

The creamy and melt-in-your mouth texture of salmon paired with the equally creamy finish of cheese becomes a double dose of pure indulgence. Each variant has its own unique flavor, from the fresh and rich notes to the subtle yet lingering soothing heat and the soft to the crunchy finish. It's salmon expressed in four different ways, neatly packed in the Party Platter of Hanako

Other lavish options by Hanako include the Party Platter A Classic Cali (P 804 Regular/P 2,614 Large) featuring an all California Maki selection, the Party Platter B Mura To! (P 839 Regular/P 2,649 Large) with Crispy Salmon Skin, Takai Aburi, Cali Maki and Tamago Sushi; the Party Platter C Spicy Combo (P 839 Regular/P 2,754 Large) with Spicy Tuna Crunch, Dynamite Roll and Spicy Tuna Teriyaki Roll; the Party Platter E Hanako's Best (P 1,279 Regular/P 3,354 Large) with Cali Maki, Spicy Tuna Crunch, Philadelphia Roll, Tuna Sashimi and Salmon Sashimi; the Party Platter F SashiMix (P 1,154 Regular/P 3,459 Large) with Tuna and Salmon Sashimi; the Party Platter G Ebi Tempura Tray (P 1,199 for 20 pcs) and the Party Platter H Gyoza Tray with 20 pcs of Classic Pork Gyoza (P 769), Beef (P 694) and Chicken (P 644). 

The Party Platters by Hanako are available for pick-up and delivery via GrabFood and Lalamove or dial 0927 466 6771 for your orders. Visit the links below to place your order via text or Viber. With branches in Moonwalk, Better Living, Tropical Avenue BF Homes, SM Pasig, Visayas Avenue and The Rock Don Antonio, you'll find a location near you and your Party Platters will soon be delivered in no time. Japanese food cravings? Leave it to Hanako to satisfy all your cravings with their lavish Party Platters... 

For more on Hanako, visit their FB Page at for updates and for online orders.

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