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Croissant Meets Bao and Dumplings: When It's National Croissant Day and Chinese New Year, Bring Out the Croibao and Croimplings by The Croissant Lady

You enjoyed her Croissaymada, an inventive spin on the delicately layered, buttery, lightly crisp and flaky croissant. Now, the Croissant Lady has even more creative twists to delight your palate...

The Croissant Lady is back with her novel croissant-based creations with the Croibao and Croimplings for a unique east-west crossover on rich flavors and contrasting textures. After the success of the Croissaymada and Empanadas (see more on my earlier post, ECQ Eats: Inventive Spins with the Croissaymada by The Croissant Lady and Empanadas by The Empanada Lady), the ovens are fired up for yet another inspired and innovative duo of freshly baked viennoiserie you just won't find anywhere. And just in time too for National Croissant Day and Chinese New Year...

Croissant Meets Bao and Dumplings

National Croissant Day was first celebrated back in 2006 in the US on the 30th of January to honor the iconic buttery and flaky, layered yeast-leavened viennoiserie pastry. The date is also a day before Chinese New Year, and The Croissant Lady brings both traditions in a seamless weave with the Croibao and Croimplings. And it's no surprise that both creations come from the ovens of The Croissant Lady. After all, she created the Croissaymada taking inspiration from the popular local staple. 

The laminated dough is stuffed with a variety of sweet and savory fillings for a viennoiserie pastry experience unlike any other. And quite timely too for National Croissant Day and Chinese New Year. The Croissant Lady offers a variety of classic and traditional viennoiserie, but she also goes out of the box for some one-of-a-kind creations like the Croissaymada and now the Croibao and Croimplings (for more on the fresh-baked specialties of The Croissant Lady, see my earlier posts, The Lady Bakes Too. Fresh Baked Croissants and Pain au Chocolat Delivered to Your Doorstep by The Croissant Lady and Have It All with The Croissant Lady PH Product Sampler). 

The tedious lamination process of folding butter into the dough gives the croissant its characteristic light and flaky finish. The Croissant Lady knows her croissants, and then transforms it with the addition of sweet or savory fillings... the Croibao. Light and soft just like a croissant but with a flavorful punch. The lightness and flaky consistency with rich hints of butter loved by so many becomes the perfect base for the fillings. And the possibilities are endless. Sweet or savory, the options are only limited by your imagination. Or what's in the pantry. The initial batch from The Croissant Lady included surprisingly flavorful variants... Peach, Hazelnut Chocolate and even Hakaw or shrimps. The Hazelnut Chocolate pairs well with the buttery notes of the Croibao for some real fresh-baked indulgence.

Subtle sweet notes of Peach comes through with every bite of for another unique and surprisingly tasty variant... 

...while the Hakaw or shrimp dumpling delivers comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly new flavors to the croissant. Creatively inventive, these croissants offer an indulgent and savory richness finished by the flaky and buttery laminated dough. 

Hazelnut Chocolate, Peach and Hakaw, that's just the initial batch of Croibao from The Croissant Lady, and you can expect even more variants soon.

Then, there's the Croimplings. The bite-sized treats offer a variety of flavors, from savory Spanish Chorizo and Kesong Puti to creamy Truffle Cheese, Herbed Cream Cheese, Buttered Caramelized Onion, mildly sweet Tibeg Jam made with local figs and succulent Hakaw. The wide range of unique and different flavors pair well with the soft and delicately crisp layered dough, ending with a rich buttery finish. 

But it's the consistency of the dough that ties everything together, no matter what the flavor. The Croimplings deliver all the goodness of a buttery and flaky croissant, and then some. The Croissant Lady pulls out another ace with the tasty duo of Croibao and Croimplings.

Get a fresh pot of coffee or tea and settle down to some buttery treats from The Croissant Lady. Boxed and sealed, the fresh-baked offerings from The Croissant Lady are conveniently delivered straight to you with just a few clicks or taps on your mobile device. 

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a nod to National Croissant Day with the Croibao and Croimplings by The Croissant Lady, simply hit the links below for your orders...

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