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From The Freezer to the Frying Pan: Go Meatless with the Fresh Seafood Catch of Pacific West from Alternatives Food Corporation

Growing up, I used to dread the meatless days of Lent which meant missing out on your favorite meat dishes. But over the years, an appreciation for seafood and meatless days have become part of the routine and even a much anticipated event in the calendar. But did you know preparing seafood dishes at home can so easy?   

So easy, straight from the freezer to the frying pan without the fuss. Alternatives Food Corporation, a leading top tier broad line food service supply integrator, brings you the freshest catch from Pacific West with their wide selection of frozen seafood products. Preparing sumptuous seafood dishes was never this easy. Conveniently packed frozen, simply pull out your fresh catch and place directly on the frying pan or in the oven for a quick and satisfying meal. Going meatless becomes a celebration in itself with Pacific West from Alternatives Food Corporation. 

Pacific West is the latest addition to the growing inventory of premium offerings from Alternatives Food Corporation (for more on Alternatives Food Corp., see my earlier posts, Dining in the Next Normal: Alternatives Food Corporation (AFC) Brings Premium US Meats to Your Table featuring US Excel Brand Prime Grade Ribeye, Sterling Silver Brand US Bone-In Beef Short Ribs, Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Belly, Swift Boston Butt Pork Steak, US Lamb Shoulder and Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon from 2020, Dining in the Next Normal: Elevating Familiar Dishes with US Lamb and US Kurobuta Pork Belly from Alternatives Food Corporation on Lutong Toyo and Caldereta using premium meats from AFC and Dining in the Next Normal: A Savory Feast at Home with Premium Sterling Silver Brand US Bone-In Beef Short Ribs from Alternatives Food Corporation also from two years ago). 

Preparing meals at home, including seafood dishes can be hassle-free and straightforward. It isn't rocket science after all, that's if you want to keep it simple. The selection of frozen seafood from Pacific West includes packs of Dusted Baby Squid, Popcorn Shrimps and Lemon Pepper Squid Chunks for a hearty snack or meal prepared in your own kitchen. And no need to thaw the frozen seafood, it goes straight to the pan or oven. 

Already breaded and seasoned, all you need to do is deep-fry the Dusted Baby Squid until golden brown and serve. Just like that. You can also be creative with the frozen seafood products of Pacific West, simply visit the website of Alternatives Food Corporation at for inspiration with quick and easy recipes. 

The Dusted Baby Squid by Pacific West is great as is, tender and soft with a delicate crispness. The richly seasoned breading adds layers of flavor to the fresh briny sweetness of the baby squid for tasty bites. Pair your Dusted Baby Squid with a creamy dip to complete the dish. Easy, right?

And there's more to pull out from the wide selection of Pacific West...

The Popcorn Shrimp by Pacific West is another tasty option that can be prepared in minutes. Succulent shrimps draped in a crisp breading, each bite delivers a burst of clean and briny notes for a light meal or snack. Paired with a smooth mayo based dip or sweet and mildly spicy chili sauce, you'll keep popping these tasty Popcorn Shrimp for a quick and satisfying meal.  

Flavorful hints of lemon and pepper complement the briny sweet notes of the Lemon Pepper Squid Chunks by Pacific West. Just like the Dusted Baby Squid and Popcorn Shrimp, a few minutes in the deep-fryer until golden brown sets up another quick, easy and tasty meal.

The textural contrasts and fresh flavors of the Lemon Pepper Squid Chunks by Pacific West drapes the palate with a lingering richness, making meatless days a treat at home. 

When you have fresh salad greens in the ref, why not jazz it up with even more flavor by topping it with the Lemon Pepper Squid Chunks by Pacific West?

Meatless and salad days at home become easy and special with Pacific West. And the best part? It just takes mere minutes in the kitchen to experience fresh, clean and satisfying flavors at home.

Other must-try options from Pacific West include the Sweet Chili Fish Cocktails, Popcorn Fish and Tempura Fish Fillet to add to your tasty playlist of meatless dishes at home. Easy to prepare with its no fuss, straight out of the freezer to your frying pan convenience, you can enjoy a fresh and tasty meal at home cooked like a pro. 

The crisp and well-seasoned Sweet Chili Fish Cocktails is best served with a sweet and spicy chili sauce for that pop of vibrant flavors...

...while the Popcorn Fish brings fresh and clean notes to the palate with a lightly crisp finish. These tasty bites are also great for movie nights and just plain guilt-free snacking.

Depending on your mood or craving, you can pair your Popcorn Fish with a variety of dips and sauces. With Pacific West from Alternatives Food Corporation, enjoying the day's freshest catch is as easy as pulling out a pack from your freezer. 

My personal pick from the day's freshest catch of Pacific West is the Tempura Fish Fillet with soft, flaky and tender fillet covered in a light and delicately crisp layer of breading. Just like everyone's favorite tempura, the Tempura Fish Fillet has that light and crisp batter for contrasting textures complementing the subtle briny sweetness of the fish. The lightness of the batter gives this fillet that delectable crunch and for a novice cook like me, so easy to prepare which makes it even more amazing. 

In contrast, the Pacific West Frozen Fish Fillet has a thicker breading for a larger fillet making it a hearty meal in itself. 

Fish and Chips? That's easy with the Frozen Fish Fillet by Pacific West. Pair it with some tartar sauce and malt vinegar with an ice-cold beer for some classic English pub grub at home. 

And it's a versatile dish too. When going meatless is high on your list, make it simple and easy with Pacific West. But you don't have to limit your meatless days to Lent, you can enjoy it any time of the year. Just stock up on your stash of frozen seafood from Pacific West and you're all set.   

And there's one more savory option from Pacific West to complete your frozen seafood provisions. The Miso Cod Portion is an indulgent dish that's just as easy to prepare at home. It's just what you need when you want to level it up in the home kitchen.

The silky smooth and flaky texture of premium cod just melts in your mouth like butter, followed by the subtle sharp notes of miso to complete the flavors. And that's just a sampling of the wide variety of frozen seafood products from Pacific West available through Alternatives Food Corporation. Pacific West frozen seafood products are now available at Fisher Mall, Shopwise, WalterMart, The Marketplace and Sta. Lucia Supermarket. Or you can conveniently shop online via their website at for your delivery of fresh catch from Pacific West along with their other premium offerings. Going meatless? Make it easy with Pacific West from Alternatives Food Corporation...

For more on Pacific West Seafood, visit the official website of Alternatives Food Corp. at to view the full listing of product offerings or call 8631 7228 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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