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Time Stops as the Past and Present Converge for Colorful New Stories at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery

Stories from the past and present merge seamlessly at the iconic boulevard by the bay, weaving new and memorable stories at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery. The first in a series of two posts, take a peek at the city by the bay's elegant new destination...

Timeless and enduring, the grandiose structure with its graceful art deco inspired design transports you back in time to old Manila's nostalgic Golden Age. Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery, the newest addition to Accor's MGallery collection of luxury five-star boutique hotels becomes your portal to a city's fabled past and vibrant present. Classic yet contemporary, exciting new stories emerge by the bay with blank chapters ready to be filled with colorful new memories. Step inside and make your own stories that stay at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery...

Originally built in 1939, Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery remains one of the few remaining historic landmarks along Roxas Boulevard. Located right across the prestigious Manila Yacht Club, it's been said that the white structure, then the tallest in the area, was often used as a navigational aid by members of the Manila Yacht Club. The tradition continues, this time to set your bearings guiding you to the city's newest destination.

Inside the luxury five-star boutique hotel, the lavish space reflects the richness of Filipino and Spanish aesthetics reinterpreted in a fresh and modern style in step with the times. It's this smooth and harmonious weave of old world elegance that exudes tradition with the clean and sleek lines of contemporary design that adds so much character and history to Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery setting it apart from the usual luxurious properties in the metro. Once inside, don't forget to look up... 

The impressive Las Paginas de la Historia or Pages of History is a visual feast for the eyes, and one of the unique features of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery. The beautifully executed art installation captures the history and passage of time surrounding the iconic structure beginning a continuous chain of experiences during your visit or stay at the newest and luxurious destination along the iconic boulevard. Playfully creative, the stunning art installation is a preview of even more surprises from the luxurious boutique hotel property.

The elegant flow of the art installation leads your eyes to another creative feature of the boutique hotel, an ornate stained glass ceiling depicting local history and culture with its bold hues transforming with the shifting light. First impressions always matter, and the lobby of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery is spot on the moment you enter.

Throughout the property, one can find art in every corner for an immersive experience. At the reception area, mirrors and a diorama style art piece becomes a colorful backdrop adding depth to the bright space. 

At the lobby, the El Atrio Lounge is the perfect spot for afternoon tea, a soothing cup of freshly brewed coffee or refreshing handcrafted cocktails. Spacious alcoves offer more privacy for intimate occasions or business meetings.  

As you gaze up once more at the dramatic art installation high up in the ceiling... 

...your fresh-brewed Cafe Latte (P 260) is served. El Atrio Lounge offers a wide selection of exclusive coffee and tea blends along with breakfast and all-day dining specialties from The Salmon Croissant (P 700), The Ox Tongue Eggs Benedict (P 700) and Beef Tapa (P 850) to Ceviche (P 750), Deluxe Sashimi & Nigiri Sampler (P 2,100), Cubano (P 780) and US Beef Tenderloin (P 2,200).

After coffee, take a short walk around the lobby and take in the little details from the intricate hand-laid mosaic of tiles with its modern concentric design... the fresh orchids and the calming vibe of the luxurious space. Glass, marble, metal and wood combine for that delicate balance of tradition and modernity reflecting the concept of past and present in one place (you can also check out my post on Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery on my other travel blog here at Stories That Stay at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery).

From any angle, the flow of the Las Paginas de la Historia presents a new leaf and page adding to its dynamic design and concept.

Further inside, more indulgent treats await guests and visitors to El Atrio Lounge. Like the colorful and sinfully decadent handcrafted Bonbons by Kevin Ong Patissier

The chosen partner of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery, diners and guests can indulge in the intricate and lavish creations of Kevin Ong Patissier with a curated selection of one-of-a-kind Bonbon flavors available only at the luxury boutique hotel. Created with a single-minded mission to make every dessert a dessert to remember, Kevin Ong Patissier is one more colorful layer in the many stories of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery.

Kevin Ong Patissier offers six indulgent Bonbon flavors exlclusive to Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery, and these are Chai Latte, Cocoa Bean, Key Lime Pie, Bailey's, Raspberry and Lavender. Consistent with the art theme of the property, the intricate Bonbons by Kevin Ong Patissier are bite-sized works of art in their own right.

Luscious chocolate draped in a delicate shell, each bite delivers a burst of rich and luscious indulgence. And you'll soon find out that no, one bonbon just isn't enough.  

Exclusivity like these sinful handcrafted Bonbons from Kevin Ong Patissier adds a luxurious touch to your visit and stay at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery. It's the little details that add up to memorable stories, stories that stay consistent with the MGallery concept.  

And there's more at El Atrio Lounge to tease your palate, from delectable Macarons by Kevin Ong Patissier... indulgent scoops of premium ice cream from Manila Creamery

But Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery has even more surprises up its sleeves. A closer look at the shelves and colorful mural reveals a secret entrance...

...for a soon to be launched bar and restaurant. 

Consistent with its nautical theme, The Blue Gallery is one of the luxury boutique hotel property's function rooms for special events. 

The Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery boasts of 123 well-appointed rooms from Superior Rooms, Deluxe Rooms and Executive Rooms all the way to Executive Bay Rooms, Executive Suites and the Presidential Suite. The Filipino-Spanish design theme is reflected in all the luxurious accommodations capped by contemporary sophistication for discerning guests. Each floor follows a specific motif based on Filipino culture, folklore and historical icons. At the third floor of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery, historical figures are highlighted with specific design elements from the signatures of national heroes... the names of the rooms. Each room and floor become unique threads in the Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery experience. Clearly, much thought has gone through the developmental process for a concept that differentiates it from other properties.

The muted lights reveal colorful and intricate patterns that lead you to your room...

...marking yet another chapter in a story-filled experience of your stay. The theme on national heroes are reflected on the art pieces adorning the room with the overall golden age aesthetic giving it a subdued elegance. With a view of the city or the bay, there's just nothing quite like waking up and starting your day at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery.

Bespoke furnishings and luxurious bathroom amenities connects you with the glamorous past of Manila complemented by contemporary touches and features for the modern traveler. The joys and adventures of travel, of discovering new places is given another dimension of going back in time at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery.

The best part about being in the bay is the sunset. And everyday, the famed Manila Bay sunset performs a dazzling light show. And the best vantage point? The day-to-night al fresco roof top of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery at Coconut Grove. With its art deco inspired theme and cool Miami vibe, the Coconut Grove is your front row seat to one of the best shows in the city. 

The open deck also provides spectacular views of the Manila Yacht Club reconnecting you with the rich and storied past of the city by the bay. A soothing cocktail completes the scenario, and the master mixologists at Coconut Grove have just the right libation for you and the sunset. 

Nel and Ian lead the team at Coconut Grove with their bespoke and signature cocktails. Let's start with the Ginger Cooler, shall we? 

The tart and refreshing Ginger Cooler (P 450) delivers a burst of tropical summer flavors for that perfect tipple while waiting for the sunset at Coconut Grove. With its blend of Bombay Sapphire Gin, raspberry syrup, peach puree, lime juice, ginger beer and fresh raspberries, the Ginger Cooler is one of many specialty cocktails at Coconut Grove. Other light yet refreshing libations include the Sherry Cobbler (P 450) with a sherry blend and orange juice and the Vermouth Cup (P 450) with Club Soda, Vermouth, mint and cherries.

The soothing notes of tea and gin combine for another unique libation just in time for the sunset... 

...but the mixologists at Coconut Grove are just warming up. After a few rounds at the bar, Nel sized me up and prepared a customized cocktail, aptly named Gerry's Punch, a spirited concoction with its sweet blend of sherry, rum, lemon and pandan syrup. Sweet and easy, each sip lingers on the palate draping it with a mellow sweetness followed by the deep smoky hints of rum giving it depth. Having one cocktail named after you is one thing...

...having a second cocktail with your name on it is way better. The Gerry & Sherry is another refreshing creation with bourbon and sherry packing a solid punch with a whole lot of finesse. Ginger Cooler, Gerry's Punch and Gerry & Sherry, that's the perfect trifecta for sunset at Coconut Grove. Open from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm with a capacity for 60-70, Coconut Grove is the spot for sunset chasers while chilling with some handcrafted libations.

The shifting light signals the start of magic hour, with its rich purple haze on the bay. One more sip of the Gerry & Sherry completes the chill sunset vibe at Coconut Grove.  

As the sun makes its final bow on the distant horizon, another show is about to begin at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery, one with a hearty and satisfying culinary spin...

Executive Chef Cyrille Soenen of Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery presented a sample of what to expect at The Admiral Club Manila Bay with an elegantly plated fresh Ceviche of succulent scallops. The clean flavors, briny sweetness and textural contrasts with the other ingredients tease the palate, and already, anticipation builds for the evening's sumptuous buffet feast at The Admiral Club Manila Bay.

One more shot of the sunset and one more round of Gerry's Punch, and the evening at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery is shaping up to be another colorful story threaded with the rich layers of memorable experiences about to unfold...

The Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery is definitely a destination to add to your list, and a welcome addition to the rebirth and revival of the rich legacy of the city by the bay. And after more than two years of the quarantine experience, it's good to visit the old city once more. With a stop at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery in your itinerary. Or better yet, why not book a weekend stay?

Meanwhile, the live stations at The Admiral Club Manila Bay are fired up for the dinner service...

...promising yet another memorable experience at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery. And this deserves a separate blog post (see more on Admiral Club Manila Bay here at Set Sail for an Epic Culinary Journey at Admiral Club Manila Bay in Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery).

Stories that stay. And new stories waiting to be unraveled and experienced where the past and present converge in a seamless weave. Discover it yourself at Admiral Hotel Manila - MGallery and create your own memorable stories in the city by the bay...

Admiral Hotel Manila is located at 2138 Roxas Boulevard, 1004 Malate, Manila or call +632 5318 9000 or 0917 863 6614 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for updates.

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