Friday, July 1, 2022

By George! Meet Chicken Jorge, the Newest Brand on the Fried Chicken Block

There's a new kid on the block that's changing the fried chicken game with its tempting Pri-Nok, Ba-Nok, Kukok and whole Glazed Fried Chicken. And the flavors from this food stand are spot on. His name is Chicken Jorge and fried chicken is his game... 

Chicken Jorge takes fried chicken to a whole new level with their specialty whole Glazed Fried Chicken in Soy Garlic and Hickory Barbecue variants for another inventive spin on a classic. Imagine juicy fried chicken draped in savory flavors, just pick your glaze and you're on your way to rediscover fried chicken Chicken Jorge style... 

Packed and sealed in a box, the Glazed Fried Chicken (P 799) containing two whole chickens by Chicken Jorge is a sumptuous feast in itself. Fried and then glazed, the result is a juicy and mildly crisp chicken bursting with rich savory notes with every bite. The food stall is located in Mandaluyong, but you can conveniently order online at on your mobile device with just a few quick taps for delivery.

The name of the brand brings a myriad of associations depending on your generation from the character in the epic Alex Haley novel to the costumed men dressed in, you guessed it, chickens during the 1992 US presidential elections but one thing's for sure, it's the name you'll associate with fried chicken in a heartbeat. Its the name of the founder if you're still curious, and he's serious about fried chicken. In addition to the specialty Glazed Fried Chicken, Chicken Jorge also offers the wittingly named Pri-Nok (P 599) or crispy Pritong Manok with gravy, the Ba-Nok (P 599) with Batok Kawali or deep-fried pork neck and Crispy Manok in Hickory Barbecue Sauce for a savory and hearty combo and the Patok na Batok (P 599) or Batok Kawali in Hickory Barbecue Sauce. Chicken Jorge also offers their own playfully inventive version of chicken feet with the Kukok and Crispy Chicken Fingers to satisfy your cravings.

But the best way to get acquainted with the unique fried chicken style of Chicken Jorge is with his specialty whole Glazed Fried Chicken in Soy Garlic and Hickory Barbecue. And once you open box, the fragrant aroma tempts your palate marking the beginning of a flavor-filled experience.

The savory duo of Soy Garlic and Hickory Barbecue offers distinct yet comfortingly familiar flavors, elevating your fried chicken experience with rich, punchy and bold notes. Paired with juicy and delicately crisp fried chicken, it's a winning combo.    

The Hickory Barbecue Glazed Fried Chicken is the flavorful re-interpretation of fried chicken by Chicken Jorge with its deep yet nuanced hints of fragrant hickory barbecue with each tasty bite. Served with roasted potatoes and carrots, it's also perfect for sharing with family and friends unless you're really hungry and want this all to yourself. No judgement, and its perfectly understandable with the Hickory Barbecue Glazed Fried Chicken. 

The smoky hints of Hickory Barbecue seeps deep into the Glazed Fried Chicken for that burst and added layer of flavor. The hickory glaze perfectly complements without overwhelming the delicate notes of the juicy fried chicken for that balanced finish. 

Think of it as fried chicken leveled up with serious and real flavors. Deceptively simple, uncomplicated and uncluttered, it's fried chicken goodness with every bite.  

Packed, sealed and delivered, you can enjoy your whole Glazed Fried Chicken by Chicken Jorge at home, the office or anywhere you go. And there's more...

Drawing inspiration from Asian flavors, Chicken Jorge weaves the familiar notes of Soy Garlic to its specialty Glazed Fried Chicken with its sweet, mildly salty hints capped by the nutty notes of garlic adding depth to your fried chicken experience. 

Sprinkled with sesame seeds to complete its Asian twist, the flavors of the Soy Garlic Glazed Fried Chicken by Chicken Jorge are just as bold and equally pronounced pairing well with a bowl of steamed white rice. Make that two. It's a dish that just calls for extra rice. 

The Soy Garlic glaze adds a pop of vibrant flavors that lingers on the palate in a delicately balanced finish without overpowering the fried chicken. The Soy Garlic and Hickory Barbecue Glazed Fried Chicken by Chicken Jorge offer both flavor and value for money at P 799 for a savory duo of seriously good fried chicken and that's just too good to pass up. 

As the country slowly opens up after more than two years of the quarantine experience, it's good to see emerging new brands injecting life back to the struggling culinary scene. And if you're thinking fried chicken, why not give the newest kid on the fried chicken block a try and support local businesses like Chicken Jorge. Simply hit up their IG Feed at @chickenjorgeph for your orders...

Chicken Jorge is located at 474 Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong, 1550 Kalakhang Maynila. You can also visit their IG Feed at @chickenjorgeph for updates.

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