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Legit with a Seal: Thai BBQ Original Restaurant Receives ThaiSELECT Seal from Thailand's Ministry of Commerce

There are Thai restaurants, and there are authentic Thai restaurants recognized by the Thai Embassy and Thailand's Ministry of Commerce with the ThaiSELECT seal. Thai BBQ Original Restaurant is one of those restaurants...

And it doesn't get more legit than this. Thai BBQ Original Restaurant recently received the coveted seal of authenticity from Thailand's Ministry of Commerce and the Thai Embassy in Manila with its #ThaiSELECT2022 program to promote and certify authentic Thai cuisine around the world. The seal of approval is awarded to Thai restaurants both here and abroad serving traditional Thai dishes with the objective of increasing awareness for quality Thai restaurants and processed Thai food products. The ThaiSELECT seal is your guarantee for real and traditional Thai flavors, and that's served daily at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. Hungry? Step inside for a feast of honest-to-goodness Thai specialties...  

A franchise from Los Angeles, Thai BBQ Original Restaurant is known for their signature Thai specialties like Gayang BBQ Chicken and BBQ Pork Spare Ribs. Since 2017, authenticity in the proper culinary techniques and the use of traditional ingredients remains the top priority at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. 

Inside their spacious branch at the second level of Vertis North, the ThaiSELECT approved Thai BBQ Original Restaurant exudes a comforting and homey vibe setting the stage for a sumptuous and authentic Thai feast. With two more branches located in Tiendesitas and Glorietta, authentic Thai cuisine isn't hard to find in the metro. Simply look for the ThaiSELECT seal.

And for the man behind Thai BBQ Original Restaurant, authenticity has always been the consistent and key point of differentiation setting it apart from the rest. George Pua insists on authenticity and nothing less. A passionate foodie, there are no fine lines when it come to authenticity for George Pua. It's either the real thing or it's not on the menu, plain and simple.  

This uncompromising philosophy is also reflected in his other dining concepts in a growing portfolio of brands under No Limits Food, Inc. like Modern China, K-Pub and Oppa (for more on Oppa, see my previous posts, An Authentic Korean Flavor Adventure at Oppa Chicken and A Take-Home Run and Tasty Bites at Oppa Chicken from 2016). This commitment to authenticity is recognized with the recent inclusion in #ThaiSELECT2022 by Thailand's Ministry of Commerce.

That day, George Pua shared his own culinary journey with Thai BBQ Original Restaurant when he started with local chefs and recalled to his surprise that the specialty Tom Yung Goong served did not have the flavor profile he expected. Immediately, George Pua decided to hire and maintain foreign chefs for his restaurants. If it's Thai cuisine, always trust a Thai chef to prepare authentic flavors. And you'll find Chef Manit from Thailand at the helm of Thai BBQ Original Restaurant preparing your favorite Thai dishes. 

The worldwide campaign initiated by the Royal Thai Government is a notable example of preserving and promoting local Thai culture around the world, emphasizing consistent standards while showcasing authentic flavors. After all, food is often the first experience of any country's culture and heritage.

The ThaiSELECT seal is your guarantee of authenticity. It's also validation, proving George Pua's unfailing commitment to the high standards set for all his dining concepts is a winning formula. The recognition by the Royal Thai Government also differentiates Thai BBQ Original Restaurant from other Thai establishments.

This seal of authenticity is prominently displayed at all Thai BBQ Original Restaurant branches, with all three locations taking you on a culinary journey to the Land of Smiles without leaving the metro. 

Start your authentic culinary experience at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant with a refreshing beverage to open up your palate like the soothing Pandan Iced Tea (P 120) or the creamy Thai Iced Milk Tea (P 140). Thai BBQ Original Restaurant also offers a selection of fresh fruit shakes and juices.

A feast at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant has to include the signature selection of Thai dishes for an authentic dining experience... the Honey Duck Dinner (P 680) or steamed duck slathered with sweet honey sauce served with Shrimp Fried Rice. The juicy richness of the tender duck delivers savory notes lingering with a delectable sweetness on the palate. A meal in itself, the Honey Duck Dinner with Shrimp Fried Rice is a must-try at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant.

The Yum Pla Duk Foo (P 380) or deep-fried catfish paired with special Mango Salad is a traditional staple bringing textural contrasts and flavors in a seamless experience. Fried to a delicate crispness, the shredded strips of catfish deliver mildly salty hints perfectly tempered with the sweet and tart Mango Salad.

Like most Thai dishes, the full range of contrasting flavors drapes the palate with every bite from sweet to salty in a balanced finish. Masterfully executed, the elegant plating first feeds the eyes before the palate capped by a flavorful richness for an authentic taste of Thailand. 

The comfortingly familiar Bagoong Fried Rice (P 420) with Thai shrimp paste is a popular bestseller at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. Topped with egg, mix all the ingredients like the pork, mangoes, onions, fresh chili and crispy shrimps with the rice for that sweeet, salty, savory and spicy blend with each spoonful. It's a meal in itself or enjoyed with the other dishes at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. Other rice dishes to try at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant include the Curried Pineapple Rice (P 420), Fried Rice with Crispy Pork and Gai Lan (P 420) and Special Fried Rice (P 380). 

The hearty, fragrant and aromatic Tom Yum Goong (P 380) or the classic hot and sour soup with shrimps, mushrooms, lemongrass, chili paste and rich blend of spices is an iconic Thai dish recreated at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant following tradition. The creamy consistency of the rich broth and the vibrant burst of flavors following each sip is as traditional as it gets, complemented by the distinct fresh flavors of the different ingredients. Often used as a benchmark for Thai restaurants, you won't be disappointed with the Tom Yum Goong of Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. Other must-try soup options include the Tom Yum Plah (P 320) with salmon and Tom Kha Gai (P 380) with chicken in a coconut milk broth infused with herbs.

Thailand is also known for its rich curry tradition and the Panang Beef Curry (P 580) with fork-tender slices of beef simmered in a thick, creamy and spicy curry broth hits the spot. Bold flavors followed by a lingering yet mild soothing heat becomes a comforting hug to the palate. The tender beef gives this curry a flavorful punch for another unique taste of Thailand. Other curry options include the popular Green Curry Chicken (P 380), Assorted Seafood Thai Curry (P 580), Massaman Beef Curry (P 580) or red curry and Vegetable Curry (P 380) for a vegetarian alternative.  

The Pla Jien (P 1,200) or deep-fried whole garoupa slathered in a spicy oyster mushroom sauce with fresh chilies, ginger and green onions is a festive dish that's perfect for sharing. The fresh, clean and delicate briny sweetness of the deep-fried fish is complemented by the thick sweet and spicy sauce with mushrooms bringing both contrasting textures and flavors. The freshness of the ingredients deliver all the rich notes, reflecting the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Thailand on a plate.   

No dining experience at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant is complete without the specialty BBQ Spareribs House Special Dinner (P 780) with hefty slabs of juicy pork spareribs slathered with a flavorful Thai marinade finished on the grill and laid on Shrimp Fried Rice

The sweetness of the Thai marinated is tempered by the delicate charred finish with its subtle yet deep smoky hints. The thick slabs of fork tender pork are complemented by the sweet and smoky blend of rich notes for another satisfying meal at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. Other must-try House Specials include the best-selling Gaiyang BBQ Chicken Dinner (P 680), Beef Sate Dinner (P 780), Crispy Duck Dinner (P 680), Scampi A La Thai Dinner (P 640), Pork Sate Dinner (P 740) and Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce Dinner (P 640).

Cap your authentic Thai feast at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant with their specialty desserts like the Sticky Rice with Mango (P 320) for that perfect sweet ending. Slathered in creamy coconut milk, the tart sweetness of the mangoes adds that delectable sharpness to the dessert for balance. Other desserts to try include the Tab Tim Grob (P 180) or red water chestnut and Ruamit (P 420), a Thai iced dessert.

There are numerous options for authentic Thai cuisine in the metro, but only a few get the seal of authenticity from the Royal Thai Government. The inclusion of Thai BBQ Original Restaurant in the #ThaiSELECT2022 program is affirmation of George Pua's unyielding commitment to quality and authenticity. 

Food is the ultimate reflection of a country's rich and diverse culture and heritage, and efforts must be made to continuously preserve and maintain culinary traditions. When you're craving for authentic Thai cuisine, just look for the ThaiSELECT seal. You'll find this much coveted seal of approval from the Royal Thai Government at Thai BBQ Original Restaurant... 

Thai BBQ Original Restaurant is located at the second level of Vertis North, North Avenue, Quezon City or call 0917 111 1990 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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