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The Ever Changing Moods at Boudica Cafe Bar

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, dinner and everything in between. Cafe by day and bar at night, step inside Boudica Cafe Bar and discover her many flavorful moods...

An extensive menu reflecting diverse culinary culinary styles await diners at Boudica Cafe Bar, helmed by chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim promising a multi-faceted dining and bar experience. From breakfast offerings all the way to sumptuous dishes and an impressive bar selection of classic cocktails, Boudica Cafe Bar ditches the clock allowing you to follow your cravings. Or mood. Enjoy a refreshing tipple at the bar to start your day followed by a hearty feast and be seduced by the many and ever changing moods at Boudica Bar Cafe...

Located along Doña Julia Vargas at City Golf Plaza, Boudica Cafe Bar isn't your usual café and bar. Far from it. From breakfast fare to fish & chips, pizza and pasta to barbecue, it's a loaded menu. But the seemingly eclectic menu just feels right, cohesively woven in a seamless experience whatever time of day. 

Setting The Mood

The different spaces inside Boudica Cafe Bar open up infinite possibilities for any occasion, whether it's a gathering with friends or an intimate affair. Named after the ancient warrior queen and ancient British heroine, you already know Boudica Cafe Bar isn't your usual dive.  

From that laid-back and casual vibe of its stylish interiors... its covered al fresco area, Boudica Cafe Bar sets the mood to complete your moment. The minute you step inside Boudica Cafe Bar, a visual feast of colorful murals feeds the eyes...

...continuing deep into its spacious interiors. Bold and vibrant injected with a touch of playfulness, the colorful palette of its many murals become a backdrop for both your mood and craving. Having the right mood after all sets the tone for your dining experience.

And you'll find these stylized expressions everywhere at Boudica Cafe Bar... 

...from the walls... cozy and secluded spots...

...and even the open washing area with its quirky toilet paper dispenser. First impressions do matter, and Boudica Cafe Bar orchestrates each element in a continuous linked chain of experiences from the design down to the cocktails and dishes from the kitchen. 

The Tale of Two Matthews

Spinning all the elements together into a tightly knit and unique concept is the duo of Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim, seasoned chefs who decided to venture on their own with Bootlace Incorporated. The name itself is apt, tying everything together in a harmonious weave with their brands led by Cargo Fish and Burnt Bamboo

Matthew J Hornsby-Bates is a British national and long-time resident in the country with over 27 years in the culinary industry while Matthew Lim brings his own wealth of experiences with stints from Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. Chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim worked together at Early Bird Breakfast Club back in the day, when that eureka moment happened. "We were running businesses for others and not doing anything for ourselves," explained Chef Matthew J. Hornsby-Bates. Together, the collaborative tale of two Matthews have resulted in creative concepts like Cargo Fish with its traditional and authentic British style Fish & Chips with the "proper" chips and Burnt Bamboo with its distinctive Filipino "Freestyle Barbecue". At Boudica Cafe Bar, you'll find both concepts represented in the menu. It's this unique mesh of culinary experiences and styles that defines your dining experience at Boudica Cafe Bar

The First Order of Business Is Always A Tipple

The impressive bar anchors the space at Boudica Cafe Bar, and rightly so. At Boudica Cafe Bar, a soothing cocktail always kicks-off your experience no matter the time of day. With its repertoire of classic handcrafted cocktails like the Bloody Mary (P 255), Mojito (P 265), Martini (P 275), Tequila Sunrise (P 285), Negroni (P 290), Espresso Martini (P 325), Manhattan (P 370), Red or White Sangria (P 295 Glass/P 1,450 Pitcher) and the Boulevardier (P 340), Boudica Cafe Bar sets you off with the right mood.  

For me, it's always been the Old-Fashioned (P 225)...

...and Boudica Cafe Bar does it right...

...down to the orange garnish that reminds you where you are. Then again, you're just where you're supposed to be. Boudica Cafe Bar also offers an equally extensive list of local and imported beer, fine wine and spirits as well as non-alcoholic options when you feel like behaving during your stay at this unique dive along Ortigas.

After as few more sips, it's time for breakfast.

Breakfast at Boudica

A proper breakfast always gets you on track, and Boudica Cafe Bar offers five tempting options. Served from 11am to 5pm, the Eggs on Toast (P 195) is the perfect start to the day ahead. With sunny side ups on toast, it really doesn't get better than this.   

But if you have a hefty appetite, the Full English (P 585) with bacon, the proper English chips, grilled tomato, fresh button mushrooms, English bangers, baked beans and two eggs prepared the way you like it is a real feast. Make it a legit Full English with the addition of Black Pudding (+P 100).

The Three Ways Longganisa (P 280) with chicken, garlic and pork sausages, garlic rice, two eggs your way and atchara brings comfortingly familiar notes to the table. Other brekkie options include the USDA Beef Tapa (P 345) with garlic rice, two eggs and atchara and The Black (P 350) with black pudding, bacon and eggs.

Chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim's touches become evident in the breakfast menu of Boudica Cafe Bar showcasing both western and local flavors, with more dishes still to be served that day.

A Tipple with Nibbles

After breakfast, another round just seems right... Boudica Cafe Bar. Change the pace with another handcrafted cocktail, like a Whiskey Sour (P 260) perhaps?

Boudica Cafe Bar offers a variety of fries, hand-cut proper chips with sweet potato option like the Plain Jane Fries (P 225) served with ketchup, Fancy Fries (P 395) with crispy bacon, Cheddar and Mascarpone and Truffle Fries (P 380) with furikake, Parmesan cheese and truffle oil. Thick cut with its contrasting textures, these fries are the perfect base for the lavish array of toppings.

From the Boards Selection, the Pate (P 350) made with chicken liver topped with onion confit and served with bread is as classic as it gets with its rich savory notes and smooth finish. Other options from the Boards Menu include the Cheese Platter (P 995), the Charcuterie Platter (P 1,199), the Mascarpone (P 375) with spiced honey, garlic butter and sourdough bread and The Boudica (P 1,950) with four kinds of cheeses, four kinds of charcuterie, chicken liver pate, pickled grapes, olives, mixed nuts, gherkins, garlic butter, onion jam, spiced honey and bread.  

From the Starters Menu, another local dish makes its appearance with the Crispy Tawilis (P 210). Deep-fried with roasted garlic and served with house vinegar, the Crispy Tawilis deliver fresh and clean notes perfectly washed down by a cocktail.

Salad? Boudica Cafe Bar offers the House Salad (P 280), Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad (P 425) and the Burrata Salad (P 650).

What's Your Craving?

You'll also find Neapolitan style pizza at Boudica Cafe Bar for even more tasty options... the Gambari (P 550) with succulent prawns, tomato sauce, garlic butter, Pecorino Romano and chili flakes on a rustic and crisp crust best enjoyed with a drizzle of honey... 

...and the Four Cheese (P 560) with blue cheese, cream cheese, Gouda and pecorino Romano. From the briny sweetness of the plump prawns and tart tomatoes of the Gambari to the luscious creamy notes from the indulgent cheese blend of the Four Cheese, both pizza creations are just some of the tasty finds from Boudica Cafe Bar. Other pizza options include the Margherita (P 305), Smoked Bacon (P 460) and Italian Sausage (P 495).

And when you have pizza on the menu, you can be sure to find some pasta dishes as well like the traditional Italian Carbonara (P 445) prepared the old school way with the essential trifecta of smoked bacon, egg yolk and Parmigiano Reggiano on soft yet firm spaghetti noodles... 

...and the bold, nutty and earthy hints of the Tartufo (P 485) with its flavorful medley of button mushrooms, prosciutto and rich truffle cream on wide pappardelle noodles. As with all the dishes served earlier, each one is masterfully executed. It's what you can expect from chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim at Boudica Cafe Bar.

Order up another cocktail from the bar and experience more of the many moods at Boudica Cafe Bar with even more dishes like the Smoking Barbecue by Burnt Bamboo (P 335 Mix/P 365 Pork Isaw/P 305 Chicken Isaw).

Each order comes with six skewers slathered with their signature glaze over smoking ashes and served with their specialty vinegar. The presentation alone teases the eyes before the palate followed by its fragrant smoky aroma. But it's that bite that just seals the deal with a burst of rich and savory notes finished by the smoky sweetness of the glaze. Another cocktail? Absolutely.

Get down and dirty with the Dirty Nachos (P 415), a massive mound of crisp hand-cut potato chips topped with battered fish, onions, tomatoes and cheese and served with two sauces...

...or go for comfortingly familiar flavors with their version of the popular local staple, the Pinoy Sisig (P 345) with soft and tender pork kasim and cheek smothered in onions, special sauce and topped with egg. Served on a sizzling cast-iron skillet, chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim recreates the unctuous savory richness and textural contrasts of the classic sisig made richer with their special sauce and egg. If you're craving for more local flavors, the Classic Calamares (P 265) and Crispy Pata (P 799) should do the trick.  

Take your palate on a different route with the Mussels and Chips (P 700) with plump mussels delicately steamed with white wine and cream served with their signature proper chips and ketchup. The deceptively simple dish with its fresh and clean notes lingering on the palate is perfectly washed down by a cocktail or a cold brew. And the dish just isn't complete without the proper chips of Boudica Cafe Bar

The Proper Fish & Chips

And if you enjoy the proper chips of Boudica Cafe Bar, then the Classic Fish & Chips by Cargo Fish (P 325 Dory/P 665 Cod/P 720 Salmon) served with proper chips (you may also opt for sweet potato chips), Tartar Sauce, Mushy Peas and Chip Shop Curry Sauce does not disappoint. 

The beer-battered cod with its soft and silky smooth finish capped by a layer of delicate crispness is a delectable play of textural contrasts with each bite. A dip in the Tartar Sauce adds another layer of creamy notes completed by the proper chips. 

The Chip Shop Curry Sauce transforms the flavors with its deep and bold flavors while the side of Mushy Peas smoothens the edgy flavors of the curry. A fresh squeeze of lemon brings out even more flavors. 

But it's just not a proper fish & chips without a drizzle of malt vinegar, and Boudica Cafe Bar makes sure you have a bottle by your side. The sharpness of the malt vinegar tempers the richness of the deep-fried beer-battered cod for balanced flavors. 

It's not hard to find fish & chips in the metro. But finding the proper fish & chips is the real challenge. If authentic fish & chips is what you're after, you'll find it here at Boudica Cafe Bar.   

If you're still hungry, Boudica Cafe Bar has more on the menu like the Boudica Burger (P 495) highlighted by a thick and juicy USDA beef patty topped with Bleu d'Auvergne, onion confit, green tomatoes, garden fresh and crisp lettuce and fresh onions on a soft brioche bun slathered with smooth and creamy burger mayo. And of course, a side of proper chips with ketchup. 

Comforting and hearty flavors, masterfully executed. The menu at Boudica Cafe Bar is a reflection of the diverse culinary styles of chefs Matthew J Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Lim showcased in each dish. Yet there's a cohesive and near seamless connection in the concept that makes Boudica Cafe Bar stand out from other bars with its mix of British, European and local cuisine. It's the final and lavish layer in the complex weave of a sumptuous dining experience at Boudica Cafe Bar.

Back at the bar, one last round caps the many and ever changing moods of Boudica Cafe Bar

One last round for the road is by no means the end at Boudica Cafe Bar, but the beginning of infinite possibilities. Cafe by day, bar by night, be seduced by the captivating charm of Boudica Cafe Bar and peel the many layers of her multi-faceted and ever changing moods...

Boudica Cafe Bar is located at Unit C106-107 City Golf Plaza, Doña Julia Vargas, Barangay Ugong, Pasig, Metro Manila or call 0916 237 5668 for inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at, IG Feed at and website at for more updates and information.

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