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The Perfect Ten: Guevarra's Celebrates Ten Years of Sumptuous Cuisine and Excellent Value with Enduring Filipino Classics

Ten years in any business is no small feat. For Guevarra's, that's a decade built on flavorful and quality Filipino and international cuisine and value bannered by their mouth-watering buffet spread. With a solid and loyal following, the enduring San Juan dining destination is more than ready for another decade of memorable dining experiences at an affordable price.

The winning formula behind the continued success of Guevarra's is an open secret, laid out in a curated and lavish buffet spread by celebrity chef couple Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico. Adding excellent value to its sumptuous weave of a hearty buffet dining experience sets Guevarra's apart from the rest in the San Juan neighborhood. Where else can you indulge in more than fifty dishes plus desserts masterfully executed by the couple's culinary team for as low as P 759 per person? Come on in and revisit the beloved San Juan staple...

Photo provided by Guevarra's

Established back in 2013, Guevarra's began with the celebrity chef couple's vision of recreating classic cuisine the old-fashioned and slow food way using the freshest ingredients while offering unbeatable value for money with the tried and tested buffet concept. It's a quality and value equation that has withstood the test of time and served daily with its impressive buffet spread.

Set in an ancestral home, the unique Guevarra's experience begins the moment you step inside the magnificent structure transporting you back in time. The century old Macasaet Mansion maintains the original interiors offering both indoor and outdoor al fresco dining areas with a sprawling garden that's perfect for events. The 200-seater restaurant becomes the perfect stage for a hearty dining experience, whether it be a casual yet intimate feast for two or a grand celebration with family and friends. 

The setting is complemented by the cuisine in a seamless weave. Named after political icon and former senator Pedro Guevarra whose name is also immortalized on the street that bears his illustrious legacy, Guevarra's exudes that nostalgic vibe adding yet another distinct layer to your dining experience. "The uniqueness of Guevarra's lies in the overall experience. It's really like going to your Mom or Lola's house to celebrate special occasions," shared Chef Jac Laudico.

Photo from Guevarra's FB Page

Ten years of memorable stories at Guevarra's become a colorful tapestry of milestone moments, relived and recreated every day with each visit. All these stories are linked together by the culinary offerings prepared and curated by Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico with real and honest cuisine matched with excellent value. "The dishes at Guevarra's are all made from scratch using the freshest natural ingredients-no msg or artificial flavorings," explained Chef Lau. "Our renditions of Filipino favorites like Kare-Kare, Angus Beef Tapa, Suman Panna Cotta Rice Cake and 80 plus other delectable dishes keeps guests coming back again and again for ten years." 

Keeping it all affordable is the challenge, addressed by sourcing the best possible ingredients at the best possible price while efficiently managing operational costs to a minimum and maximizing productivity. Minimizing food waste and fully utilizing each ingredient responsibly remains a priority while an uncompromising commitment to quality keeps Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico ahead of the game in the competitive local culinary landscape. 

At the core of the Guevarra's dining experience is the impressive buffet spread. "Our buffer features modern and traditional Filipino dishes, which we cook the slow food way with no instant stock powders, so as to highlight the natural taste and flavor profile of our cuisine," shared Chef Jac Laudico. "We also make our own breads and pastries in-house and even make our own kakanin-all made fresh daily in our kitchen." So sit back and enjoy a soothing cup of coffee at Guevarra's, and let Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico delight your palate with their extensive buffet offerings. 

Providing bang-for-the-buck comfort food with an impressive buffet spread and a pleasant dining experience has been a priority since day one at Guevarra's. After all, a great and memorable meal need not be expensive. And yes, you can enjoy a unique one-of-a-kind feast at a more accessible price point in the metro. At Guevarra's...

At the buffet spread, diners can enjoy all-time bestsellers like the Beef Kaldereta, sweet and savory Angus Beef Tapa, the timeless classic Kare-Kare and Angus Roast Beef, the always tempting Bellychon and nostalgic and traditional Palabok all in one place. And that's not all. Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico are constantly on the look-out for seasonally affordable ingredients for new culinary creations to add to their already impressive buffet spread. Every day, you'll find something new and exciting to tease your palate at Guevarra's along with their popular bestsellers. "It's the value-for-money buffet plus the friendly and attentive service that will make your dining experience truly unforgettable," added Chef Jac Laudico

And for those special milestones, Guevarra's has private function rooms as well as a garden ideal for reunions, birthdays, baptisms, weddings and even corporate events. 

In tune with the times, Guevarra's adapted and pivoted to the new normal by offering their signature dishes for delivery at the height of the lockdown experience including Platters and Trays, Solo Meals and homemade condiments like bagoong or shrimp paste, vinegar, atchara or pickled papaya and lechon sauce in a growing retail line. Last year, Guevarra's officially launched their website at specifically for online orders and deliveries. 

Today's lunch at home is an all-Filipino fiesta with the bestsellers from Guevarra's conveniently packed and delivered to your doorstep...

...with their popular Beef Kare-Kare (from P 499) and Bicol Express (from P 499). Food always triggers a loop of countless food memories, and good food transports you to a cherished time and place. Guevarra's is your ticket to good times. 

Made with homemade toasted peanut sauce, the traditional fork-tender and melt-in-your-mouth beef and tripe stew by Guevarra's recreates that comfortingly nostalgic mood and vibe at home. The thick sauce with its deep nutty sweetness along with the fresh vegetables completes the dish.

The savory, rich and creamy Bicol Express with tender meaty slabs of pork slathered in a mildly spicy coconut cream-based sauce is another tasty number from Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico's winning playbook. Topped with scallions and fiery fresh chilies to temper the richness of the coconut cream, the Bicol Express takes your palate on a wildly flavorful ride.

A meal at home with the specialty dishes of Guevarra's is immediately transformed to a grand feast of Filipino flavors. The freshness and quality of ingredients along with masterful execution combine for that unique Guevarra's experience at home. And that first bite leads to countless more. 

Just like their famous buffet spread, the uncompromising commitment to the freshest ingredients and timeless Filipino culinary traditions is celebrated with each dish from their wide and extensive roster of bestsellers. Paired with Guevarra's very own homemade bagoong from their retail line, the Beef Kare-Kare at home is a meal to be remembered.

The Bicol Express with its soothing heat is perfect any day. In addition to the hot trays, Guevarra's also offers a selection of Frozen items including Beef Tapa (P 399), Beef Kaldereta (P 499) and Callos (P 399) along with the Bicol Express (P 499) and Beef Kare-Kare (P 499). 

A meal with Beef Kare-Kare and Bicol Express at home calls for a whole lot of extra rice, and the Garlic Fried Rice by Guevarra's is just what you need.

A fiesta of Filipino flavors, conveniently packed, sealed and delivered to your doorstep by Guevarra's is just one more layer to a decade of stories retold by Chefs Roland "Lau" and Jac Laudico. And it's a continuing story with even more chapters to discover and experience. 

Cap your feast at home with the indulgent Maja Blanca (P 149), a silky smooth and traditional coconut cake with corn and cheese...

...with its creamy richness lingering long on the palate tempered by the subtle sharpness of cheese rounded out by the sweetness of corn. The long days of the quarantine experience may be past us, with the transition to a new normal now part of the daily routine. Dining out is back, and the buffet spread at Guevarra's awaits your return. But some things never change, like the simple indulgences of a hearty Beef Kare-Kare with bagoong and savory Bicol Express made the traditional and old-fashioned way. 

Enjoyed at home or at Guevarra's, it's timeless classics like these that will have you going back again and again. "If you're a foodie and if you love Filipino cuisine, then there's no better place to go and bring your loved ones and friends to experience not just the chefs' creations, but to appreciate the architecture of this hundred year-old heritage house in all its original glory. It will transport you back in time," said Chef Roland "Lau" Laudico

The past decade has ushered drastic changes in the local culinary scene, yet Guevarra's stands as an enduring testament to timeless and traditional Filipino cuisine with excellent value for money equating to one of the metro's long-running success stories. And that's a perfect ten.  

Guevarra's is located at 387 P. Guevarra Street corner Argonne Street, San Juan City. The Buffet is open from Monday to Sunday. For inquiries, contact 0998 881 3200. For reservations and online orders, visit Guevarra's is also available for delivery in select areas via GrabFood, foodpanda and Pick-a-roo. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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