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The Perfect Pint Craft Beer + Fine Food Is Your Perfect Spot in The Proscenium at Rockwell

Now you can find the perfect spot for that soothing perfect pint of masterfully brewed craft beer in an equally perfect setting at Rockwell. And just in time too for summer...

The Perfect Pint Craft Beer + Fine Food brings its motto of celebrating life one pint at a time to The Proscenium at Rockwell with its biggest and probably its most elegant branch to date. With over thirty award-winning craft beers on tap brewed on-site and a sumptuous array of curated dishes like wings, ribs, pork knuckles and more conceptualized by Chef Gene Gonzalez, The Perfect Pint is your perfect spot at Rockwell. It's an inspiring story that began nine years ago with a simple idea of serving the finest beers long before the craft beer culture emerged paired with hearty and flavorful cuisine in a cozy hangout you could call your own. Read on and raise a toast at your newest perfect spot by the Tempongko brothers in The Proscenium at Rockwell...

Accessed along Estrella Street across Joya Lofts and Towers, The Proscenium at Rockwell is the hottest new destination in Makati. And you'll find The Perfect Pint along with their specialty selection of over thirty signature craft beers and sumptuous cuisine in this perfect spot at Rockwell.

The story of The Perfect Pint has been part of my own food blog's journey with posts from 2014 when brothers Raymond, Noel and master brewer Alec Tempongko along with Chef Gene Gonzalez decided to open their very own spot where great beer and great food converge in a seamless experience (for more on The Perfect Pint, see my posts A Toast to The Perfect Pint's First Anniversary from 2015, The Holy Grail and Twist and Stout at The Perfect Pint on some of my favorite brews from eight years back, The Perfect Match at The Perfect Pint: A Local Craft Beer Food Pairing Series on their creative collaborations with local craft brewers, Dark Beer and Seafood at The Perfect Pint on my favorite pairing from 2014 and Black Tuesday at The Perfect Pint on a memorable beer and food pairing by Chef Gene Gonzalez from nine years ago).

Alec Tempongco recalled his frustrations back in the early days in the corporate world when numerous trips abroad was the only way to enjoy a classic stout. With no easy access to anything similar locally, Alec and his brothers decided it was time to make their own brews. Nine years later with more than thirty artisan craft beers fresh from the tap and brewed on-site paired with a lavish menu of dishes developed by Chef Gene Gonzalez, The Perfect Pint opens another perfect spot in an elegant enclave of The Proscenium at Rockwell.

The perfect craft beer, the perfect dish and the perfect spot, it's these elements that make up the multiple layers of a lavish and colorful weave and unique brand of experience at The Perfect Pint... 

...and  it's now open to let you celebrate life your way, one pint at a time in true The Perfect Pint style amidst the plush vibe of The Proscenium at Rockwell. The newest location is a culmination of The Perfect Pint's nine year journey, showcasing perhaps its most elegant branch with the biggest on-site brewery yet. If you're still not convinced, here's five solid reasons to visit the newest location of The Perfect Pint in Rockwell...

Stylish State-Of-The-Art Restaurant Interiors

The newest branch at The Proscenium Retail Row is the third location of The Perfect Pint joining two other restaurants in Molito Alabang and Greenbelt Makati. Inside The Perfect Pint, diners are welcomed by a sleek and modern design incorporating elements of a traditional German-inspired pub with contemporary aesthetics from its stylish copper-clad bar and tap handles to earthy wood tones, granite touches and concrete finish accentuated by the warm glow from both natural light through its high ceiling illuminated by ornate circular chandeliers. For those who've frequented The Perfect Pint before at their Greenbelt and Molito branches, the Proscenium at Rockwell location is a leveled-up experience.  

Parking? Check. For added convenience, worry-free and safe basement parking is available right beside The Perfect Pint.  

The elegant new space is impressive, a visual stunner with an upscale feel yet the warmth and casual vibe of The Perfect Pint that we love resonates and cuts through the modern design theme for the brand's signature experience.

The wide open free-flowing space includes an al fresco dining option as well and semi-private areas for more intimate gatherings. A night out with friends or a solo flight, there's a table for you at The Perfect Pint.

Award-Winning Beers Brewed On-Site

You can also sit by the equally impressive bar and get up close and personal to the very heart and core of The Perfect Pint's experience with its artisan selection of craft beers brewed right here at its newest branch. Fresh off the tap is taken quite seriously at The Perfect PintRaymondNoel and master brewer Alec Tempongko along with Chef Gene Gonzalez initially set out to further the local craft beer scene back in 2014 and its current selection of over thirty signature brews says mission accomplished. But not just any roster of brews, The Perfect Pint boasts of an award-winning selection of craft beers from its Equinox Amber Ale awarded the 2019 Asia Beer Championship's Chairman Selection Award with its elegant weave of cinnamon, nutmeg and oak to the innovative Smoked Malt White Mamba Pale Stout bagging the 2019 Asia Beer Championships in Bangkok. The American style Cacao Kick Stout also earned accolades in the 2018 Asia Beer Championships

The Equinox Amber Ale, White Mamba Pale Stout and Cacao Kick Stout are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg at The Perfect Pint with its massive repertoire of house-brewed creations. Take your pick from the classic IPA in all its unique expressions to Lagers and Pale Ales, full-bodied Stouts to Porters. At the bar, a bright neon-lit signage says it all, "Great times start here" promising patrons the brand's original intent and raison d' etre in the local craft beer and culinary scene. The Perfect Pint at The Proscenium Retail Row may be the most elegant and lavish expression of a gastropub in the metro. But it gets better. And bigger too...

The Biggest On-Site Brewery Yet By The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium Retail Raw also houses the biggest on-site brewery by the brand presided and helmed by master brewer Alec Tempongko. Located at the second floor, each of the more than thirty craft beers are created and brewed above before making its way to the taps below. Where else can you find a gastropub matching both the sheer scale and elegance of The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium at Rockwell?

I've always enjoyed a good and hearty stout and dark beer in general, and The Perfect Pint never fails to make you fall in love all over again with their classic and enduring Black Mamba Stout. And it's all made and brewed right here on-site at the second floor of The Perfect Pint.

Exclusive Offerings Only At The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium at Rockwell

A refreshing tipple with the finest local artisan craft beer isn't complete without a sumptuous selection of hearty and comforting dishes created by one of the country's noted culinary icons, Chef Gene Gonzalez. At the formal inauguration of The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium at Rockwell, a curated beer pairing showcased the wide and diverse culinary offerings from their kitchen including dishes you won't find anywhere else exclusive to the newest location with a selected batch from their on-site brewery. That's right, dishes and brews you can only enjoy at The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium Retail Row like the new and refreshing Proscenium Pale Ale, Pan-Seared Scallops, Prawns with Alavar Sauce and Seafood Ravioli featured on the pairing menu.  

One more layer to The Perfect Pint experience is unveiled that afternoon. Chef Gene Gonzalez takes the stage at The Perfect Pint... begin the beer pairing experience...

...breaking down flavors down to its subtle and nuanced elements for the perfect beer pairing experience (for more on Chef Gene Gonzalez, see my posts Rediscovering the Local Bread Culture: Philippine Breads by Chef Gene Gonzalez from 2016, Timeless Classics at Cafe Ysabel from 2015 and A Carabao Cheese Themed Dinner at Cafe Ysabel from seven years back). Beer is an experience in itself, pairing it with food completes it. 

But first, some libation to wet the beak so to speak. A sip of the new and exclusive Proscenium Pale Ale opens up the palate...

...with its refreshingly crisp and bright hoppy notes, setting the mood for the afternoon's pairing at The Perfect Pint. Light and easy on the palate with a flavorful play and layers of subtle sharpness rounded out by a smooth finish, the Proscenium Pale Ale is the perfect introduction at The Perfect Pint's newest location.

Another refreshing sip is followed by tasty bites of fresh-baked bread made from spent grains from the brewing process with generous dabs of butter. Then, the first course was served...

Chef Gene Gonzalez starts the beer pairing with a rustic pasta dish, the Seafood Ravioli filled with the day's succulent fresh catch on a creamy sauce with cherry tomatoes and micro greens topped with a delicately crisp squid-ink tuile. Elegantly plated, the Seafood Ravioli is exclusive to the new branch in The Proscenium at Rockwell

The soft yet firm and delectably chewy ravioli delivers flavorful bursts from the seafood filling draping the palate with a rich briny sweetness. The bold notes of squid ink adds depth to the dish with its subtle salty hints to complete the first course.

Chef Gene Gonzalez then adds a contrasting textural play to the dish with the fresh micro greens and squid-ink tuile for an elegant start to a beer pairing experience at The Perfect Pint.

To pair with the Seafood Ravioli, the wittingly named There Gose Tequila combines classic beer notes with the vibrant, citrusy and mildly acidic hints of lime to cleanse the palate. The savory richness of the Seafood Ravioli are perfectly tempered by the There Gose Tequila for a balanced finish.

Deciding what particular craft beer to start with at The Perfect Pint can be daunting, and the beer pairing offered a glimpse of the wide selection brewed on-site for that perfect afternoon tipple.

Refreshingly crisp and clean, you're ready for the next course...

A pile of homemade, extra crisp bacon served with house pickles brings pure pork goodness to the palate with the aptly named Heap of Fresh Bacon for the second course... 

...a savory number with pure and unrestrained all-pork flavors. A popular best-selling dish from The Perfect Pint's culinary playlist, the Heap of Bacon with house pickles and tart dip will have you going for another bite. 

The Heap of Bacon is paired with the award-winning Equinox Amber Ale, an American red ale with bold hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and oak to complement the savory richness of the Heap of Bacon. The deep, robust and full-bodied finish of the Equinox Amber Ale keeps in step with the pure pork flavors of the bacon, with another sip and bite soon on the way. 

Throughout the afternoon, The Perfect Pint's impressive selection of award-winning brews flowed for that signature vibe the gastropub is known for with more on the way...

The Quirky Dude German Lager is then served showcasing yet another unique craft beer expression and flavor profile from the on-site brewery of The Perfect Pint...

...with the sumptuous Sausage Platter, an assortment of juicy herbed and spiced sausages served with thick-cut and crisp fries, ketchup, pickled vegetables and mustard. Beer and sausages are a traditional pairing, and The Perfect Pint's savory Sausage Platter with the Quirky Dude German Lager is another perfect match. 

The dark lager drapes the palate with its deep and lingering malty notes, pairing perfectly with the variety of sausages delivering savory notes with each snap of a bite. The Quirky Dude's packed with some serious flavors for another must-try brew at The Perfect Pint.

The Proscenium Pale Ale, Equinox Amber Ale and Quirky Dude German Lager are just some of the creative brewed expressions at The Perfect Pint. And needless to say, there's more...'re at The Perfect Pint after all. For the fourth course, Chef Gene Gonzalez served the Slow-Cooked Beef Belly paired with the Fat Flanagan Irish Stout. Melt-in-your-mouth and fork-tender beef with a bold stout? Yes, please. 

Each tender bite drapes the palate with intense beefy notes, tempered by the subtle sharpness of the vinegar dip...

...followed by a long soothing sip of the Fat Flanagan Irish Stout. It's a flavorful duo of bold and upfront flavors, coming together perfectly with each bite and sip. While resisting the urge to order a bowl of rice with the Slow-Cooked Beef Belly, another sip of the Fat Flanagan Irish Stout comes to the rescue. Each course served during the beer pairing session seemed to just get better than the last, and it's a recurring theme at The Perfect Pint

The fifth course featured a seafood classic, the Sizzling Pulpo paired with the Gold Rush IPA. Perfectly cooked, the succulent octopus served on a sizzling cast iron skillet was tender to the bite releasing a rich and briny sweetness to the palate. A fresh drizzle of lemon brings out even more flavors, perfectly finished by the Gold Rush IPA.

Fork-tender with delicately seared edges for even more intense flavors with gentle smoky hints, the Sizzling Pulpo at The Perfect Pint is a flavorful seafood option for Meatless Fridays with solid flavors guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. 

And it just gets better with the Gold Rush IPA by The Perfect Pint to complete the feast. 

For the final course, an old and familiar favorite is served with the Black Mamba Stout bringing back fond memories of my many experiences at The Perfect Pint from so many years ago...

...paired with the indulgent S'mores with Vanilla Ice Cream. It's a fitting ending to a lavish beer pairing feast at The Perfect Pint.

Intricately plated, the S'mores with Vanilla Ice Cream on a soft, moist and fudgy cookie like cake topped with crisp sugar twirls just shows the elevated level of dining in a gastropub setting at The Perfect Pint.

The Black Mamba Stout, a personal favorite since 2014, is the perfect pairing with the decadent dessert creation with rich and deep malty notes followed by just a whisper of nutty sweetness. The beer pairing by Chef Gene Gonzalez perfectly illustrates what a memorable meal with a tipple can be at The Perfect Pint.

This Is Your New Hangout Spot in The Proscenium at Rockwell 

From the elegant interiors to its extensive menu and craft beer selection, the final and last reason why you should visit The Perfect Pint in The Proscenium at Rockwell is pretty obvious by now. This is your new hangout, your own spot for some of the finest local artisan craft beer brewed on-site paired with sumptuous cuisine in the elegant setting of The Proscenium Retail Row.  

One more round of the Proscenium Pale Ale for the road sets you in the right mood at The Perfect Pint, promising even more flavorful stories yet to come. 

What began as a simple desire to serve the finest local artisan brews has blossomed to one of the top-of-mind destinations for a soothing sip and tasty bites at The Perfect Pint. And for brothers RaymondNoel and master brewer Alec Tempongko along with Chef Gene Gonzalez, it's a continuing story with more chapters yet to unfold celebrating life, one pint at a time. 

With the local craft beer culture now part of the culinary mainstream, it's a good time to celebrate with some of the early pioneers of the movement led by Tempongko brothers. Head on over to The Perfect Pint, your perfect spot in The Proscenium at Rockwell for some masterfully brewed crafted libations and sumptuous cuisine. Your table is waiting...

The Perfect Pint is now open and located at The Proscenium Retail Row in Rockwell, Makati (access along Estrella Street across Joya Lofts and Towers). For more information and updates, visit their FB Page at You can also visit their website at

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