Friday, March 24, 2023

Bored & Hungry, Now Smashin' On The Grills at Stall Number 7 of The Grid Food Market For Keeps

A good burger doesn't have to be complicated. And America's Best Burger for 2022 just proves it with the Bored OG Burger...

No longer just a pop-up, Bored & Hungry brings America's Best Burger for 2022 to Manila at Stall Number 7 of The Grid Food Market in Power Plant Mall. And this time, it's for keeps. Now with a permanent stall, experience the smashin' success story of the Bored OG Burger with its signature juicy patty and its crisp skirt around the edges at The Grid Food Market as part of its wide and growing roster of tasty offerings. Ready to get bored and hungry? Then, read on...

My first encounter with the Bored OG Burger by Bored & Hungry was at the weekend pop-up in The Grid Food Market last December (more on my post at NFTs, Crypto and America's Best Burger for 2022. Bored and Hungry Yet? At the Bored & Hungry Pop-Up at The Grid Food Food Market). NFT's, crypto and America's Best Burger may be worlds apart, but the unique story of Bored & Hungry weaves digital currency and tech with their own comforting take on a classic burger you'll only find at The Grid Food Market.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club non-fungible tokens or NFT's prominently featured in the various signage and communications gives the fresh young brand its distinctive look and vibe. I have to admit, I still can't fully grasp the concept behind NFT's but I do know one thing, this burger absolutely rocks. 

Just like the brand's no-frills approach to burgers, the menu at Bored & Hungry is pure simplicity in itself revolving around the Bored OG Burger (P 395), Fries (P 150) or the Bored OG Burger Combo paired with fries and a beverage (P 595). Being boring and simple isn't a bad thing. In the case of Bored & Hungry, there's elegance in its simplicity. 

This straight-forward, back-to-basics and uncluttered take on a classic burger is what sets Bored & Hungry apart for the usual burger options in the metro. The first NFT restaurant, it's not exactly what you'd expect from a pioneering trailblazer out to innovate the culinary scene but it works. Instead, Bored & Hungry takes a step back and goes for a much closer look at the timeless and enduring burger retaining the classic elements from its seared and juicy patty with that crisp skirt around the edges, cheese, pickles, caramelized onions and special sauce on a buttery soft brioche bun for the ultimate burger expression without the frills. And Bored & Hungry absolutely smashes it with the Bored OG Burger.

The old adage "keep it simple" resonates with the Bored OG Burger sticking to the barest minimum for a simple yet hearty burger.

After all, a classic burger done well without the bells and whistles is sometimes all we need to satisfy our burger cravings. And Bored & Hungry is spot on with their Bored OG Burger Combo with fries.

Pick up the Bored OG Burger and you'll find all the mandatory components for a classic burger...

...and burger fans and purists know Bored & Hungry is the ticket to a satisfying burger experience taking you back with its simple and even nostalgic take on the beef patty and bun staple. One bite delivers an intense savory burst from the juicy patty with its seared and delicately crisp edges for that perfect smashed burger followed by the creamy cheese, sweet caramelized onions, sharp hints from the pickles and the perfect finish from the soft and buttery brioche. Bored and hungry? Not after one bite. Guaranteed. 

Full, rounded and deep flavors drapes the palate with each and every bite, just what you'd expect from a classic burger made with the freshest and finest ingredients and masterfully executed. And the secret to the crisp edges, that signature skirt around the juicy beef patty?

It's all about the proper smash on the grill, giving the Bored OG Burger its distinctive flavor, texture and finish. With its patty larger than the bun, that crispness with every bite adds yet another delectable play on textural contrasts to complete the flavors. 

The Bored OG Burger Combo is the best way to get acquainted with the Bored & Hungry experience with its crisp fries for that winning all-time combo. Culinary trends and tech innovations come and go, but Bored & Hungry has something truly special with its Bored OG Burger. Keeping it simple without the usual clutter works all the time. And it's no surprise that the Bored OG Burger was recognized as America's Best Burger for 2022.

No longer a pop-up, Bored & Hungry is here for keeps at Stall Number 7 in The Grid Food Market. If you're still grappling to understand the intricacies of NFT's and crypto in the tech world, take a break and have a Bored OG Burger instead with its own binary equation of a good burger paired with fries. 

Bored & Hungry is located at Stall Number 7 of The Grid Food Market at the R2 Level Expansion Wing, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati or call 759-4605 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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