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Decadence Unleashed: Solaire Resort Entertainment City Launches Solaire Chocolate Month in Collaboration with Auro Chocolate

Long known in history and culture as the "food of the gods," our love affair with chocolate is as old and enduring dating back to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations from the Mayans and Atzecs. To this day, the much prized cacao and its indulgent pleasures in a wide variety of countless forms and shapes continues to tease our palate and insatiable appetite for more. For one month, Solaire Resort celebrates pure and unrestrained chocolate decadence unleashed...

In the most lavish expression of pure chocolate indulgence yet, Solaire Resort in collaboration with Auro Chocolate launches Solaire Chocolate Month for a grand and memorable celebration of decadence unleashed with a full calendar of chocolate inspired activities. For the month of July, guests and diners can indulge in an unforgettable chocolate feast at Oasis Garden Cafe, Finestra Italian Steakhouse, Waterside, Yakumi and Fresh with a creative menu for a unique dining experience. Love chocolate? Then, read on...

Chocolate takes the spotlight this coming month of July at Solaire Resort showcasing an extensive selection of chocolate creations and desserts in all of the luxurious property's restaurants. From chocolate-themed afternoon tea to elevated Sunday brunches, sumptuous lunch and dinner buffets and an elegant Four Hands dinner, Solaire Resort goes all-out in a month-long chocolate festival to remember.  

In a special preview, guests were give a sneak peek at the decadent expressions of chocolate for the festival at Oasis Garden Cafe (for more on Oasis Garden Cafe, see my previous post Afternoon Tea with a Franco-Asian Spin: The Culinary Masters Afternoon Tea with Chef Justin Quek at Oasis Garden Cafe in Solaire Resort from late last year).

Chocolate in all its glorious expressions and creations from decadent desserts to beverages and even savory courses take centerstage for a full month in a culinary event like no other. Solaire Resort in partnership with Auro Chocolate presents the most creative and elaborate renditions from the prized cacao bean for a uniquely flavorful journey...

...with the bean-to-bar experience from one of the country's leading pioneers in chocolate. Different tables were set up at Oasis Garden Cafe to illustrate the long and tedious process behind the much prized and sought after cacao for a virtual peek at the back story of the much revered bean... 

...from harvest, fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding. The bean-to-bar process takes time and a whole lot of love, culminating in a luxurious bite and soothing sip. It takes more than just a few years for a cocoa tree to produce enough pods to make a few chocolate bars and roughly 400 cacao beans to make a pound of chocolate. It's a labor of love, and we just can't have enough of it with the continued popularity of chocolate. Since its domestication roughly 5,000 years ago, cacao has emerged as one of the world's top commodities.

And the power of chocolate continues to be a love affair that remains strong and enduring. At Solaire Resort, you can rediscover your love for chocolate for a whole month. For serious chocoholics, this is an affair to remember.

In a special collaboration with Auro Chocolate, Solaire Resort takes you deep into the tree-to-bar world of chocolate expressed in a tempting variety of indulgent creations. Proudly homegrown, Auro Chocolate has earned global recognition for its artisan tree-to-bar philosophy while promoting sustainability for some of the world's finest local chocolate (for more on Auro Chocolate, see my earlier posts MerryMooXAuroChocolate: Tree-to-Bark, Cow-to-Pint. Meet the New Limited Edition Nibbles Collection by Merry Moo Ice Cream and Auro Chocolate Just for Valentine's from early this year, Makati's Poblacion, In Chocolate: At The Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl... on a unique culinary tour of Makati's famous and eclectic neighborhood and Indulgent Collaborations: Mr. Donut + Auro Chocolate = Pure Chocolate Donut Indulgence both from 2019). 

Laid out in a decadent spread, a preview of what to expect from Solaire Resort and Auro Chocolate for Solaire Chocolate Month is presented in a mouthwatering selection of exquisite culinary creations. Thisis pure chocolate love. And for a whole month too.

At the exclusive preview, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Auro Chocolate Kelly Go and Solaire Resort Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett invited guests to a virtual walk-through of the complex process behind chocolate for a better appreciation of the indulgent chocolate creations offered for Solaire Chocolate Month.

The insightful introduction to the world of chocolate began with a detailed description of the prized cacao, the long process from tree-to-bar and it's multi-layered flavors providing the inspiration for the dessert creations of Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett...

...along with a taste of the fresh cacao seed itself. Sour and mildly bitter, the raw seeds are a long way from the flavors we've associated with chocolate. The tedious process from fermentation, drying, roasting and grinding brings this magical transformation to the seeds... become that secret sinful indulgence we all love. The pleasures of chocolate begins with a long and often difficult journey, but the end result is the revered food of the gods that continues to captivate and charm our palates. 

From there, Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett teased the palate with rich and decadent yet comforting libations made with chocolate like the classic Chocolate Milkshake and spirited Chocolate Martini.

The Chocolate Milkshake topped with silky smooth whipped cream brings a nostalgic vibe from that very first sip...

...while the Chocolate Martini packs a serious kick mellowed by the deep, nutty chocolate notes to open up the palate for Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Oasis Garden Cafe.

And what a chocolate feast. Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett feeds the eyes before the palate with his luxurious dessert creations for Solaire Chocolate Month...

...from indulgent cakes... intricate pastries...

...and so much more. That feeling like a kid in a toy store comes to mind surrounded by a lavish selection of chocolate desserts in all shapes, sizes. colors and forms. You just can't have enough chocolate, right? And you can experience the same kind of chocolate love at Solaire Resort...

...with Chocolate Afternoon Tea (P 1,900+) at Oasis Garden Cafe. Available starting July 1 until the end of the month, Chocolate Afternoon Tea seamlessly weaves chocolate into the afternoon tea experience with its intricate selection of sweet and savory bites. 

The three-tiered tray for Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Oasis Garden Cafe includes tasty savory bites... Chicken Sausage Quinoa Pie, Sesame Tuna with Chocolate Pretzel Stick, Beef Bourguignon in Rich Chocolate Sauce and crisp Potato Nest and Chorizo along with various Tea Sandwiches like Solaire Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Lobster and Avocado in Charcoal Brioche Toast, Roasted Beef and Burrata in Chocolate Banana Bread and Creamy Chicken in Garlic Baguette.

And for the sweet bites? Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett served his Chocolate Brioche, Amarena Cherry and Vanilla Chocolate Créme; Calamansi Chocolate & Pistachio Praline with Coffee FiloMilk Chocolate Sponge, Milk Chocolate Crémeux and Mango Créme; Raspberry, White Chocolate and Lime with Breton and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.

No afternoon tea is complete without scones, and Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett served Traditional Scones as well as Cocoa Scones with Nutella, Orange Marmalade and Devonshire Style Cream.

From savory bites including playfully inventive creations infused with chocolate... inspired desserts, Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett proves chocolate dreams do come true with the Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Oasis Garden Cafe.

Enjoy all this under the dramatic skylight of Oasis Garden Cafe accompanied by the soothing melodies from live musical performers for a memorable afternoon. 

One of the many highlights of Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Oasis Garden Cafe is the Hot Chocolate Sphere poured with hot milk. As the chocolate sphere slowly melts from the hot milk, gently stir for a warm sip of pure chocolate bliss.

Executive Pastry Chef Ben Haslett has so much more lined up for you with Solaire Chocolate Month, so mark your calendar. For the full month calendar of activities with Solaire Chocolate Month, here's a listing of offers you just can't pass up:

Oasis Garden Cafe 
Chocolate High Tea
What Not To Miss: Chocolate-themed afternoon tea with a tempting variety of savory and sweet chocolate desserts 
Date: July 1-312023
Price per PersonP 1,900+

Finestra Italian Steakhouse
Finestra Sunday Brunch
What Not To Miss: Chocolate Garden, Nitrogen Affogato, family-style chocolate desserts, and chocolate-inspired candy trolley made with Auro Chocolate
Date: July 2, 2023
Price per Person: P 5,555+

Chocolate Art Waterside Sunday Brunch
What Not To Miss: Chocolate Grazing Table, month-long chocolate desserts and Mega Milkshakes
Date: July 9, 2023
Price per Person: P 3,499+

Yakumi Sunday Brunch Experience
What Not To Miss: Chocolate infused Bento desserts, Chocolate & Japanese Whisky Bon Bons with custom Omamori for giveaway
Date: July 16, 2023
Price per Person: P 3,888+

Let It Flow Lunch and Dinner Buffet
What Not To Miss: Chocolate Fountain, chocolate savory dishes, chocolate dessert bar and pass around
Date: July 23, 2023
Price per Person: P 2,999+ 

The month-long celebration culminates with an exquisite Four Hands Dinner experience featuring Chef Rhea Rizzo of Mrs. Saldo's and Solaire Resort's very own Chef Andrea Spagoni on July 26 and 27 at Finestra Italian Steakhouse featuring an elegant 7-course seafood and meat dinner with single-origin and vintage chocolate by Auro Chocolate (P 8.888+).

Ready for Solaire Chocolate Month? It's the most decadent celebration of chocolate yet combining one of the finest artisan local chocolate and masterful execution by creative chefs in an elegant setting. 

Whether it's Sunday Brunch, Lunch and Dinner Buffet, Chocolate Afternoon Tea or an elegant Four Hands dinner, rediscover your love for chocolate at Solaire Resort in collaboration with Auro Chocolate. Now book that reservation and experience decadence unleashed...

Oasis Garden Cafe is located the Ground Floor of Solaire Resort, Entertainment City, 1 Aseana Avenue, Parañaque City, Metro Manila. You can also visit the FB Page of Solaire Resort at and the official website at for added information on the Solaire Chocolate Month and for updates or call 8888 8888 for inquiries and reservations.

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