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Afternoon Tea with a Franco-Asian Spin: The Culinary Masters Afternoon Tea with Chef Justin Quek at Oasis Garden Cafe in Solaire Resort

You can have traditional afternoon tea or make it a lot more interesting and let Chef Justin Quek serve you his inspired take on sweet and savory creations. One of Singapore's celebrated culinary icons, experience afternoon tea with a unique Franco-Asian spin by Chef Justin Quek at Oasis Garden Cafe...

Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup, Odeh Odeh, Chendol Crème Brulée and Siu Mei, not what you'd expect from a traditional afternoon tea. Then again, there's nothing quite traditional with the Culinary Masters Afternoon Tea showcasing the novel and inventive fusion of Asian flavors with French techniques in an elegant and seamless blend. From September 20 to 25, Singaporean Chef Justin Quek teases your palate for afternoon tea like no other at Oasis Garden Cafe in Solaire Resort.

Illuminated by the massive skylight at the Sky Tower atrium, Oasis Garden Cafe is a tranquil haven away from the busy and bright lights of the gaming and entertainment areas of the luxurious integrated resort. Taking the outdoors in with its unique design, the wide open and lush greens surrounding Oasis Garden Cafe adds to the tranquil vibe at one of Solaire Resort's many dining outlets.  

The intricate design with its exposed structure perfectly frames Oasis Garden Cafe making it the perfect spot to escape the busy gaming areas at Solaire Resort with its garden-inspired theme.

That day, a live performance completed the mood to brighten an otherwise rainy and cloudy day. But that's not all that await guests and diners at Oasis Garden Cafe.

Singapore's top celebrity chef returns to Manila for a trio of one-of-a-kind culinary events at Solaire Resort including the Oasis Afternoon Tea by Chef Justin Quek from September 20 to 25. Chef Justin Quek will also serve up an elegant and sumptuous feast with the Eat-All-You-Can Dim Sum Lunch at Red Lantern from September 20 to 25 and a luxurious and Exclusive Wine Pairing Dinner also at Red Lantern from September 20 to 24 (visit their website at for more details and information).

Known for his creative and modern Franco-Asian culinary style, Chef Justin Quek is Singapore's most internationally known chef as well as the first Asian chef invited to participate in Lufthansa's prestigious Star Chefs program. Chef Justin Quek also boasts of an award-filled resume including Best Chef of the Year at the inaugural World Gourmet Summit Awards as well as Award of Excellence and Hall of Fame Best Chef recognition, the San Pellegrino Chef of the Year, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the annual New World Food and Wine Festival among a long list of accolades. 

It's this kind of culinary excellence Chef Justin Quek brings to the table at Solaire Resort. Including Afternoon Tea that's far from the usual at Oasis Garden Cafe.  

Your Oasis Afternoon Tea begins with a refreshingly crisp glass of Riesling Semi-Dry "Justin Quek" 2021 from Schloss Vollrads, Rheingau, Germany. From his private wine selection, the Riesling pairs perfectly with the sweet and savory creations of Chef Justin Quek.  

During the exclusive preview, each refreshing sip of the featured Riesling from the chef's private wine selection signaled the start of the Oasis Afternoon Tea experience... anticipation builds for the savory and sweet creations of Chef Justin Quek. The afternoon tea tradition presents unique challenges for any chef, and the multi-awarded chef does not disappoint.

Chef Justin Quek draws inspiration from his Asian roots for the first pair of savory courses at the Oasis Afternoon Tea in Solaire Resort. A steamer filled with Truffle Xiao Long Bao and Siu Mei Stuffed with Molten Quail Egg are just the first in a series of tasty bites for afternoon tea with a Franco-Asian spin created by the renowned Singaporean chef. 

The Siu Mei Stuffed with Molten Quail Egg isn't your usual dim sum. A dip in the chili sauce adds that layer of sharp notes to cut through the savory richness delivering a flavorful burst in one bite...

...while the Truffle Xiao Long Bao drapes the palate with a deep, nutty and earthy richness for a lingering and indulgent finish. Masterfully executed, Chef Justin Quek's dim sum creations are an homage to Singapore's diverse culinary heritage as well as his own creative and modern interpretation of traditional flavors. One more sip of the Riesling cleanses the palate for the next course...

...the JQ Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup. One of Chef Justin Quek's signature dishes back in Singapore, the deceptively light broth is packed with intense flavors and a layer of soothing heat to complement the savory slabs of pork, succulent prawns and crunchy deep-fried pork lard.

Richly flavored with prawns, the spicy notes of the broth are tempered by a fresh briny sweetness with the crunchy pork lard adding textural contrast and flavor. The medley of fresh ingredients including vegetables add to the complex weave of flavors of the JQ Spicy Prawn Noodle Soup by Chef Justin Quek.

An ornate afternoon tea stand is then placed on the table revealing the full array of tasty bites...

...with its elegant blend of Asian flavors and French flair. The diverse influences, culinary styles and creativity of Chef Justin Quek is on full display at Oasis Garden Cafe for an afternoon tea experience you just won't find anywhere else. 

Starting from the top tier of the afternoon tea stand, the Housemade Seaweed Crackers with its light and delicate crispness is a real treat. The distinct briny notes and crunch are followed by a savory umami finish with its rich blend of seasonings. 

Clockwise down the tier, the Truffle Croque Monsieur brings comfortingly familiar flavors with the richness of truffle pairing well with the traditional ham and cheese. Chef Justin Quek revisits the French classic with generous amounts of the prized truffle on French ham and cheese in between thin and crisp sourdough bread for another play on contrasting textures and savory flavors. 

The Durian Puff and Odeh Odeh takes inspiration from Asian delicacies transitioning to sweet creations by Chef Justin Quek for the Oasis Afternoon Tea. The soft profiterole filled with creamy durian offers deep flavors without the usual funk from the "King of Fruits" for refined and indulgent bites while the Odeh Odeh features delicately layered stacks of sponge, plum juice sugar, pandan, coconut milk and grated coconut recreating the classic glutinous rice dessert of Singapore and Malaysia. 

At the bottom of the tea stand, the Jasmine Tea Jelly with Lychee and Osmanthus flower and Chendol Crème Brulée continues the rich Asian notes in decadent expressions of indulgent yet delicate sweetness. The soft and creamy textures of the ornate jelly brings subtle notes to the palate with lingering floral hints, and the caramelized torched surface infused with the unique notes of cendol adds depth to the lavish custard. 

The classic Freshly Baked Financier and crisp Salted Almond Tuile brings a French vibe to your Oasis Afternoon Tea experience by Chef Justin Quek. The crisp tuile with almonds teases the palate with its textural play while the buttery hints of the Financier just brings it home with a few bites.

The Oasis Afternoon Tea experience by Chef Justin Quek is capped by the Calamansi Tart and Kampot Black Pepper Praline for a satisfying finish. 

Who knew black pepper would pair well with chocolate? Well, it does and it's the perfect ending to a lavish afternoon tea experience by Chef Justin Quek.

Playfully inventive and masterfully executed, the Oasis Afternoon Tea is both refreshingly new and different for a memorable dining experience at Solaire Resort. The creative infusion of Asian flavors to a distinctly western tradition makes the Oasis Afternoon Tea experience stand out from the usual offerings, but better hurry. The Oasis Afternoon Tea by Chef Justin Quek runs only until September 25 so book your table (see links below for reservations). The Oasis Afternoon Tea by Chef Justin Quek is priced at P 2,288+ for two. 

At the end of the preview, guests were handed a special package from the team of Chef Justin Quek...

...featuring uniquely Asian flavors that you can recreate at home in a variety of dishes. Meeting Chef Justin Quek and sampling his culinary creations at Oasis Afternoon Tea has to be one of the many highlights for the year.

You can go for afternoon tea or try something different with the innovative Oasis Afternoon Tea by world-class Chef Justin Quek at Solaire Resort. And for a limited time, experience Franco-Asian flavors for a unique spin on afternoon tea until September 25 at Oasis Garden Cafe.

For more on Chef Justin Quek's Eat-All-You-Can Dim Sum Lunch and Wine Pairing Dinner Dinner at Red Lantern and Afternoon Tea at Oasis, visit the FB Page of Solaire Resort at for more updates or click the link for reservations. You can also visit the website at for more information on Oasis Garden Cafe or call 8888 8888 for inquiries.

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