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The World's Finest in One Place. At One World Deli...

Succulent oysters from Ireland, plump prawns from the mangroves of Vietnam, fresh ocean trout from Australia, Braveheart Beef from the US and Dingley Dell pork from the UK. That's just some of the much sought after and prized selections from One World Deli. And there's a whole lot more...

Breaking for lunch at the recently concluded 2022 Escoffier Young Talents Culinary Competition (see more on my post here at The Torch is Passed to the Next Generation of Young Chefs at the 2022 Escoffier Young Talents Culinary Competition), the group headed to One World Deli along Jupiter Street in Makati to experience the world's finest in one place. It's a veritable one-stop shop for everything and anything delicious from around the world with its premium curated selection of ingredients and beverages. A part of PYC Food Corporation which also includes One World Kitchen (see more on my post, One Dinner. One Menu. Across Thirty Countries. Celebrating the Culinary Legacy of Auguste Escoffier with an Epicure's Dinner by Escoffier Philippines at One World Kitchen) and SawSaw, One World Deli offers a unique experience with its curated selection of world quality offerings. Now, let's take a closer look shall we? 

The spacious interiors with its impressive rows of chillers, freezers and glass tanks (yes, they do have live seafood) reflect just a part of the wide array of offerings sourced from all over the world at One World Deli. From wine to beverages, fruits and vegetables, dairy and gourmet cheeses, oils and dressings, bottled and canned products and an assortment of premium meats and seafood, One World Deli has that one special ingredient for that perfect dish you've been looking for in stock. Aptly named, One World Deli brings the best of the world to you.  

The clean and uncluttered layout with its contemporary industrial theme adds a modern look and feel to One World Deli. Searching for that one special ingredient is easy at One World Deli, with each section clearly identified and marked for your convenience. If you find yourself still searching for that elusive and prized ingredient, simply ask the staff for assistance. 

One World Deli is all about memorable stories built around good food. And One World Deli promises to bring your delicious stories to life with their curated selection of the world's very best including local artisan products. 

Infinite possibilities. That's the key takeaway shoppers get when they visit One World Deli. For professional chefs and home cooks, all the ingredients needed for that special dish can be found at One World Deli. Even with its impressive selection, One World Deli still exudes that neighborhood deli vibe. But it's the glass tanks that draws your eyes with its fresh catch of live seafood...

...including Alaskan King Crab from the frigid waters of the Bering Sea way up north...

...to Maine Lobsters and Brolos Western Rock Lobsters. For the final round of the 2022 Escoffier Young Talents Culinary Competition, One World Deli provided the main ingredient, fresh live lobsters, to the young chefs for their last dish (for more on the prestigious culinary competition for chefs under 25 by Disciples Escoffier, see my post here). 

From the cold waters off Alaska to the American Midwest, Ireland, the UK and Australia, One World Deli has it all conveniently stocked in their shelves, freezers, tanks and chillers. It's also one of the best places to enjoy a sumptuous meal made from the freshest premium ingredients masterfully executed in their own kitchen. With its specialty Raw Bar, diners can enjoy freshly shucked oysters and seafood with a glass of wine or a cold beer (but be sure to book your seat as the secret's out, the Raw Bar at One World Deli is no longer one of Makati's best kept secrets).  

That day, the kitchen prepared a lavish off-the-menu feast using their premium curated selection of fresh seafood and prime meats... 

...starting with wild-caught sustainable Ocean Trout from Australia. The vibrant hues of the fresh ocean trout is a visual cue to its equally flavorful briny richness and buttery finish melting in your mouth while releasing even more intense yet clean notes. Like butter, the silky smooth texture will have you going for another slice. Sweet hints weave with briny notes in a balanced and seamless blend with each tasty bite.

Sustainably sourced Binca Prawns Shrimp Cocktail from the mangroves of Vietnam is the next tasty course with plump and succulent prawns delivering a fresh snap with each bite draping the palate with a briny sweetness. Pure and clean flavors with a mildly sweet finish, it just doesn't get any fresher than this. A dab in the cocktail sauce completes the flavors.

Gallagher Oysters from the cold waters of Ireland bring a burst of fresh, clean and briny notes for another impressive starter at One World Deli. The size and smooth texture of the plump oysters are the first things you'll notice after one bite followed by that intense burst of briny notes. A squeeze of lemon is all that's needed to round out the flavors. Seafood sourced from colder waters usually deliver richer and much deeper and sweeter flavors, and these Gallagher Oysters from Ireland is one clear example setting it apart from the usual tropical variety.  

Take it all in with one big bite and a gentle slurp and prepare for a vibrant pop of rich and fresh flavors. These Gallagher Oysters are just one of many reasons to visit One World Deli

Garden-fresh Lollo Rosso lettuce and mixed greens from Pedro Farms drizzled with the in-house specialty Goddess dressing brings pure and clean notes to the palate...

...washed down perfectly by Stanford Shaw Old Fashioned Ginger Ale, another homegrown artisan brand you'll find at One World Deli. From wild-caught Ocean Trout from Australia, Binca Prawns from Vietnam, Gallagher Oysters from Ireland and fresh mixed greens and Lollo Rosso lettuce from Pedro Farms paired with Stanford Shaw Old-Fashioned Ginger Ale, it's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg at One World Deli with so many more to discover and experience. And that's just all for starters. 

One World Deli carries premium beef and pork from all over the world, and the kitchen can grill it just the way you like it. Medium rare for the Braveheart Prime Ribeye from the US? Yes, please...

The beautifully marbled slab of Prime Ribeye from Braveheart delivers a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth richness from the first slice all the way to the last. And no, you don't have to add anything to this perfectly seasoned and grilled steak. A slab of premium beef like this is best enjoyed as is, without any sauce or extraneous topping for that pure and uncluttered beefy goodness. Juicy and fork-tender, the buttery texture from the marbling makes this steak just one of many personal top picks at One World Deli

A good steak shouldn't be complicated, keeping it simple, well seasoned and romanced by the grill are all it takes when you have premium beef like the Braveheart Prime Ribeye. And you'll find it at One World Deli.

The spotlight then shifts to world-class pork from the UK with the Dingley Dell Pork Chop simply seasoned and grilled delivering rich, nutty and mildly sweet hints with just a whisper of fragrant smoky notes from the grill. The flavors are fresh and clean, draping the palate with a savory richness. Tender to the bite, the pork and its layer of thin fat combine for a flavorful punch with a subtle natural sweetness from the pork for that perfect savory finish. World-class quality meats make a big difference in flavor, and this premium slab from Dingley Dell just elevates your pork chop experience. 

And there's more. The Braveheart Prime USDA Tenderloin grilled to medium rare is another savory treat at One World Deli. The Braveheart Prime USDA Tenderloin offers a completely different steak experience with just pure beefy richness and flavors. Richly seasoned and grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center, no sauce is needed just like the Braveheart Prime Ribeye served earlier. But the flavors are just as rich and savory with that unctuous buttery finish and a gentle whisper of smoke from the grill. 

Sides of Butter Herbed Rice and Garlic Mashed Potatoes complemented our feast of Braveheart Prime Ribeye, Dingley Dell Pork Chop and Braveheart Prime USDA Tenderloin. 

The kitchen at One World Deli fires up one more dish for the group. Completing our feast at One World Deli is the Pan Seared Barramundi from the US topped with herbs, garlic and butter. Each bite delivers a burst of briny sweetness from the meaty and soft barramundi, finished by the rich notes from the herbs, butter and garlic. Like all the courses served earlier, the dishes are deceptively simple and uncomplicated with the fish, beef and pork as the star of the plate proving once again that not much is needed when you have the very best ingredients at One World Deli.

The freshest seafood like wild-caught Ocean Trout from Australia, plump Binca Prawns from Vietnam, succulent Gallagher Oysters from Ireland, garden fresh greens from Pedro Farms, juicy and fork-tender Prime Ribeye and USDA Tenderloin from Braveheart, Dingley Dell Pork Chop from the UK and fresh Barramundi from the US, it just doesn't get better than that. Pick your fresh selections and indulge in the world's very best at One World Deli.

If you've been searching for that one special ingredient, chances are you'll find it here at One World Deli. It's time to create your own memorable stories and bring it to life as a professional chef or home cook with the wide array of premium selections from here and abroad at One World Deli

One World Deli is located at 11 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati or call +63917 804 0821, +63 927 478 0868 and +63969 224 7658 for inquiries. You can also visit their website at https://oneworlddeli.com/ for orders and FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/OneWorldDeli/ for updates.

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