Monday, June 10, 2013

Asya Filipino Asian Restaurant: A Cool Mix of Filipino and Asian Flavors

Familiar comfort food, distinct Asian flavors, the richness of Asian cuisine at reasonable prices. Sounds good to me...

Owned and managed by the same group behind Duo, Zuni and Sutra, all fine dining establishments, Asya is the group's first restaurant concept offering Filipino cuisine with a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes at friendly prices. The group's experience with its high-end restaurants comes to play in Asya, where quality ingredients blend with traditional Filipino and Asian flavors at reasonable prices.

Inside, one finds bright and spacious interiors, with bright splashes of color and amusing chairs with Asian icons. The unique chairs with cartoon-like figures indicate a cool vibe and playful character, and if you're dining on your own, just sit beside one these chairs and you won't feel alone. Creepy, but fun just the same.

The flavors at Asya are simple but comforting, familiar and hearty. We start with Asya's Sizzling Crispy Pork Sisig (P 175), a delicious blend of tender and crispy textures in every spoonful, with a generous mix of chili, perfect with a few beers.

Then, Asya's Crispy Lumpiang Tinapa at Gulay (P 125) arrived, a traditional deep-fried spring roll with vegetables and an additional layer of flavor from the smoked fish. The crisp spring roll is stuffed generously with fresh vegetables, with just a subtle hint from the tinapa, another cool blend of textures and flavors.

Kalderetang Kambing (P 450), stewed young goat in liver sauce. Tender meat in a rich sweet but mildly spiced sauce with potatoes and carrots, great with rice.

Next up, the Sinugba Platter (P 995), a full platter of assorted grilled items, including grilled chicken, catfish, pork belly and stuffed squid, served with burong Kapampangan, eggplant and mustasa. Everything is grilled just perfectly, and the stuffed squid, catfish and pork belly are definitely winners.  A party on a platter, ideal for sharing, and a personal favorite.

Asya's Sinugba Platter is best paired with the Seafood Aligue Rice (P 230), with rich crab fat, squid and shrimps adding even more flavor. The dish offers a cool combo of flavors and textures, and you'll definitely go for extra rice.

For dessert, go for the Coconut Leche Flan (P 50), with strips of macapuno adding to the richness of the dessert.

Sweet, indulgent and beautifully presented, it's a perfect ending to cap a cool meal at Asya.

Asya also offers a cool version of Turon, the Turon de Langka (P 75), with vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce. Traditional, comforting flavors. And at Asya, that's exactly what you get. Go all-Filipino, or mix it up with other Asian dishes. If you find yourself at Eton Centris with a sudden craving for Filipno Asian flavors without busting your wallet, Asya is definitely the place. 

Asya Filipino Asian Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, Centris Walk, Eton Centris, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City or call 994-8467 & 738-4939 for inquiries.

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