Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Salmon 100 Ways and More: Salmon Nights at Diamond Hotel's Corniche

Salmon. From sashimi to gravlax, baked, steamed and grilled, and everything in between. Salmon a hundred ways and more. Diamond Hotel's Corniche launches its Salmon Nights, a seafood buffet showcasing a variety of premium salmon dishes, including Norwegian Salmon, every Friday.

In addition to the premium salmon selection every Friday at Corniche, the buffet also includes the signature Japanese corner, a grilling station, appetizer counter, and the popular desserts station, featuring homemade ice cream and cakes from Diamond Hotel's The Cake Club. A real power buffet any way you look at it.

Located at the lobby level of Diamond Hotel, Corniche offers some of the best buffets in the metro. And after the  successful Lobster Buffet, Corniche follows up with another impressive seafood feast. Leave it to Corniche to constantly amaze and delight with its creative themed buffet promotions.

And the salmon selection does not disappoint. Here's a quick rundown on what you can expect from Corniche's Salmon Nights...

Start with the freshest Salmon Sashimi at the Japanese counter...including a variety of sushi prepared with salmon.

Corniche also offers the unique and tasty Salmon Paella, with chunks of salmon and vegetables.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon, freshly grilled and elegantly plated by the station chefs. Moist with a subtle sweetness, the way premium Norwegian salmon should be. Simple, yet rich flavors, and you can go for seconds...

Craving for pizza? No worries, Corniche has that covered. The Smoked Salmon Pizza with Four Cheeses, freshly baked and topped with onions, olives and herbs. The sharpness of the olives, the creamy combo of cheeses and the subtle sweetness of the salmon combine well for one cool pizza.

Salmon Kebab with roasted garlic and dill sauce, tender skewered chunks of salmon lightly grilled, a light meal in itself.

At the roasting station, a variety of meats including pork and beef are displayed on the wooden chopping boards. And salmon is represented here too with the Czech Baked Salmon, tender and juicy whole salmon baked in butter.

Salmon Head Teriyaki, sweet and tender, sprinkled with sesame seeds. This one's great with a few beers...

Pasta? Try the Salmon Cannelloni, a creamy and rich dish with generous chinks of salmon...

...or the Salmon and Ricotta Pasta Salad, topped with vegetables, for a light yet tasty meal.

You can also let the station chefs surprise you with an elegantly plated dish of Grilled Salmon cuts with vegetables.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Salmon, salmon with an Asian twist. Delicate, tender and light, another cool salmon dish.

And if you enjoy salmon in its purest, no frills way, then let the station chefs select a choice cut and grill it for you with salt and pepper, maybe a little lemon, and you have your dish in minutes.

Sous Vide Salmon with truffle oil and dill, a classic and temperature-sensitive cooking method, for an unbelievably soft and moist salmon dish. Subtle yet rich flavors characterize this dish, for an almost melt-in-your-mouth experience. An excellent dish and a definite must try.

And the best part? You can go for seconds and thirds without the guilt, with salmon being a much more healthier buffet option. Salmon in more than hundred ways. Chef Jerry Montenegro Cruz (R), Head Chef, and his team are ready to delight your palates with their delectable salmon dishes every Friday at the Corniche. The Salmon Nights buffet is priced at P 2,385++nett per person, a pretty cool deal for salmon a hundred ways and more. Plus, you get to sample all the other regular items at Corniche, including salads, cold cuts and cheeses, and a variety of grilled meats and desserts. See you this Friday...

For inquiries and reservations, you can call Corniche at Diamond Hotel at 528-3000 ext. 1121.

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  1. we were there on their first day and it was like salmon heaven haha! feasted on their smoked salmon and salmon with asparagus. :)

    1. hey Berylle, awesome salmon feast, real salmon heaven!

  2. Wow 100 ways talaga? That got me curious!

    1. hey Stacy,it felt and tasted even more than salmon 100 ways, from salmon sashimi and sushi, to soup and paella, pasta, pizza, smoked, baked, grilled, steamed and more...seriously good salmon buffet.


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