Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Holding Back The Rains at Sunshine Kitchen

The crazy rains and even crazier traffic the night before made me think twice about venturing deep into the metro, but I've always been wanting to try the much talked about Slow Roast Porchetta of Sunshine Kitchen. It was another evening without any stars, signs of another possible massive downpour. But it would take more than the potential threat of flooding or being stuck in traffic for hours to hold me back...

Located at the second floor of Fort Pointe Building, Sunshine Kitchen is one of many restaurants at The Fort Strip. Known for its artisanal pizzas, Sunshine Kitchen serves classic comfort food drawing inspiration from American, Italian and Spanish/Basque cuisine.

Inside, one finds rustic brick walls and floor to ceiling glass windows lined with shelves showcasing different items one usually finds at home, giving it a warm and casual vibe. The open kitchen set-up is also a cool feature, and its always comforting to see your dish prepared right before you, just like home. And the kitchen fires away preparing our dinner orders...

A cool and refreshing Mint Cooler before dinner, a clean yet flavorful beverage that's just perfect for the dishes to come.

Dinner begins with Sunshine Kitchen's Marinated Whiting (P 290), fresh fish marinated in garlic, lemon juice, wine vinegar, olive oil, and served with fresh baked rolls. The subtle sweetness of the fish is contrasted with the sharpness of the wine vinegar and lemon, punching through like a taste of sunshine on a cloudy evening. Simple, clean flavors that pairs perfectly with the freshly baked rolls.

Next, Sunshine Kitchen's Creamy Crab and Shrimp Dip with Artichokes (P 380), also served with fresh baked rolls. Rich, creamy and generously loaded with chunks of crab meat and shrimp, that just goes so well with the rolls. The freshly baked bread at Sunshine Kitchen is one of the best I've tried, and usually good sign. Great, freshly baked bread more often than not indicates the kitchen's passion for made-from-scratch dishes, and this is evident with the first few starters, and the mains that followed.

Mediterranean Salad (P 290), tomato, cucumber, olives, onions, feta and romaine with a tangy vinaigrette. Freshness and simple flavors make this dish, as the crisp veggies add layers of textures spiked with a sharp vinaigrette, a refreshing salad.

This. Sunshine Kitchen's signature 6 Hour Slow Roast Porchetta (P 480), served with white rice pilaf, herbed salsa and green beans. Perfectly crisp cracklings over tender, and juicy pork, slow-cooked to perfection. Slow food definitely rules. Inspired by the local lechon, Sunshine Kitchen's Porchetta brings together a crispy outer layer and tender pork with its tedious slow roast process.

Served with three flavorful sauces, giving a unique and distinct taste, making each bite of the flavorful pork different. And with pork this good, the hefty serving of rice pilaf is just right. This was definitely worth the drive and risking the floods. 

And finally, one of Sunshine Kitchen's artisanal pizzas arrived. Myta's Pizza (P 480), topped with marinara sauce, ricotta, bell peppers, and Cabanatuan Sausage. All of Sunshine Kitchen's pizzas are freshly made, and being a popular item, one can see the kitchen in a constant state of activity, rolling out fresh pizza dough and topping it with some cool combos. The Cabanatuan Sausage adds a nice garlicky flavor that blends well with the ricotta and sweet bell peppers. The idea to serve pizza came about when the owners had one of those late night cravings for a real Neapolitan style pizza. And since there were none at the time, it was just logical to include it in the menu. And its now one of Sunshine Kitchen's signature dishes. A unique and inventive pizza with that cool Sunshine Kitchen touch.

Our dinner ends with a simple yet indulgent dessert. Sunshine Kitchen's Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, simply served on crushed Graham. Refreshing, with clean and sharp flavors, and an cool ending to balance the rich flavors of the previous dishes.

After dinner, it was time to hit the road. The expected rains didn't pour that night. No metro-wide floods, no nasty traffic jams. Somehow, it seemed even the very name Sunshine Kitchen conspired with the weather to make this dinner possible, and for an awesome dining experience. Rain or shine, Sunshine Kitchen is well worth the drive.

Sunshine Kitchen is located at the 2nd Floor, Fort Pointe Building, The Fort Strip, 5th Avenie, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig or call 0929-813-9775 for inquiries.

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