Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breakfast at Sentro 1771

A jogger takes a break before pushing the last mile. A pair of dog owners in their regular morning walk check the breakfast menu posted outside the many establishments. There's a nice stillness in Serendra on a weekend morning, as the early morning crowd slowly trickle in, looking for one thing. Breakfast. 

Just a few minutes past 8am, Sentro 1771 at Serendra is filled with the early morning crowd for the popular breakfast sets. After trying the signature dishes at Sentro 1771 for lunch (see my previous post here at, it was time to try Sentro 1771's unique modern Filipino twist on breakfast. 

Sentro 1771 offers both Filipino and Western-style breakfast sets from 7am to 10:30am daily. And on a beautiful weekend morning, a good breakfast is mandatory to complete the morning experience. 

The bright interiors surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows make Sentro 1771 a perfect spot for breakfast, washing the entire place with natural light. The open kitchen fires away for the first orders of the breakfast service, as Sentro 1771's staff welcomes even more early morning diners. 

I start the day at Sentro 1771 with a cup of their sweet and thick Hot Chocolate. Dark, rich and sweet, it's a refreshing pick-me-up before the breakfast.

Then, breakfast is served, starting with Sentro 1771's signature Catfish Adobo Flakes (P 300), served with garlic rice, tomato & onion scrambled egg and a choice of brewed coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate. The crisp catfish flakes is light and mildly flavored, with a texture that complements the garlic rice and scrambled eggs. Sentro 1771 uses only farm fresh organic eggs, and this is evident with the deep rich colors of the egg dishes.

Sentro 1771 also cures its own corned beef, and its not surprising to find their bestseller in the breakfast menu. We sampled one of their corned beef breakfast specials, the Pan de Sal Sandwich (P 210), whole wheat pan de sal with ginisang corned beef, a light and comforting breakfast dish with familiar flavors. The corned beef is deliciously moist and tender, and the whole wheat pan de sal adds a unique layer of subtle flavor to the dish, and pairs well with the hot cup of chocolate. Sentro 1771 also offers their signature corned corned beef in a breakfast set, served with garlic fried rice and scrambled eggs. You can also go for Sentro 1771's adobo flakes pan de sal sandwich, another tasty option. Sentro 1771 only serves whole wheat bread with all its breakfast dishes.

Baguio Longganisa na Durog (P 350), smashed longganisa fried to a crisp, served with garlic rice, tomato & onion scrambled eggs and a white vinegar dip. Nothing like a pork dish to start the day, and the Baguio longganisa has that sharp garlicky flavor that just goes so well with the garlic rice. Add a little vinegar to temper the richness of the longganisa, and you have a classic Filipino breakfast.

Sentro 1771 has more surprises up its sleeve, with the unique Hole in One (P 280), french toast with a hole in the middle and a fried egg cooked in it, topped with crispy bacon and served with pork & beans, brewed coffee or hot chocolate. A perfectly cooked sunny side up right smack in the middle of your french toast...nice. The crisp bacon adds a nice salty and crisp layer to the dish to round out the flavors. The bacon strips are different, yet the crispness and bold flavors are comforting.

Adobo Flakes Fried Rice (P 210), garlic fried rice mixed with chicken adobo flakes, spring onions and topped with egg with a side of fresh tomatoes. Homey, comforting and familiar, topped with a perfectly cooked sunny side up, just can't get any better than that.

If you're craving for pancakes, Sentro 1771 has that covered too. Sentro's Homemade Pancakes with Banana (P 185), thick and fluffy pancakes with the mild sweetness of bananas and a sweet option for breakfast.

Cucumber Lemon Cooler (P 110), a healthy and refreshing drink to wash everything down. This, and Sentro 1771's Green Legs, are my personal favorites. 

To cap a hearty breakfast at Sentro 1771, why not go for their signature desserts. The Fried Suman and Mangoes (P 180), always a winner...

...and the unique Keso Flan (P 220), served with slices of salted egg and queso de bola. When I first tried this dessert some weeks back, I thought combining salted eggs with the sweet flan was a bit strange. But this is something you have to try, trust me. A piece of sweet flan, a slice of salted egg and queso de bola, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the medley of flavors that just work so well together. Definitely different.

After a satisfying breakfast, the stillness of the morning slowly fades away, and the usual mid-morning rush takes over at Serendra. But all's good, and it looked like another great day at Serendra...

Sentro 1771is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call 856-0581 for inquiries.

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