Monday, June 24, 2013

Food News: Scare Up Some Fun with Krispy Kreme's Monsters University Treats

Coffee with Mike, Art, Sulley, Terry and Squishy. And Randy too. The gang's all here...

Krispy Kreme once again launches another cool cross promotion, this time with Disney Pixar for their latest animated film, Monsters University. A dozen donuts featuring your favorite Monsters University characters, recreated by Krispy Kreme in a delicious dozen of vibrant colors and flavors.

Minutes after receiving Krispy Kreme's Monsters University edition, I quickly opened the box to be greeted by the sweet scents of candy, bubble gum and jelly beans ...

...and in a strange and funny way, the bright colors seem to pop out of the box, with the characters staring back at you. Nice. The intricate details of each character are quite impressive, and Disney Pixar would be pleased with Krispy Kreme's attempt to capture their characters in six great flavors. And just like the colorful characters, there is a burst of sweetness in every fun bite. One awesome sugar fix that just leaves a wide smile, just like Mike's smile. And Art's. And Squishy's.

And I'm liking the way Krispy Kreme interpreted the characters with their latest creations, allowing Krispy Kreme fans to relive their Monsters University experience with box of sweet treats. Krispy Kreme's Monsters University edition will be available starting June 17, just in time for the release of the film in theaters on June 26.

I go for another cup of coffee and spend even more time with the gang. Good times.

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  1. These look really cute. I was tempted to pick up a box, but in the end, the creme brulee and cookie butter proved too seductive. :)

    Sushi Bytes

    1. hi jb, the new creme brulee and Speculoos cookie butter donuts do sound tempting! Thanks for stopping by!


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