Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Steak, Pork Belly and One More Mojito at Agave Mexican Cantina

One more mojito. You just have to go for one more mojito to make it a proper Mexican lunch. And at Agave Mexican Cantina, you can have your mojito, and more...

Now with three branches, Agave Mexican Cantina offers classic Mexican dishes including signature Mexican cocktails to go with your meal, including local and imported beers. And there's nothing like a cool mojito or margarita for a late lunch on a hot sunny afternoon.

Try something different for lunch, like Agave's Strawberry Margarita (P 175 glass/P 495 Pitcher), fresh strawberries blended with Agave's original frozen margarita in a sugar-rimmed glass.

Or go for a soothing Strawberry Mojito (P 185), a refreshing fresh fruit and mojito blend, with the right sweetness and bite. Minty, tart, and sweet, a surprisingly different mojito that just seems right for a laid-back lunch.

Agave's popular appetizers arrived, starting with the Chipotle Buffalo Wings (P 355), glazed with Agave's tangy chipotle and served with a cool ranch dressing. Not as crisp or crunchy as the usual wings, but just as flavorful. Tender and moist, and the unique chipotle glaze adds a richness to each bite.  And great with one more mojito. Maybe a Coconut Mojito...

Mini Taco Sampler (P 295), miniature 4-inch tacos filled with Agave's popular taco toppings: grilled chicken, pork carnitas and taco beef, all in one platter. Great for sharing, and everyone gets a taste of the different taco variants at Agave. The beef tacos were my choice, with bold. beefy flavors.

Then the mains arrived. Arroz a la Tumbada (P 425), a Mexican version of paella with shrimp, calamari, chicken, pork and cream dory served on Mexican red rice and a rich and flavorful chili-tomato broth. Squeeze a little lemon for a rich medley of flavors. Not too spicy, but there is a gradual heat that builds, adding another layer of flavor to every bite. The rice is soft and moist, and you simply can't stop after just one spoonful.

Carne Asada (P 615), tender imported US steak grilled to your preference, with grilled pepper sauce and served with Mexican red rice, a refreshing pico de gallo and rich guacamole. I go for a medium rare, with a juicy pink center.

The steak was perfectly cooked, tender and juicy, and the mild grilled pepper sauce enhances the beefy flavor without overpowering the meat. The red rice was soft and moist, and combines well with the pico de gallo and guacamole. A personal favorite.

And finally, the Pork Belly Grande (895), crisp and tender pork belly served with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and shredded lettuce with three sauces and tortilla wedges. Add a slice of pork belly, including a piece of crisp crackling, cucumber, tomato and the chili sauce to a tortilla wedge and roll it up. Almost like a Mexican version of Pritchon, and another cool dish for sharing. From starters to mains, and a few more rounds of mojitos, Agave Mexican Cantina is one cool place for a mojito lunch. One last round of mojitos? Why not. 

Agave Mexican Cantina is located at Building B3, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig or call 403-6003 and 403-5865 for inquiries. 

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