Monday, July 1, 2013

Food News: Krispy Kreme's New Speculoos Cookie Butter Doughnuts

Just when you thought the Speculoos Cookie Butter craze was's now in your favorite doughnut. 

The newest additions to Krispy Kreme's Delectable Desserts line, Krispy Kreme's Speculoos Cookie Butter Doughnuts are a perfect match, worthy additions to the indulgent Salted Caramel and Creme Brulee doughnuts. Now you can have your Speculoos fix with your favorite doughnut.

Imagine my surprise when this package arrived, a dozen of Krispy Kreme's newest Delectable Desserts Speculoos variants, including the Original Glazed Doughnut with Krispy Kreme's signature "melt-in-your-mouth" texture that sets it apart from other doughnuts. Awesome.

The two new Speculoos Cookie Butter variants include the Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter (L), a vanilla cookie butter kreme-filled doughnut dipped in dark chocolate with a crisp French biscuit topping; and the White Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter (R), dipped in rich white chocolate and topped with Belgian chocolate chips and caramel crunch.

The White Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter offers a sweeter punch with its rich white chocolate, and the Belgian chocolate chips and caramel crunch add more layers of flavor and texture that combine well with the Speculoos filling. This will definitely leave you smiling long after your last bite. The Dark Chocolate Vanilla Cookie Butter has a deeper, not so sweet flavor that just punches through, and the crisp French biscuit topping has that nice hint of cinnamon for a delightful blend of flavors. And the Speculoos filling simply rounds out the flavors for a cool sugar rush. Great with cup of coffee, any time of day, and see yourself smile after every bite. Hungry? Krispy Kreme's Speculoos-inspired creations are available only until July 31, so better hurry...seriously.

Special thanks to Krispy Kreme, I was just smiling all day.

For more information, visit Krispy Kreme's cool website at

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  1. I will say they look delicious for sure! I'm not even a big sweet eater, but I don't think I could resist one of these!

    1. Hi Martha, definitely hard to resist, I just dove right in! Great to hear from you!


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