Saturday, July 13, 2013

Black on Black: Brothers Burger's Black Angus Burger on a Black Bun

Black Angus on a black bun...definitely different. 

In celebration of Brothers Burger's 14th Anniversary, selected stores will be offering the all-time favorite, the Angus Burger (P 280), on a special toasted oatmeal topped black bun. The black bun adds a distinct premium look, and doesn't anything in black just look a lot sexier? 

Prime and juicy US Angus beef patty with crisp, farm fresh lettuce and tomato, cheese and a unique bun for a special anniversary treat that's really different, and big on flavor.  The premium, limited run black buns provide the perfect platform for Brothers Burger's Angus beef.  

The warm toasted bun is light, absorbing the richness of the patty, and the subtle sweetness of the bun enhances the beefy flavor. Made from bamboo (yes, bamboo), the bun's soft and chewy texture is noticeably  different, yet plays well with the premium beef.  And the best part? The bread doesn't crumble or fall apart, remaining firmly wrapped on the premium patty all the way to the last bite. 

But you better hurry. You can enjoy this sumptuous treat only until July 31, 2013. Black on black? Definitely. Here's to fourteen years of burger love from Brothers Burger...

Brothers Burger is located at Unit 102, Millennium Place, Meralco Avenue, San Antonio, Pasig. or call 756-5656 for deliveries.

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  1. You're right, that's one sexy burger! It looks amazing!

    1. Hi Martha, and different too! Great to hear from you!


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