Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food News: Ganso-Shabuway's Cool New Dishes

Ganso-Shabuway rolls out a selection of new dishes to go with their signature shabu-shabu, from appetizers, side dishes and rice bowls. More reasons to drop by Ganso-Shabuway, with its fourth branch now open at the new Shangri-La East Wing. 

Ganso-Shabuway, known for its Japanese style hot pot cuisine using authentic and premium ingredients, introduces a whole new line of dishes. Now you can enjoy your favorite shabu-shabu with Ganso- Shabuway's new appetizers and side dishes.

Established in August 2004 with its very first branch located in San Mateo, California, Ganso-Shabuway's gradual  expansion to Asia includes four stores in Metro Manila. The name "Shabuway" roughly translates to "the road to shabu-shabu for shabu-shabu lovers," and true to its name, Ganso Shabuway offers a wide and diverse selection of original and shabu-shabu set menus with premium Meyer Natural Angus beef, Kobe beef, Kurobuta Pork, USDA Choice Angus beef and Wagyu beef, with a choice of traditional seaweed or spicy miso broth (or you can have both with Ganso-Shabuway's "Half & Half" serving).

Light and flavorful, we sample the first of many new dishes, starting with Ganso-Shabuway's Nasu Miso Itame (P 338), tender eggplant glazed with sweet miso sprinkled with sesame seeds on a bed of silky tofu. The delicately cooked eggplant's subtle flavors is punctuated by the miso sauce, as the tofu absorbs the rich flavors, an excellent starter to any shabu-shabu meal.

Next, Beef Gyoza (P 228), crisp pan-fried dumplings with a savory filling of beef, pork, mixed vegetables and mushrooms...

...and Beef Wonton (P 228), deep-fried wontons with beef, pork, vegetables and mushroom filling, both served with a sweet dipping sauce.

Chicken Karaage (P 258), marinated crispy and breaded fried chicken served over squash. Served without any sauce, the marinated chicken is richly seasoned, all you need is a squeeze of lemon. Crisp and flavorful, and the sweet fried squash pairs perfectly with the chicken.

Tuna Belly (P 338), tender tuna belly glazed with a flavorful garlic butter yakiniku sauce, a personal favorite. the rich garlic butter sauce adds a delicious layer of flavor to the fresh, subtle sweetness of the tuna belly. Enjoyed as is, or with rice, this one's a winner.

Ebi Fry (P 388), crisp prawn tempura served with fresh mixed greens and dipping sauce. Perfectly crisp and crunchy, with a contrasting texture that pairs well with any shabu-shabu meal.

Ebi Curry (P 388), crisp prawn tempura served over steaming hot rice topped with homemade curry sauce. A meal in itself, the dish provides a cool blend of flavors and textures. The rich curry sauce isn't too spicy, but there is a refreshing kick.

Beef Curry (P 358), tender USDA Angus beef served over rice topped with curry. If you enjoy beef and curry, this dish is definitely for you. A comforting dish, with familiar flavors.

Beef Yakiniku (P 358), USDA Angus beef over rice with yakiniku sauce and topped with sesame seeds. Savory beef on rice, just can't get better than that.

Shabuyaki, Ganso-Shabuway's newest shabu-shabu dish, fresh vegetables and glass noodles in a sweet broth enriched with sake with your choice of meat. Almost like sukiyaki, hence the name, the new shabu-shabu dish is refreshingly familiar yet different. The new dish will be available staring next week.

Your favorite shabu-shabu and more...Ganso-Shabuway completes your dining experience with its new set of dishes. 

Ganso Shabuway, Japanese Style Hot pot is now open at the 5th Level of the new Shangri-La East Wing or call 655-7812 for inquiries.

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    1. hey Richie, cool sides to go with your shabu-shabu, thanks buddy!

  2. Great menu of food. I like the contemporary dining atmosphere too. :)

    1. Hi Ramona, cool place and great food! Great to hear from you!

  3. Nice sounding dishes, that beef curry looks great.

    1. Hi Caroline, the beef curry was just great, comforting too. Great to hear from you!

  4. Everything looks amazing as always here!


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