Friday, July 5, 2013

Singapore's Yummy Soy, Now at The Fort

Chilled Bean Curd or Soy Milk? Why not have both...

Yummy Soy is the latest brand to enter the local market, offering a full line of Chilled Bean Curd and Soy Milk products, in a variety of flavors and add-ons. A Singapore-based brand, Yummy Soy is a welcome addition to the local food scene, with its fresh and quality soy products.

What started out as a bold idea of "creating a new soy taste for the new generation" has blossomed into numerous stores in Singapore, including two stores in Manila. All of Yummy Soy's products are made fresh daily, with its fresh on-demand system using the finest ingredients.

We sampled Yummy Soy's Chilled Bean Curd products, in both Original and Flavored variants, including Almond, Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. Other flavors include Hazelnut and White Chocolate.

The Original Chilled Bean Curd is great as is, silky smooth with clean flavors. Like the familiar taho, Yummy Soy's Original Chilled Bean Curd is lighter in color, with a more subtle flavor which I enjoyed. The fine and delicate texture of the bean curd melts in your mouth releasing a subtle sweetness. The Dark Chocolate Chilled Bean Curd has a rounder, deeper flavor note, also great as is.

You can also include some of Yummy Soy's add-ons to your chilled bean curd, including pearls (P 10), coffee jelly (P 10), grass pearls (P 10) and strawberry pop (P 15). The Chilled Almond Bean Curd  topped with tapioca pearls is a popular variant, with the pearls adding some bite to the chilled bean curd. Like all of Yummy Soy's products, the flavors are clean and very subtle.

For a different yet familiar flavor, go for the Chilled Almond Bean Curd topped with Coffee Jelly. Each jelly bursts with coffee flavor that complements the sweet almond bean curd.

If you prefer something sweeter, the Chilled Strawberry Bean Curd topped with Strawberry Pop is the one for you. And the strawberry pearls really pop, releasing a tart and sweet strawberry flavor, a sure hit with the kids.

We also sampled Yummy Soy's Soy Milk line, including the Original with tapioca pearls (P 65 Regular/P 75 Large, plus P 10-P 15 for add-ons), Almond with Coffee Jelly, Strawberry with Strawberry Pop and Coffee with Coffee Jelly (P 75 Regular/P 85 Large for flavored variants). Other cool flavors include Tiramisu, Hazelnut, Toffee Nut, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango and Caramel.  

The different flavors and add-ons should satisfy any soya craving, and you can have it chilled or hot. And with the known health benefits of soya, it's a win-win situation. Let's see, toffee nut with coffee jelly? Or just a chilled Hazelnut bean curd? Or both? Why not.  

Yummy Soy is located at The Fort Strip beside K-Pub. Visit their Facebook page at for more information. 

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  1. Nothing like that here in my area, I hope it will be a trend and coming soon! Looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Martha, and it's healthy too! Great to hear from you!


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