Friday, September 27, 2013

Authentic Italian Cuisine at Lucia Ristorante

Classic Italian cuisine in one of the metro's best boutique hotels, sounds like another winning combination... 

The culinary force behind the Lombardi's Authentic Italian chain, Chef Davide Lombardi brings traditional Italian cuisine to Hotel Celeste. Lucia Ristorante at Hotel Celeste features classic Italian dishes from antipasti to mains, pasta and pizza to desserts, from Chef Davide Lombardi's family recipes. 

"When the invitation came from the owners of Hotel Celeste (the mother-and-daughter tandem of Cely and Tricia Sarabia), I immediately thought that the dishes that should be served in a fabulous hotel like this should also exude the same elegance and flavor," said Chef Davide Lombardi. As for the name of Chef Davide Lombardi's newest restaurant, the inspiration came almost immediately. "It is my mother's name, Lucia, and this is my way of honoring and thanking her, for passing on to me the passion of cooking authentic Italian meals." Rustic, traditional and comforting Italian cuisine, inspired by countless family meals in the Lombardi home prepared by Chef Davide Lombardi's mother, recreated and re-interpreted at Lucia Ristorante. 

Located inside Hotel Celeste, a popular boutique hotel in the heart of the Makati CBD, Chef Davide Lombardi's Lucia Ristorante's cuisine features authentic Italian dishes with a wide range of premium Italian wines, served in a semi-fine dining environment. 

Inside Lucia Ristorante, one is drawn by the cool and casual vibe, yet there is a subdued elegance that immediately signals no meal at Lucia Ristorante would be less than special. The use of wooden tables bring a rustic and homey feel, softening the modern and clean lines of Lucia Ristorante's interiors. 

Start your meal with Lucia Ristorante's refreshing Limonata, sweet and tart, with diced cucumbers for an additional layer of flavor and texture.

Our Italian dinner begins with Lucia Ristorante's Mozzarella Di Bufala Al 3 Pomodori (P 660), mozzarella bufala with three tomatoes: sundried, globe and cherry tomatoes. Simple, light and refreshing, with the freshness of the ingredients delivering bold flavors.

Carpaccio Di Manzo Sedana E Grana (P 480), beef carpaccio marinated with lemon, olive oil and fresh Parmesan with a side of fresh greens. Paper-thin sliced premium beef, simply flavored, with the lemon and Parmesan adding sharp notes to the delicate flavor of the beef.

Parmigiana Di Malanzane (P 260), roasted eggplant with mozzarella cheese. A traditional dish, the elegantly plated antipasto is another flavorful starter with the smoky eggplant and mozzarella combining for rich and rustic flavors.

Antipasto All'Italina (P 780), a selection of premium Italian ham, salami and vegetables served with a side of fresh greens. The olives and pickled vegetables provide a sharpness in flavor contrasting with the richness of the assorted meats, another great starter before the mains.

Pizza Al Salumi (P 490), a rustic pizza topped with a selection of Italian ham, with Prosciutto, Mortadella, Salame Milano and Salsiccia. A richly flavored all meat pizza on a thin crust, perfectly crisp and balanced. 

Spaghetti Lucia (P 590), a spaghetti dish with seafood, including clams, mussels, squid and giant prawns, an old family recipe and tribute to Chef Davide Lombardi's mom. Chef Davide Lombardi fondly recalls how his mother would prepare this dish, using the freshest seafood for this delicately flavored pasta. A comforting and hearty dish, one bite is all you need to know why this is a family favorite at the Lombardi household. Seriously good.

Taglierini Tartufati (P 440), homemade fresh taglierini with mushrooms and black truffles. The subtle and nutty flavor of the black truffles coats each noodle for an indulgent and rich pasta dish. Another winner from Lucia Ristorante's kitchen.

Bistecca Di Manzo Arrosto (P 990), fillet of tender roasted beef with truffle sauce. Perfectly roasted, the truffle sauce adds another rich layer of flavor to the dish, served with a side of vegetables and potatoes.

A lighter option, the Dentice Alla Pugliese (P 460), roasted red snapper with broccoli and pancetta, is a delicious alternative. The light, delicate flavors of the red snapper is enhanced by the distinct notes of the pancetta for another dish with balanced flavors.

For dessert, go for Lucia Ristorante's Pannacotta Del Piemonte (P 160), Italian cooked cream with fresh vanilla. Rich, creamy and indulgent, perfect with a cup of coffee.

Crostatina Di Fruitta Fresca (P 260), a simple yet indulgent Italian fruit tart. Elegantly plated, with fresh fruits topped with cream.

Tiramisu (P 210), mascarpone cake with cacao, a personal favorite. Soft and creamy, just the way it should be. At Lucia Ristorante, you not only get a taste of traditional Italian cuisine, but diners also get a sneak peek at some of the old family favorites of Chef Davide Lombardi. And that's what makes Lucia Ristorante special.

Looking for real Italian flavors? Come home to Lucia Ristorante at Hotel Celeste. Special thanks to Mitzi Navarro, Marketing Head for the Cravings Group and Chef Davide Lombardi for an awesome Italian dinner at Lucia Ristorante.

Lucia Ristorante is located at Hotel Celeste, 2 San Lorenzo Drive corner A. Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, Makati or call 887-8080 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their Facebook Page at

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