Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch With A View At Dencio's Capitol Greenstreet

High above the city overlooking the Capitol Hills golf course is Capitol Greenstreet Mall, the former clubhouse and now home to one of the iconic names in Filipino cuisine. Since it first opened way back in 1991, Dencio's Bar & Grill has been known for its near legendary version of Sisig served on a sizzling plate, a familiar dish best paired with an ice cold beer. Years later, Dencio's very own sisig remains undisputed, still the best sisig in the metro.

Situated at the 3rd floor, Dencio's has the best views of the 18-hole golf course, and on a clear day, one can see the distant buildings as far as Makati on the horizon. The cool breeze and panoramic views make it a perfect spot for a cold beer. And some sisig... 
Dencio's offers al fresco dining for the best views, as well as an enclosed dining area with floor to ceiling glass windows so you don't miss out on the view. And I'm told that in the evening, the views can become pretty awesome, with the city lights and stars combining for a spectacular show.

We were welcomed by Dencio's founder, Dennis Nakpil, the man behind Dencio's and their signature sisig,  as we settled in at our tables. Nothing like a cold brew at Dencio's, made even better with Dencio's very own "Beer-Mates," a cool selection of appetizers to go with your beer.  We started with some of Dencio's Crispy Chicken Skin (P 129), served with a vinegar dip. Crispy with a mild saltiness washed down with a cold beer. Nice.

Spiced Pork Balingit (P 129), tender pork cheeks with a mildly spicy sauce, topped with scallions, chili and garlic. The tender, tendon-like texture is punctuated by the rich sauce for sharp flavors and great with an ice cold beer.

Crunchy Kwek-Kwek (P 139), quail eggs wrapped in crispy noodle-like batter for that delicious crunchy texture to contrast with the creamy eggs. Served with a vinegar dip to round out the flavors, this familiar street food fare is given a cool makeover by Dencio's kitchen.

Chicken Isaw Sisig (P 169), chicken innards sauteed with garlic and chili and served on a sizzling plate. Unlike the pork sisig, this version is creamier with subtle flavors. New and different, another cool dish best paired with some ice cold brews.

In between bites, go for some of Dencio's Iced Tea, a refreshing and frothy blend.

Dencio's signature Pork Sisig (P 209 Regular/P 219 Large), the dish that built Dencio's, a rich blend of crunchy and creamy textures with the familiar soothing heat from the chili and garlic. Familiar, comforting, still the best sisig in the metro. Squeeze a little calamansi and go for another beer. 

Asparagus with Oyster Sauce, topped with crunchy garlic bits, a cool vegetable dish to go with Dencio's other dishes.

Then, there's Dencio's Grand Bilao Feast, a platter of assorted grilled specialties perfect for large groups. The Barbecue Bilao (P 1,339), with pork barbecue, chicken kebab, daing na bangus, boiled vegetables with bagoong, and Inasal Rice. A real party in a platter.

The Krispy Pata Bilao (P 1,690), with crispy pata, chicken satay, sinugbang bangus, crispy chicken barbecue, steamed vegetables and bagoong. Can't go wrong with any of Dencio's Grand Bilao Feasts.

Nilasing na Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka (Drunken Shrimps with Crab Fat, P 185), plump prawns cooked with rich crab fat and topped with green onions and garlic. Another round of brews? Why not.

For dessert, go for Dencio's Buko Pandan (P 90), a sweet and refreshing treat to cap your meal.

Dencio's sisig was a notch above the others then, and it still is. Now with new dishes, and more reasons to come home to Dencio's. Good food. Good times. Special thanks to Dennis Nakpil for an awesome lunch with a view.

Dencio's is located at the 3rd Floor, Capitol Greenstreet Mall, #1 Capitol Drive, Old Balara, Quezon City or call 952-9356 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their cool Facebook Page at

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  1. That isaw sisig with the chicken skin is getting me drooling! Matched with garlic rice of course and a tall glass of something icy! YUM!

  2. That chicken satay one looks droolworthy!

    1. Hi Angie, the platters were delicious! Great to hear from you Angie!

  3. The Bilao feast looks amazing!!

    1. Hi Anna, a real feast, great to hear from you Anna!

  4. I totally agree that ev'rything is best paired with a cold bottle of brewski! Cheers, Gerry! :)


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