Monday, September 16, 2013

Striking Gold: The New Carolina Gold Pork Ribs from Racks

Racks strikes gold with the newest addition to its signature line of ribs, the new Carolina Gold Pork Rib with a distinct and flavorful Carolina Gold sauce. Known for its flame grilled, fall-of-the-bone ribs, Racks remains the undisputed name for authentic and classic ribs. And the Carolina Gold Pork Ribs is definitely one more reason to visit Racks.

Drawing inspiration from the regional Carolina style barbecue, the new Carolina Gold Pork Ribs from Racks uses a traditional "Carolina Gold" sauce, a blend of vinegar, brown sugar, spices and mustard for that unique gold color and flavor. Carolina style barbecue is predominantly pork, often with a vinegar based glaze. Racks' newest dish captures the rich Southern Carolina style of barbecue with its Carolina Gold sauce that works really well with pork.

The sauce is mildly sweet and tart with a hint of mustard, perfectly enhancing the subtle flavors of the fork-tender pork rib. I've always enjoyed the flavor of mustard, and pairing mustard's distinct flavor with Racks' pork rib is a perfect match. The grilled smoky flavor, the juicy and tender fall-of-the-bone pork rib and the golden mustard-based glaze combine for a rich blend of flavors.

Each serving comes with more of the Carolina Gold sauce, including your choice of  two sides and corn bread. Unlike the usual tomato-based glazed pork, the mustard sauce adds a unique flavor that's refreshingly different, yet there is a balance of flavors. Seriously good.

Pair it with Racks' Carolina-style slaw and mac n' cheese topped with bacon, and you have a real honest to goodness Southern style barbecue.

The tender pork is topped with a thin layer of fat for added flavor, and the rib remains juicy. Just the way it should be.

Racks strikes gold with this one. And this one's got your name on it. Hungry? Check out Racks' new Carolina Gold Pork Rib, just one more reason to visit Racks. Special thanks to Joy and Gayle for an awesome Carolina Gold Pork Rib lunch!

Racks is located at The Fort Strip, 27th Avenue corner 6th Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, or call 519-6755 for inquiries.

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