Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lunch at Cafe Marco

A final lunch in the City of Blooms, with a Kadayawan inspired lunch buffet at The Marco Polo's Cafe Marco. A fitting end to an amazing four days at The Marco Polo, capping a memorable trip to Davao.

The special lunch buffet theme culminates the annual Kadayawan festival at The Marco Polo, highlighting local and regional dishes as well as international favorites. And the buffet spread at Cafe Marco, whichis already impressive, goes a notch higher with the special Kadayawan inspired spread featuring lechon, a slow roasted whole pig, and an extensive selection of local and international cuisine.

Art P. Boncato, Jr., Regional Director of the Department of Tourism, detailing Davao's current "Island to Highland" tourism campaign which highlights top spots like Samal Island to Mount Apo and everything in between. With so much to offer, Davao remains a top tourist destination as more programs are being developed to boost Davao's many attractions. With beautiful beaches and sites for diving and surfing, plus cool mountain trails for hiking, you'll never run out of options for outdoor adventures. Add some flavorful local cuisine and a rich and diverse local culture, and you have it all in Davao.

My lunch begins with some of Cafe Marco's fresh sushi selections. Surrounded by rich marine resources, Davao has some of the freshest seafood in the country, and it would be a real pity to miss out on some of the finest seafood Davao has to offer.

More of Davao's seafood is served, including Grilled Stuffed Squid, and Grilled Tuna stuffed with Paella. Fresh and flavorful, the kitchens at Cafe Marco turn out dish after dish of rich flavors, and like any buffet spread, you just go with the flow...

Fresh Salmon Sashimi with Fish Roe, fresh and pure flavors, simple yet indulgent. 

And no Filipino feast would be complete without the best part of any lechon, the mid-section or pork belly, where all the flavors are concentrated, with a layer of crisp crackling over tender and juicy pork. Like most lechons from the south, there is absolutely no need for any sauce as the pork is richly flavored with herbs and lemon grass.

Steamed Siomai, shrimp and pork dumplings with chili soy dip. And these are just some of the starters...

A full plate with Cafe Marco's signature Ox-Tail Kare-Kare, vegetables with bagoong and fresh Crabs sauteed in crab fat. Seconds? Absolutely.

And one last time for The Marco Polo's Durian Panna Cotta, one of Chef Pauline's dessert specialties. The Marco Polo's culinary team excels in combining local flavors with international favorites for a unique taste of Davao, and this remains a personal favorite. Ever since I first tried The Marco Polo's Durian Panna Cotta (see my previous post on my first encounter with the Durian Panna Cotta here at, I knew it wouldn't be my last. And for my last meal in the "City of blooms," I had to complete it with just one more serving of Durian Panna Cotta.

Chef Pauline, the culinary genius behind The Marco Polo's Durian Panna Cotta, with more of her durian inspired desserts, durian cookies. Awesome food, great people and seeing Davao's cultural richness and diversity up close, definitely one of the best four days in Davao ever. Period. Full stop.

Special thanks to Anthony Tan, The Marco Polo General Manager, and the Marketing team led by Emelyn Q. Mauhay, Director of Sales & Marketing; Patty Basa Tan, Media Communications Officer; and Phoebe Kaye Reyes, Public Relations Assistant for an amazing and memorable four days at The Marco Polo. And a truly unforgettable experience in the "City of Blooms." To Patty and Phoebe, you guys are simply the best.

For more on The Marco Polo Davao, you can check out my previous post here at You can also check out my posts on the annual Kadayawan harvest festival here at and

Cafe Marco is located at the second floor of The Marco Polo, C. Recto Street corner M. Roxas Avenue, Davao City or call (63 82) 221-0888 Ext. 7233 for reservations. You can also visit for more information.

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  1. wow, these food images looks captivating and i am really envious of your blog! I am starting on food blogging and i really hope to be like this. BTW, these foods looks delicious! especially the lechon. If ever ill have a chance to be in Davao, ill look for Cafe Marco :) ako po ang LinkBuilder na Matakaw

  2. great exposure!! :) many thanks. come back to Davao

    1. Hi Art, thanks for the awesome insights on Davao's tourism program, here's to more success in your projects!


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