Monday, December 23, 2013

Fresh: The Tous les Jours Christmas Gift Basket

Fresh baked products. Everyday.

The best quality and freshly baked products everyday, the very core and foundation of Tous les Jours' (loosely translated as "everyday" in French) corporate philosophy, with the latest on-site production system in each store to provide exactly that: 100% freshly baked products. Everyday.

Tous les Jours is a French-Asian bakery offering freshly baked products using the finest ingredients (for more on Tous les Jours' fresh-baked products, from traditional bread and pastries to exquisite and delectable cakes, check out my previous post here at Recently, I received a basket from Tous les Jours containing some of their signature items...

Tous les Jours' Strawberry Jam (P 178), Blueberry Muffins (P 68), soft and moist with blueberry filling; and Cream Cheese Muffins (P 78 for two), with a rich cream cheese flavor.

Mini Castella (P 88, R), a popular Japanese sponge cake made with flour, sugar, and eggs and baked in a special oven to retain moisture, and the Mini Chiffon Cake (P 68 for a box of 6, L), soft and light cakes with a subtle sweetness, great with some coffee.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (P 128), crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside, with chocolate chips. Plus, the basket also contained a box of Tous les Jours's very own Brownie Mix (P 248).

With over 1700 branches in Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the US, and 13 branches in Metro Manila, you're never too far away from freshly baked products made fresh. Everyday.

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