Monday, December 23, 2013

Pino Resto Bar's New Dishes

Chef Ed Bugia does it again...

Creative, playful and inventive, Chef Ed Bugia introduces new dishes with a cool spin on classic Filipino comfort food. I've always enjoyed Chef Ed's fresh take on traditional favorites, and the latest batch of new dishes confirm this even more (for more on Pino's inventive take on Filipino dishes, check out my previous post here at

Go for some of Pino's newest appetizers, like the Isol Popcorn (P 205), Pino's take on the popular street food, fried and crispy chicken butt tossed in soy-miso-inasal glaze. Sweet and crisp in perfect bite-sized pieces, great with a few beers...

...and the Bagnet Spring Rolls (P 235), crispy spring rills filled with bagnet, chinese chorizo, salted eggs, vermicelli noodles, and served with calamansi vinaigrette. Packed with so much flavor, each crisp spring roll brings a medley of bold and complex flavors in each and every bite. And its got bagnet, can't go wrong with that.

Bagnet Bicol Express (P 295), winged beans cooked in spicy (real spicy) coconut milk and alamang, topped with a crispy bagnet.

The spicy and creamy Bicol Express combines well with the crispy bagnet, providing contrasting flavors and textures. Extra rice? Definitely.

Bagnet Ribs Lechon Paksiw (P 245), fried pork ribs stewed in vinegar liver sauce and chicken liver. The rich sauce, enhanced with chicken liver, adds depth to the flavors of this hearty and comforting dish.

Tender bagnet pork ribs in a rich sauce served with steamed white rice, a complete meal in itself.

Pino Pochero (P 385), tender beef and pork stew with crushed tomatoes, saba, kamote, pechay and chinese chorizo. The slow-cooked, rich and thick stew blends all the flavors, with a layer of sweetness from the plantain, sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu (P 495), fresh grouper steamed in lemongrass and leeks, topped with pineapple aioli, salted egg, bell pepper, pickle relish, cheddar cheese, scallions, and garlic chips. The slated egg, cheese and vegetable topping add more layers of flavor to the delicately-flavored fish.

Nilasing na Tahong (P 245), succulent and plump mussels cooked in beer, lime soda and chili. The citrusy sharpness of the lemon, a flavorful punch from the chili and a comforting beer broth complement the plump mussels. A deceptively simple dish with complex flavors, rounding out Chef Ed's new dishes.

Familiar and comforting with a refreshing new twist. Leave it to Chef Ed Bugia for a delicious and cool spin on your traditional favorites.

Pino Resto Bar is located at 38 Jupiter, Bel-Air, Makati or call 550-1781 for inquiries.

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